Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tomorrow is neighborhood is going to be insane.

I will have to leave work early so I can actually make it back to my apartment. The streets are closed off and the traffic is horrible on Halloween.

The West Hollywood Halloween Parade is one of the largest in the country. I'm not dressing up but maybe I will check out some of the festivities. If I get any good pics, I will post them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another break-in, Kitson West Hollywood, and a L.A. landmark.

Two more reasons why I'm happy about moving.

In the two months I was gone three of my neighbors moved. There are under fifteen units here. One them told me he was robbed. The weird thing is there was no forced entry. He travels alot for work. While he was gone someone took his laptop which was on his bed and $4,000 in cash which was in a box in his closet. Okay, I'm not sure why anyone would have that much cash sitting in their apartment. He said that one of the maintenance workers had been in his apartment recently to do some repairs. He hasn't seen him since.

The kicker is my neighbor is going to move into another building our horrible landlady owns. That makes no kind of sense. She is "letting" him break the lease since he hasn't been here a year. Wow that is so generous of her. This is a very safe area and we never had any problem until this (____) bought our building. Last year another tenant had his laptop stolen when the her guys were here fixing something in his apartment. She said the two girls living next door had something to do with it. Yes, I'm sure the Tri-delt girls stole their neighbor's laptop. Once they moved out she refused to give them their securtiy deposit. She also did the same thing to another one of my former neighbors. This chick is a piece of work. I have to call her to find out wha my rent increase is going to be because she never gives us a 30 day notice. Then she will call you and say you underpaid. Technically without the 30 days notice we don't have to pay the increase but life is too short to deal with her.

My gym membership is still on hold so I have to work out by walking around. I know other Bloggers like to show things like The Pantheon, The Chrysler Building, The Golden Gate Bridge and things like that. I have other things to show. Travel and Leisure's current issue has their latest City Survey where readers rate their favorites cities. Los Angeles received high marks for luxury boutique shopping but low marks for accessibility/public transportation, friendliness and intelligence (ha!! even I think that is mean).

As I was walking down Melrose I saw something that shook me to the core.

This part of Melrose gets pretty congested. Great, now that this store is opening, we will have even more paparazzi craziness. Kitson on Robertson is the spot where Lindsey, Paris etc. go to shop. I used work around the corner and always thought it was a fantastic place to get nice gifts. I'm not sure how or why it turned into such a Us magazine staple. I think it's funny the Bohdi Tree Bookstore, a crunchy, new agey store is right across the street.

Kiki de Montparnasse is a lingerie brand started by Toronto native Jennifer Zuccarini. The art major opened her first store in NYC and now is opening one in L.A. Her stuff is gorgeous. This was the sign in the window. I don't really get it. Joking.

Paul Smith's store really stands out.

Where it all started. There is a cute cafe in Fred Segal. If you are in L.A. and feel the need to see celebs, you can come here and see them not eat.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The number one question I was asked at an Italian dinner party.

How old are you?

Followed by disbelief then, "Yes, you must move to Rome."

As some of you know, I spend my Friday nights reading some scripts, watching Clint and Stacey on TLC's WHAT NOT TO WEAR and then I'm in bed by 10:00.

Yesterday G tells me at 5:00 the friend he is staying with decided to throw a dinner party at the last minute. If I want to come it starts at 8:30. In passing he had mentioned this guy (let's call him G#2) was an artist, they grew up together in Milan and he lived in Beachwood Canyon. You can find some deals/rent stablished places in the flats of the Canyon but the Hills are very expensive. Most artists barely eek out a living. G neglected to tell his friend lived in the Hills of the Canyon. I drove around for almost an hour trying to find the side street off Beachwood Drive. Of course I forgot my cell phone at home. There is nobody on the street, because it's L.A. and nobody walks here. I finally drive down the to bottom of the Canyon and the gas station attendant couldn't be more rude when I asked if he knew where the street was. At this point I was very frustrated. There was a pay phone in the back. It looked like it harbored several infectious diseases. Thank God I had some change. I dialed G's cellphone and what did I hear? His outgoing message. ugh!

