Monday, February 12, 2007

The Police

They can stand close to me anytime they want. I watched the first hour of the Grammys. The Police looked great as did Mary J. Blige, Prince and Justin Timberlake. I choked up when Stevie Wonder talked about his mom (I am so PMSing). I am trying to be less snarky in '07, so I will not comment on Black Barbie. I did change the channel when she started singing. T.I. looked very handsome in his tux and I don't know what happened with the chick from the Pussycat Dolls. After 9:00 I switched to ROME which was a great episode.

My sister and I were talking about The Police the other day. My sister is ten years younger than me, but my brother and I played them all the time and she became a fan. I know we did not have cable when the video came out for "Don't Stand So Close To Me." My parents did not want to encourage us to watch TV so we were probably the last family in Verona to get Suburban Cablevision. Anyway, I think I saw the video on Friday Night Videos or whatever the name of that show was. I knew who they were because of "Roxanne". That was a huge single for them and it was one of the few records back then that got played on both Pop and R&B stations.

When I saw the video, I fell in love. Steward Copeland is one of the greatest drummers, ever and Sting, really I mean the man was just incredible. Good singer and very, very handsome. I bought the Zenyatta Mondatta album and played it to death. Every single track on that CD is great.

During college I saw them play at the Carrier Dome during the Synchronicity tour and was very sad when they broke up. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", "Message in a Bottle" and "Every Breath You Take" (aka the stalker song) are some of my favorites songs of all time.

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gibber said...

AMEN to that. I thought Sting still looked hot. Justin was great, the chix were awesome. The show is too damned long tho. yawn. But i noticed the ratings were up much from last year...