Saturday, December 23, 2006

greetings from SXM

This is a French keyboard and the keys are different, so please excuse any typos.

St. Martin is beautiful and hot. It's 86 degrees today. The new airport is great, but I do miss the old school one a little bit. I spent all day at the beach yesterday. Le Gallion was so tranquille.

Of course my mom had to make a comment about my hair. She asked me if I didn't have a chance to get it didn't look good. I love my mom. I flew for hours and that was her second comment. My sister laughed about later. I mean what can I do, our mom is conservative and I refuse to wear my hair like Condi Rice. ha!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

This ragazza is off to St. Martin and Anguilla for Christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing my parents and the rest of my family.

I will be trying very hard not to check emails, so I might post only once a week during the break. I plan to spend a lot of time on the beach.

I hope everyone has an incredible holiday and see you in 2007.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Is there any role Kate Winslet can't play?

There is a reason she has been nominated for an Oscar 4 times already before the age of 30.

She was the best thing in THE HOLIDAY (I really enjoyed SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, but was disappointed with THE HOLIDAY. Cameron bugs.)

I just watched LITTLE CHILDREN. I looooved the book and the movie was depressing, but well acted. I forgot I was watching Kate and got sucked up in the story and these peoples lives.

I am finally over my cold. I also had a migrane for two days last week so I didn't go to the gym at all. It felt good to get back to the gym this weekend. I can't believe I have to get into a bathing suit later this week.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's official

I'm a member of the E.U. The French Consulate called me yesterday and said my passport is ready for pick up. I'm going to pick it up today. Excellent.

I thought I would be able to get on the shorter residents line next week in St. Martin but my sister reminded me that the airport is on the Dutch side of the island (St. Maarten) so I will have to stay on the vistors line at customs. C'est la vie.

I just signed up for Intermediate Italian level 2. Two of my friends are repeating the class as well, but are going to take it on a week night. I am going to go on Saturdays. It would be great to be in the same class again but my brain is fried after work and sitting in traffic for an hour before class doesn't help. The grammer in this level was molto difficult, which is why I'm taking the class again. I will bring some earlier chapters with me over vacation to review. I haven't been in class since June. January is going to be fun. ha!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Volver by Pedro Almodovar, the Princess Diana report

What a good film. Penelope Cruz was fantastic. If you have only seen her Hollywood films please rent her Spanish and Italian films (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, OPEN YOUR EYES, DON'T MOVE). She is very talented and the pretty girl roles she is offered stateside don't do her justice.

Her performance will def. be nominated for an Oscar along with Helen Mirren for THE QUEEN. Hopefully Meryl Streep will also receive one for DWP. She was great, but sometimes comedies are not nominated.

I know Mr. Fayed lost his son, but he needs to stop. The princess was not pregnant and was not going to marry Dodi. Diana was not assasinated because the family didn't want her to marry a Muslim. Today on the news Mr. Fayed said he will never change his mind. Did he forget the hotel they stayed in belongs to him and the driver worked for him? She was very close to her boys and never mentioned marriage. The relationship was not that serious.I feel for her sons who cleary want closure.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

one week!

That is all I have to say.

It's not very "Christmasy"

I am so over this stupid cold.

Anyway, I was driving down Wilshire and it occured to me that Christmas is only a few days away. It doesn't feel like it. I can't say it's because of the warm weather, I will be spending the holidays in a place where the avg. tempature is 80 degrees. I think it's the lack of certain smells, sights and sounds.

I miss the smell of chestnuts, hot dogs and knishes (sp) . I don't miss the smell of urine though. I miss the amazing windows at Bergdorf's, Barneys, Bloomies, Saks, the tree at Rockefeller Center, the ice skating rink, walking through Central Park after it snows. I miss the energy of Manhattan, the diversity, the buildings, the subway artists in the tunnel between Port Authority and the local trains, men giving me the "what's up sister nod", men wearing suits, my former doormen who would look out for me, chinese/deli delivery.

On the Jersey side: Wood burning fireplaces, football games, Kings grocery store, Short Hills Mall, South Mountain Reservation (with it's kick ass view of "the city"), Christmas eve service with usually one bad vocal performance. I remember one year a boom box was involved. It wasn't pretty. Christmas day the uncles (mom's side) coming over and getting in heated discussions about politics (one, I believe, loved him some Nixon), my mom's cooking, my dad playing the same Christmas records from 1972 and trying not to get into a fight with the Nixon loving uncle.

Now I just count the days to go on break. I avoid the mall and I just don't feel in the holiday spirit. Maybe that will change next week when I see people walking around with the Santa hats on and every station is playing Calypso/reggae-ish Christmas music.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Out sick, Fergelicious

Yesterday I did something I hardly ever do...nothing. No gym, no scripts, (I did watch a movie for work), no shower. I needed to clean, work on the book and a zillion other things, but I got under a blanket on my couch and watch the Rick Steves' Italy marathon on PBS instead. I felt guity until I started sneezing again.

I hope this cold goes away soon. I do feel better this morning. I had soup for lunch yesterday and drank plenty of liquids.

I won't be able to stay in today. Too much work to do and I have a meeting this evening.

Re: Stacey Ferguson
I couldn't stand Fergie's single "London Bridge". Despite my better judgement I really like the second single "Fergelicious". It's very, very catchy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Kim, a sad story.