Back at the station, I asked a woman if she knew the street. She asked her boyfriend. They live in the area and it was still difficult for them to tell me how to actually get there. It turns out the house is at the top of the ridge. For any folks who live in L.A. you know what it is like trying to drive in the canyon hillls at night. Pitch black, sharp turns on narrow roads, coyotes walking in front of you and staring you down and getting lost.

I finally make it to the house and the host G#2 is gorgeous (and married with two beautiful children). He is a perfect host greeting everyone who comes in and getting them drinks. I see G by the stove and he yells out "you made it. We were so worried about you." Then he starts laughing at my message (I used a lot of the"F" word). He had his phone with him but the reception up there is spotty.

This house was bananas. Views of the Hollywood sign and the reservoir on one side and expansive views of L.A. on the other. I almost cried when I saw the walk-in shower in the master bedroom. It was the size of my living room.

The pasta was delicious. I was talking to another American, who had just moved to L.A. from San Fran to pursue her acting career. She had lived in France for 3 years. She said she was shocked there was food at this party (she arrived around 11:00 and it had turned into more of a party, instead of a sit down dinner thing) and more importantly that people were eating. ha

G told all the Italians I was moving. Two of them I have met before and they work in the Industry. Since I'm over 35, the Italians, esp. those in the biz, got where I was coming from right away. One woman C, said "it's good for you to be so positive but I want you to call me after you've tried to set up your Internet, especially since you will be trying to do it in English. I'm curious to see how you will feel about Italy then." G said, "Come on, why are trying to scare her?" Then they started arguing in Italian. She did say I could find a place for less then 1000 Euros. Her friend has a nice one bedroom in Trastevere for 800.

It's funny, what C mentioned are the things that keep me up at night. Not walking away from a great (but low paying) job but trying to do basic things. When I rented an apartment in Trastevere last year I ruined two shirts because I didn't understand the washing machine directions. I couldn't switch my cell phone to English instructions by myself.

The friend, S, who introduced me to G couldn't be more helpful and said I should call him regarding any production jobs in Italy. He has lived in America for 17 years and is torn. He wants to move back to Milan but he just signed a production deal with an indie company based in NYC. He told G he better look out and take care of me. G said he is on the apartment search and then will try to find me a boyfriend. haha. S knows a black American woman who worked in banking with him in New York. She took a 3 month sabbatical to Italy. She is still living there seven years later with a husband and two children. He mentioned another American expat who is a book agent in Milan that I should meet. C told me to call her the minute I get to Rome.

The party was very fun. I learned some new words and met some very nice people. I was laughing with the other women because there were maybe 6 men at the party and over 30 women. What the hell? We gave G a hard time about it. One woman, a Roman who was born in L.A., just moved back to America and works at this production company that is a super tough place to work (because the people there are crazy, in the truest sense), we will go to lunch/drinks soon and I will try to stop by her Halloween party tonight but I have plans.

Okay, now I have to stop by my office and deal with my desk. I was so backed up at work this week I didn't have time to get organized.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mi dispiace, non ho capito (I'm sorry, I didn't understand)

This is a sentence I said often today. I met with G an actor friend who lives in Rome. He is from Milan via Sicily and is out here for meetings.

G is the first person I met in Rome. We went to lunch at 'Gusto Osteria. He asked how I knew his friend and I said I didn't. We met through a friend of his who is a friend of one of my friends (the one who moved back to NYC and has the Swedish fiancee). We had a three hour lunch that day and then I must have spent another hour talking on the street with him and half of Rome. Every block we bumped into someone he knew. My last day in Rome we went to see a Peggy Guggenheim exhibit and walked all over the Monti area. He is a great guy.

