Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's not very "Christmasy"

I am so over this stupid cold.

Anyway, I was driving down Wilshire and it occured to me that Christmas is only a few days away. It doesn't feel like it. I can't say it's because of the warm weather, I will be spending the holidays in a place where the avg. tempature is 80 degrees. I think it's the lack of certain smells, sights and sounds.

I miss the smell of chestnuts, hot dogs and knishes (sp) . I don't miss the smell of urine though. I miss the amazing windows at Bergdorf's, Barneys, Bloomies, Saks, the tree at Rockefeller Center, the ice skating rink, walking through Central Park after it snows. I miss the energy of Manhattan, the diversity, the buildings, the subway artists in the tunnel between Port Authority and the local trains, men giving me the "what's up sister nod", men wearing suits, my former doormen who would look out for me, chinese/deli delivery.

On the Jersey side: Wood burning fireplaces, football games, Kings grocery store, Short Hills Mall, South Mountain Reservation (with it's kick ass view of "the city"), Christmas eve service with usually one bad vocal performance. I remember one year a boom box was involved. It wasn't pretty. Christmas day the uncles (mom's side) coming over and getting in heated discussions about politics (one, I believe, loved him some Nixon), my mom's cooking, my dad playing the same Christmas records from 1972 and trying not to get into a fight with the Nixon loving uncle.

Now I just count the days to go on break. I avoid the mall and I just don't feel in the holiday spirit. Maybe that will change next week when I see people walking around with the Santa hats on and every station is playing Calypso/reggae-ish Christmas music.

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