Of course I don't know this family, but I was sad when I heard on the news his body was found. At least he didn't die in vain. Were it not for his tracks the search team might not have found his wife and children.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two weeks

From today I will be on my way to St. Martin. Of course I'm excited to see my family, but I'm also looking forward to sitting on a beach (perhaps Le Gallion, Baie Rouge or Friar's Bay) with a margarita, some books and chilling.

Work is so insane now. Some of my colleagues are irritated every time the phone rings. I love that people are sending me scripts (not!) for me to read over the break. Three of the big talent agencies are shutting down on the 15th, as will most productions companies (including ours). Since I'm a consultant I only get paid when I work. We are shutting down so early I will miss three weeks of pay. Oh well.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Draft number 11, finito! A little good news

I am done with the latest draft of my book. I'm at 81,000 words and 301 pages. I will continue to work on it during the next 2 weeks then print out a copy to edit while in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile an indie film I worked on (the first one I received a producer credit for) was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. I'm so excited for the director and the producer. The reviews were somewhat scathing, it was a tough shoot (an under 2 million dollar budget with a zillion locations and a pretty big cast), editing drama, plus we shot a big chunk of the movie in the Valley during the summer. One day an extra passed out from the heat. I had no idea the film was even submitted until friends started calling me at work.

I don't know if I'm going to the ceremony yet. It's held the day before the Oscars. I was very happy to hear Daniel Craig was nominated for INFAMOUS. Hopefully he will be there. LOL.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I think I'm good for at least the next 12 months

It was great to see some friends last night. I even saw the agent who made the "intimidating" remark. Several females colleagues went on and on about my new hair style and said the nicest compliments. I got nothing from the men, but not surprised.

I did have a few agents/managers pitch me writers for some of our projects. Bumped into a few people I haven't seen in years who said "oh it so great to see you again." It was clear they didn't remember my name but seeing how the room was packed, but not diverse, my friend and I stood out.

These "parties" are so weird. A few people did start to dance as we left, but basically you spend a few hours networking. I wouldn't call it fun way to spend a Friday night.

There were some moments when my friends and I laughed out loud. After my only drink of the night (somewhat of a light weight these days), I made crass remake to my friend (joking) about the lack of sexual attractive to the frat boys. She started laughing and we didn't realize that a female agent overheard us. The agent looked around the room, shrugged, and said she didn't know how to help us. :)

When I was a jr. development exec I used to go to these parties all the time. Around three years ago, I cut way back. I have so much work to do, I can't be out on the town all the time. When I do go out, I want to really socialize and relax with my friends not go to a work event fronting as a party. During the car ride home my friend said it was good for my career that I went. Yes I totatlly understand and now I don't need to go to another one of these for a few months.

Off to the gym and then to write. I'm working on the last chapter of this re-write. I am going to clean up the draft the next two weeks then take a copy home with me to read during the break.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The green-eyed monster

As my brother would say, "Not a good look." Yesterday a friend called me to talk about some work stuff and a guy she met. She went out with an actress friend of ours to a Hollywood hotspot and had a great time. She mentioned a well respected, talented foriegn actor (and very good looking one). When I figured out the actor and the guy she met was one in the same, I told her I had to go. I couldn't believe how salty I was. I did call her back once I got home and apologized.

Okay what was wrong with me? Yes, I like many other women think this guy is smoking, but it's not as if I know him. It was so random of all the men , why is she hooking up with him? This is one of my friends who complains about not dating in L.A. However, she is very confident. I thought about my reaction some more and I think I just don't get it. What kind of energy am I putting out there? I have a great group of friends, so it's not like I'm anti-social but men never talk to me here. I'm invisible.

Another friend at a dinner party told me my name came up during a meeting at her agency. The male agent said nice things about me (regarding smarts), but also added that I was intimidating. What? I have had one lunch with him and several phone calls. He is one of the most intelligent guys I've met out here. Great taste and very well read. My brother said the same thing to me years ago but I told him he was tripping. I can't count how many women I knew in DC who said they weren't dating because they were too intimidating. That was not the reason. I am not one of those women who set impossibly high standands and then complain when no men can reach them.

Where is this "intimidating" stuff coming from? My friend from the dinner party said there is a super girly thing going on in the culture and L.A. is the extreme of this. I don't come across helpless or silly. Anyone who has read this blog knows I can be very silly but I do notice when I leave the country are things different. It makes no sense, I'm still the same person. I think of the Susan character on DES. HOUSEWIVES and I see what my friend is saying. The character is a 40 something woman but acts like a dumb ass teenager. All giggly and super insecure. Why must we have two extremes, either women are emasculating bitches or dim, non-threatening pretty girls? I don't know any women like that.

That said maybe there is some non-approachable vibe I'm giving off. I have heard the "intimidating" thing one too many times. I remember being very offended when a good friend said I was the black Miranda. Hello, I would like to think I make better clothing choices and I am not that cynical, angry, agressive or successful. As a creative person I thought she would say I was more Carrie-ish without the immaturity, poor spending habits or the occasional what the fuck is she wearing outfits.

I have to go to an industry party tonight. A friend is dragging me and I'd rather stay home and work on my book. While I am looking to seeing some people I haven't seen for a minute, I hate spending Friday nights talking about the biz. It's going to be a very frat boy crowd, a lot of "I'm a player with my leased Mercedes and best friends with such and such star." These "parties" are not fun.

I'm going to try a little experiment. I will buy a new outfit and walk into that restaurant and treat it like it's a party, not a networking event. Let others work the room and try to one up each other. I will seek out my friends, have a few drinks and who knows, maybe have a good time.