Today he was speaking Italian so quickly, I had no idea what he was saying. He told me I could call him when anything in my apartment-to-be in Rome breaks. G has been so encouraging about the move. He is going to ask friends about apartments since word of mouth is the best way to find a deal. I would like to stay in the 800-1000 Euro a month range because with the low dollar I will be actually paying much more. ugh!!! He said 800 would be tough, even 1000 is pushing it. I said I would love a place with a little terrace. He busted out laughing. Hey it doesn't hurt to ask.

I told my parents today. My mom was super quiet. My dad said he had to process the info and would call me back. They knew I wanted to move but were surprised by the earlier date. I still have to see what the post-production schedule is on the movie before I can nail down a date. I'm thinking March or April, which will be here before I know it.

Speaking of Italia, I ordered some books on Venice from Amazon. I just realized I will be there in four weeks!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Under the Parisian Sun...a story

Thanks to yesterday's comments I decided to write a little story to take my mind of the fact that I am sitting here looking at stack of scripts. Today was my first day back at work. My immediate boss called me and I'Med me from France, saying the crew misses me esp. FH man, and thanks for respresenting the company well. Apparently the hotel they are staying in is very nice unlike the not so great place in Hamilton. Sigh, once again.

Yesterday it was suggested I pack my stuff send it to my family and just move overseas. Or go to the airport and fly to France with the clothes on my back, like in a typical Rom Com (how we in Hollywood refer to Romantic Comedies). Picking up from that idea:

I would need a sassy best friend to drive me to the airport. The sassy best friend could be a smug married or a gay man offering all types of advice to their single straight friend. Of course on the way to the airport there would be major traffic and I would almost miss my flight. Cue the montage of wacky L.A. road rage, me hyperventilating, an office pulling us over, the sassy best friend saying I needed to get my man and the officer replying YOU GO GIRL! eventhough we are not really saying that phrase in that context anymore (it has gone the way of OH SNAP!)

I arrive at the airport in France after flying all night and I hop into the cab of a driver who hates Americans. I get to the hotel. The snooty concierge tells me the crew has checked out of the hotel, zut allors! In reality I would call the Toronto production office or my office for the number but that is not rom com movie logic. Instead I freak out.

I wonder the street of Paris crying as a light rain falls. I sit on a bench wondering why did I fly all the way from L.A. At that moment a very aggressive mime starts to bother me. Turns out he is not a mime but a mugger and steals my purse. I am now a foreign city without my passport or money. I look up at the sky and ala Nancy Kerrigan I scream "WHHHHYYYY?!" I find a police station and there is a kind officer, who tries to help me. He too knows disappointment. He used to work security at Hermes but got fired after Oprah had, as she called it, "her Crash moment." He wasn't the one who wouldn't let her in but he was let go like everyone else on that shift. "Fate can be a cruel mistress," he said. While he tried to call the American Embassy, I took a nap on one of the hard benches.

I woke up to a major commotion. The streets were filled with chaos. It was a strike protesting the opening of a Pinkberry. First Disney Paris, then McDonalds and Starbucks and now frozen yogurt? A line had to be drawn. The Parisians were against eating a substance called yogurt that had no milk in it. What would happen to the French cows if Pinkberry conquered France? The police station cleared out, they had more important things to worry about. I walked outside and tried not to get trampled. In the distance I saw the mime eating a large Pinkberry yogurt topped with strawberries. I gave chase. We ran through colorful markets and bumped into French people who said Merde!

I almost caught up to him but he was too quick. I crossed the most beautiful bridge in Paris and yelled "Help, stop that mime!" A tall, very handsome guy grabbed him. It was FH man! He walked over and gave me my purse. He didn't ask how or why I was there. We kissed. There were fireworks, literally. True, it was not a holiday and the middle of the day but a rom com ending practically demands such things.

The End.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fires, the movie ONCE, annoying neighbors

I am back in Los Angeles. It is hot and it's going to be 92 degrees tomorrow! I guess I won't be wearing the winter jacket I bought in Toronto at Mountain Equipment Co-op any time soon.

There was/is a massive fire in Malibu. A church and a 17 million dollar home were among the structures that burned down. The Santa Ana winds are fierce which is a problem. As we flew into LAX we saw that the entire basin was covered by smoke. As bad as the Malibu fires are, San Diego county is in big trouble. Over 250,000 people had to be evacuated. One town pop. 36,000 has been demolished. There are also fires in Big Bear, Santa Clarita and north of us.

On the plane I watched the movie ONCE. I wanted to see this little gem of a movie earlier but missed it. It's an indie movie from Ireland that won the Audience Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival. I loved this movie. The music was great and moving. Fox Searchlight distributed the movie here in the U.S. and I assume it will be out on DVD soon. I guess you can say it's a romantic comedy/musical.

I have been gone for two months. Why when the car service dropped me off was my annoying neighbor sitting where I left him? I bet he didn't even move from that spot. He lives in the building next door. His balcony looks down unto my patio. He does nothing but smoke all day and yell at his wife. I'm not sure where he is from, he moved here recently. He speaks very loudly to my next door neighbor (the one with the little tea cup dog that barks non-stop) and carries on a long conversation.

Oh well, what can you do?

FH man sent me an email from France wondering why I wasn't there. Sounds like things are going well and everyone I've heard from said the food is amazing. sigh.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The write stuff.

Today is my last day in Toronto. I am flying out tomorrow morning back to Los Angeles. It is sunny and mild today. I think I will go out for a walk this afternoon.

Yesterday I started the final rewrite of my novel. I have not touched it in almost two months. I must have been crazy to think I could write during production. I was waiting for my freelance editor to send me her line edits but she just had a baby. Hopefully I will get the ms next week. In the meantime I can continue to write.

I created a playlist on my iTunes with 120 songs for this rewrite. Most of list is compiled of songs I heard when I was in Italy or when I was working on earlier drafts.

I am excited to be writing again. I reread Walter Mosley's book on writing and got inspired.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Said good-bye to FH man.

I am sad. We might meet up in L.A. or Rome. Who knows. He leaves tomorrow and we had lunch today.

(Okay, I am not making this up. Al Green's "Tired of Being Alone" just came on my iPod. I think I will go slit my wrists now.)

FH and I talked about his break up with his ex-wife. I get why he is not going to be in a serious relationship any time soon. It was a brutal split for him. Personally I don't know how anyone comes out of a situation like that and not be bitter or closed off.

I starting thinking of how we read people. Because of his looks and all his traveling, food, friends, music interests, I thought he might be a player at first but he isn't at all. He is actually from a small Canadian city, down to earth and while extremely flirty is kind of traditional. I don't think he knows how other people (esp. women) see him. He was with his ex for a long time, so he has been out of the dating scene for a long time. To hop back in at 37 when you thought you were going to be with your best friend for the rest of your life, most be difficult.

I remember a conversation I had with my friend's fiancee. She left L.A., moved back to New York City and met him shortly thereafter. He is Swedish but has no accent. People assume he is very well put together American (ha). I asked him what surprised him about living in the States. One thing he mentioned was dating. He is in his late 30s. The women he went out with here were under tremendous pressure to get that ring. He said back home, people go out in groups a lot and once your relationship is serious you have a pretty strong foundation. He felt it was the reverse here. People get very serious quickly before they really know each other. They put very high expectations on the relationship that most cannot meet or sustain.

I think he has a point. I wonder why I had a moment of "what is going on here?", I mean I just met him a few weeks ago. I had some friends saying to me, "you need to close the deal." Really? Why? Anyway, I had fun, he said he enjoying getting to know me and going out.

BTW, we went to Beer Bistro on King Street. He had this butternut squash ravioli that was amazing. They have a very wide selection of beers and offer pairing suggestions on the menu. My beer was excellent, of course I can't remember the name.

(Now U2's "Beautiful Day" is playing. Someone is messing with me today.)

It's a Wrap.

Today was the last day of shooting. We were in the middle of a farm. Very beautiful.

Last night we had the official Toronto wrap party. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I had two pints of beer, which was a pint and a half too many. My boss kept walking over to our table because we (five women) were somewhat loud with our laughter and he wanted to know what was so funny. One of our most innocent looking and classy co-workers was telling us some of her dating stories. All I have to say is...there are some freaky men out there. Haha

We got into a heavy conversation about religion, spirituality and relationships. Several members of the cast and crew were playing poker. I stayed away from the table. There is no need for me to lose money. FH man did okay and I enjoyed the walk home.

After the last shot today, everyone was hugging each other and saying good-bye. This has been one of the nicest and hard-working crews I have worked with. One of my co-workers heard me mention the new John Grisham book PLAYING FOR PIZZA. Of course I have to read it because it is yet another book about an American expat in Italy. When I went back to set yesterday, she had bought it for me as a gift. What a nice surprise.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Clubbing, Niagara Falls and a few tears.

I had a great weekend.

Saturday night I met FH man and some other members of the crew at Circa. It used to be called Lucid. It's on John Street, 4 floors, with 9 bars and a capacity of 3,000. It was quite a scene. Each space has its own DJ playing different genres of music. At first we were upstairs then went down to a VIP room to hang out. The music was fantastic. I danced with a few of my co-workers and had so much fun. There was a bouncer who was a little too touchy feely but he was nice. He introduced me to one of his co-workers, a young college student. His parents were from Senegal and the Congo but he grew up in Italy and spoke 5 languages. We talked for a while and he was so sweet to not laugh at my crazy Italian/English conversation. Around 2:30 (after a few drinks) I was wiped out and walked with FH man. He said he wanted to come to the falls with me but he had to pack up his apartment. He is going to be traveling in the Middle East after the movie wraps.

The Falls are incredible. If you are in Toronto, it's well worth drive but get there early. The crowds are insane. The area around the Falls is pretty tacky. Lots of wax museums. I drove to a cute town called Niagara on the Lake for lunch. I ate at Shaw's wine bar, not cheap (my burger was $20 and all I had was a glass of water with it) but the food was good.

This morning as I drove on the Don Valley Parkway on my way to set, I remembered I'm leaving a week from today. Some tears where shed. :(

A shot of the Horseshoe Falls which are on the Canadian side. The Amerian Falls are more narrow.

Uhmm, that is a lot of water

I declined to take this boat ride. I can't swim.

Look how high the mist rises. At first I was bummed that it was so cloudy but I now I think the photos look interesting in this light.

Standing on the edge. The sound of the water is deafening.

I wondered what happed to Taylor "Tell It To My Heart' Dayne.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Miracles do happen...I went on a date.

Okay so most people would think "so what, big deal. I have dates all the time." Since I am not doing online dating my options are very, very limited. I did not have a single date in '06 and I believe I didn't in '05 either. Could it be possible I didn't have one in '04 either? What the hell? This could give a woman a complex or something.

Let's see I have been in Toronto for less than two month and I have had more dates here than the last 3 maybe 4 years in Los Angeles. I wrote the following on New Year's day as one of my resolutions for '07:

"Go on at least one proper date. Not sure how I will accomplish this goal but I figured it wouldn't hurt to say it out loud. I am so ovah this "strike". My mom asked my brother in law during the holiday about fixing me up with one of his friends. Between my hairstyle and my single status she is very concerned about me."

FH man and I went to Hiro's on King for lunch. Hiro Yoshida is considered one of the best sushi chef's in Toronto. FH loves to eat and is a lot more adventurous than I. He ordered the Omakase style menu. Hiro makes several courses and you eat what he makes for you, including monkfish liver (FH insisted I try some of his and it was was very good). I ordered from the menu, included a couple dishes FH recommended. Of course he knows Hiro. I wish someone had told me the wasabi is put in the sushi, not on the side like most places I've been to in L.A. My eyes were watering. At one point I grabbed FH's arm for support. It felt like I had snorted the wasabi. haha

We had sake and talked for hours. The food was so delicious. When the bill came I reached for my wallet but homeslice whipped a card before I could even see the check. We might stop by a party tonight.

After lunch I went to set. I had to sit outside all night because our location (a restaurant) was too tight for the video monitors. We wrapped the indoor location at 2:00 a.m. then I was in a van following a camera rigged car for the next three hours as we drove up and down Lakeshore Blvd. By the time I got dropped off at base camp and drove home it was almost 6 in the morning. I tried to sleep in, still work up early and just got back from the gym. If I am to stay up at all tonight I will have to take a nap or something this afternoon,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Women's Murder Club, FH man is quite fit, Jude and Drew

Tonight is the premiere of Women's Murder Club on ABC at 9:00 p.m. (check your local listings). The show has good buzz and is based on a series of James Patterson books. However, the only reason I'm writing about it is because Nichelle Tramble is one of the writers. She is a very talented novelist and this is her first TV writing job. I will be working but wanted to spread the word. Go Nichelle!!

Yesterday was a very interesting day. These split days are killing me! I still wake up early but our call time was at 12:30 p.m. and we shoot unilt 1:00 in the morning. We were on a stage at a studio for half the day. All the stages were busy. The HULK was next door, REPO MAMBO was on the other side, GREY GARDENS was shooting as well.

FH man gave me a big hug when I arrived on set. He is 6'2 so in the past the hugs were more like a shoulder to shoulder thing as he would bend down (I'm 5'2). Yesterday was a full on hug and he was wearing a T-shirt. As my British friends would say "he is quite fit", meaning hot, fine however you want to call it. He is not too cut, just athletic, like a soccer player or swimmer. He is in his mid 30s and works out. I am very happy about that.

Anyway, I don't know what I was thinking when I said the following later that afternoon:

me: "I'm warning you now I am going to need a couple hugs from you today." I can't remember the entire conversation word for word, but this is pretty close.

FH man: "Why, is something wrong? What's going on?" He puts a comforting hand on my shoulder and starts to pull me into a hug.

me: "Nothing is wrong. It's just that I noticed when you hugged me earlier your body felt great!" He keeps hugging me and starts laughing. He also turns bright red.

FH: You are making me blush.

Later I thought hmm maybe that was not appropiate but FH man said I made his year.

Last night we were shooting on a rooftop. It was FREEZING and started to rain. FH came over and gave me another hug to try and warm me up. At one point I had to go inside. I couldn't feel my toes. Meanwhile our Gaffer (a native Canadian) was wearing shorts. Tonight is supposed to be even colder and we are shooting today from 4:30 p.m. to 6 in the morning. I do not like night shoots. To make things worse, FH man won't be there (maybe it's for the best. I get very punchy without sleep. I start singing, acting out scences with co-workers, anything to stay up.) FH man and I are supposed to meet for lunch today. We'll see.

I stopped by the REPO set to see if Forest was back in his trailer. One of our ADs is now working on that movie. When I was talking to him Jude Law walked out. He had a crazy hair-do for the movie, it's set in the future. I am more of a tall, dark and handsome kind of woman but damn, pictures do him no justice, he is stunning. I was with a co-worker and we said "Jude is very attractive." The AD said "Copy that, do you want me to tell him?" To which I replied "Yes, go tell Jude Law we said he is fine." ha

I haven't seen Forest since he won the Oscar for LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. He was amazing in that movie. He kept telling me I looked happy, great etc. He is one of the few people I know in L.A. who has seen me up here and he couldn't believe the difference in my attitude. Last time he saw me, I was, perhaps, kind of bitter about how our company had shut down. Now I realize had I not lost my job two weeks before Christmas, and had all that drama going on in my life I would not have starting writing again and I def. would not have had the same experiences in Rome.

After our conversation, I went to watch my boss' photo shoot for a potential poster for our movie. He knows Forest and I wanted to see the shoot and tell him Forest was next door. While walking over I saw Drew Barrymore (She looked very glam in her costume. I missed Jessica Lange). HBO is shooting GREY GARDENS based on the famous documentary which was turned in a stage play. If you get a chance to see the doc, please do. It is so bizarre! One of the women is Jackie Onassis' aunt. It's about a mother and daughter (Big Edie, Litte Edie) living in this huge mansion in the Hamptons that is falling apart. Many art directors, fashion designers and other creative people reference this doc.

I tried to sleep in today. I still woke up early. Just got back from the gym. I have no idea how I am going to stay up tonight. I am too old for all nighters. haha

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Writer's striking November 1st? Nooooooo

It is not looking good in Hollywood. One friend told me she heard the studios will "lock out" the writers. The studios have already put the word out, they are not buying anything until they see what happens with the strike. The two sides are so far apart, everyone was assuming there would be strike, but in June '08 when the directors and actor's contracts were up.

The writers would actually cause more damage if they strike now. TV would be screwed. The entire season would come to a grinding halt until the strike was over. Any feature film shooting now or 1st quarter next year that needs any kind of script work would also be in trouble.

Most members of the Writer's Guild are not rich Hollywood players who make $1 million a script. Writers are treated like crap in Hollywood. I have had several projects where writers were hired and fired like it's not a big deal. I think we forget without a script there is no movie.

If this strike lasts long, the business will take months to recover. Personally, I will be out of job. The company said they would try to pay me part time or something but that would barely cover my rent. I am not going to stress out about it. If they go out November 1st I hope I could keep my job until at least the end of the year.

This would move up my timetable for Italy. There is no need for me to stay in L.A. without a job.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Finally, back in Toronto.

We were shooting in Hamilton last week. So was the HULK, which seems to be following us everywhere. Their movie has a massive budget compared to ours. One of our crew members joked that he saw a producer of the HULK driving around Toronto throwing cash out the window.

Hamilton is a steel town and very, um interesting. One night FH man and I went to dinner and bumped into a bunch of the crew. We ended up eating with half the camera dept. which was fun. One person said to me "Can you get crafty (craft services) a new blender? We need our protein shakes in the morning. You're powerful right, can you take of it?" ha.

FH did walk me back to me hotel (what a gentleman). I am salty at him today however, because I don't get what the hell is going on. Long story. We'll see what happens this week.

I took some photos using natural light. I turned off the flash and increased the ISO (our set decorator has the same camera and showed me how to do it).

Sunrise over a steel mill. The smoke and flames remind me of MAD MAX.

Lights, camera, action. We wanted to make this shot look like a rainy day in Halifax. We had a rain machine and a camera on a crane.

Creepy. This is in an old glass factory. We had to wear masks for two days. I cannot imagine working in a place like this. All the controls boards were in English and Portuguese because of the large number of immigrants who worked there.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Are you going to be depressed when you come back?

After all you were in pretty bad state after you returned from Rome and you were only gone for a week. How are you feeling after two months in Toronto? Will you be able to come back here?" said by my boss.

I replied, "I can't predict the future? Who knows how I will feel in two weeks?"

If I worked for a bigger, more impersonal company I doubt we would even have these conversations. The production company I work for is small and my two immediate bosses are women. One is from NYC married with two young girls. She feels about L.A. the way I do despite living here for years.

My other boss is a native Angeleno. Grew up in Beverly Hills and both parents were a big deal in the entertainment business. She has two older kids. Both of them couldn't be nicer and caring. We talk about eveything, which can be a bad thing sometimes. I don't want to be seen as a lame duck executive but they can read me pretty well. At some point I have to tell them I am going to move to Italy.

I don't think they will be surprised. The day I received my French Passport, they asked me when I was moving overseas. Ha.

A good friend sent me the link below. This guy is a friend of a friend and was on Big Brother (I never watched the show but I have met him a couple times with my friend.) He was listed in some mag (Us or People?) as a hot bachelor. He is part owner with Ashton Kutcher of a bunch of restaurants in L.A. I have been to two of them and never need to go to any of them again. The food is horrible yet the places are packed. I do not get going to a bad restaurant because one of the owners is a celebrity. There are too many incredible places to eat in L.A. for me to spend any money at a place like Dolce.

I watched part of this. I couldn't stomach the whole thing. This quest for fame at all cost is bizarre to me. Why would someone think is was a good idea to go to his doctor/friend on national TV to removed a wart from his penis? ugh. I can't believe women throw themselves at this unattractive idiot.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I am calling an end to the strike.

At least outside of Los Angeles. Due to improved conditions I have decided to end my strike. For those new to this blog, I called a "strike" because of the deplorable dating conditions in Los Angeles. I felt I was taking charge of a situation that was forced upon me.

However, since I have been in Toronto, the talks have been going smoothly.

I cannot speak as to what will happen upon my return to the city of Angels. I was speaking to another producer who is up here for her film and she tells me the situation is unchanged.

She thought I was making things up about Toronto. Once she stepped off plane, she knew I spoke the truth. She has extended her trip. She must get her date on before she returns. Who knows when she will have one again?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's fall...Venice, new shows, new movies, new clothes, very exciting

FH man is looking especially handsome and rugged today. We are shooting on a boat and it's cold.

This is my favorite season. I am so happy I get spend part of it in a city where there is actually a climate change.

Fall always meant new beginnings to me, more so than spring. I think it's because of the school calendar. I loved back to school shopping despite conversations with my mom like this:

8th grade

Me: "Mom can I get a pair of Guess jeans?"

Mom: "No. They are too expensive."

Me: "No they're not. All the girls have them."

Mom: Sucks her teeth loudly and looks very annoyed. "Why do I care what the other girls are wearing? You are going to school to get an education, not for a fashion show. Don't bother me with this foolishness again."

Me: Not crazy enough to argue with a salty West Indian woman. I let it drop and dream of the day I can buy my own clothes.

I was one of those geeky kids who salivated over the Mead notesbooks and binders. Something about the clean, blank pages made me if the new school year would bring great things to write down. In high school, fall meant football games on Saturdays and band competitions on Sundays. I got to spend the entire weekend out of the house after a long summer.

In the film world fall is the season of the smart and/or adult movies as we gear up for the awards season. I cannot wait to see P.T. Anderson's THERE WILL BE BLOOD, with Daniel Day Lewis. I think Anderson is a very interesting director and Mr. Lewis is one of the fiercest actors on the freaking planet. He hardly acts anymore but when he does, even when the movie is flawed (GANGS OF NEW YORK) you cannot stop watching him. He really commits, to the point where it must be a little scary to star opposite him. I wonder what Cameron Diaz (who was completely miscast) thought about working with him.

Being in production, I haven't had a chance to see all the new TV shows for fall. I did catch DIRTY, SEXY, MONEY and thought it was hilarious. The mean, snarky Episcoplian priest cracked me up. The show is like DYNASTY but with better clothes. Great cast and writing.

I caught another ABC show, PRIVATE PRACTICE. What the hell is this? Why are grown people acting like children? It's too silly.

Speaking of grown people, according to the mags, fall clothes are going to be more sophisticated. Finally! I wished I lived in a cooler climate so I could wear tights, gloves, the wool pencil skirts etc. I am so over the baby doll dresses (which look horrible on most body types) and the weird child-like clothes that have been popular the last few seasons. With my body type I like clothes that have more structure.

One new thing I am very excited about is my "post production/I am done (I will be by then) with my book" trip. I am using my left over per deim money to go to Venice for Thanksgiving. The weather will be a crapshoot but there will be fewer tourists and hotels are cheaper that time of year (however the low dollar is still killing me and it keeps dropping!) I have to stop looking at the exchange rates online and just enjoy the trip. I hear Venice can be pricey but I'm sure I will find good places to eat that will not break the bank. I am going for a week, instead of for only a 3 or 4 days (that would be a very long flight from L.A. for such a short period of time). I am looking forward to taking it easy and not running around trying to see everything on a checklist. That is the one big advantage of traveling by yourself to big cities, you are own your own schedule.