Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Writing Game - A short story

Please check out the other short stories at the blog Jen put together. Thanks Jen this was a great exercise.

I have not written a short story since freshman year in college, you know, back in the stone-age. I have no idea what I am doing but here goes. We were given some guidelines, which I will post at the end of the story. Please feel free to give any feedback.

27 Woodland Lane

He didn’t like it at all. Not one bit. Bob Waters stood in the backyard and wondered what had happened to his house. The glass walls exposed everything.

Bob lingered for a moment watching as Susan ran around the kitchen. He was fond of Susan. She had that same kind of sneak-up-on-you-type beauty as his wife Rose. Bob walked around to the front of the house. The boxy, sleek structure looked out of place among the towering oak and maple trees in the historic section of Greenwich Connecticut. What distressed him even more were his poor rose bushes. They looked horrible. The petals were the color of a polluted river. Susan had been distracted lately with the remodeling but he couldn’t cut her any more slack. The roses were dying. He had to do something.

Susan tried again to snap her barrette shut.
“Mommy said a bad word,” her five-year-old daughter Grace yelled as if no one had heard the first time.
“Don’t worry about Mommy. It’s time for you to go to bed.”
“I want to stay up until dad gets home. Can you read another story?”
“No, it’s past 8:30. Let’s go”
“Noooo, I want to stay up!”
“Grace. I am not telling you again.”
“Look you made Mom mad. You’re a pain,” Jack, age six, said to his sister.
“No, you are a pain!”
“Grace use your inside voice and get upstairs.”
“Yeah Grace,” Jack added.
“You too Jack. Let’s go.”

Finally the kids were down. Susan brought a ’97 Barolo up from the cellar, poured herself a glass and opened the Sunday New York Times. She was getting to it on Thursday, which was a record of sorts. The house was quiet. There was only the soft hum of the refrigerator. Her husband felt for the price they paid for the six-bedroom house it should be completely silent but Susan liked the company.

She was reading the business section, which featured a story about one of her former Wall Street colleagues when her husband, Peter rushed in. In his early 40s, Peter still had the build and good looks of a Division I athlete.

“Hey honey,” Peter said as he gave Susan a quick peck.
“Hey yourself. There’s dinner in the fridge.”
“I already ate in the city.
“Your assistant neglected to mention that this afternoon when she called to go over the guest list for the housewarming. The list is too long.”
“No it’s not,” Peter said gently, waving off the subject. “You won’t believe what Casey did today during a conference all.”

As Peter went on about his day, Susan thought about her typical schedule.
Get kids ready for school.
Drop kids off at school.
Volunteer at school for three hours.
Drop off donated items at Greenwich Junior League thrift shop.
Pick up Peter’s dry cleaning.
Return home. Reheat for lunch dinner from last night that Peter did not eat.
Let Rosalie in. Tell her not to worry about cleaning Peter’s bathroom. She did that yesterday after Grace threw up in there.
Go to supermarket for groceries.
Pick up kids from school.
Drop kids at their play dates.
Update RSVP list for housewarming.
Check email. Delete spam.
Pay Rosalie.
Pick up kids from respective play dates.
Cook dinner.
Try to eat dinner.
Get kids ready for bed.
Sit here and listen to husband talk about bumping into all our friends in the city.

“Are you listening to me?” Peter asked.
“No, I’m not.”
“You are so funny.”
“No, I’m not.”
“The landscaper is coming tomorrow. He’s going to deal with the rose bushes once and for all.”
“Oh. I forgot to prune them.”
“We’re getting rid of them. They don’t fit the house.”
“We can’t. Mr. Waters planted them. I promised his kids we wouldn’t dig them up.”
“You were okay with tearing down old man’s house, but you want to leave his flowers?”

Bob wondered whom Peter was calling an old man? He was a spry 66 when a heart attack killed him. He had walked into the kitchen and had been eavesdropping on their conversation since Peter had come home.

“I think the bushes are beautiful,” said Susan. “It’s sweet he planted them for his wife.”
“Yes, yes it’s very romantic,” said Peter. “But let’s be practical.”
“Oh, you mean like this house?” Susan shot back. “The roses stay.”
“The landscaping has to be finished before the party. Susan, we have to get rid of those nasty rose bushes.”

Bob couldn’t take it anymore. He had planted those bushes after his wife’s accident. He promised her once he retired they would travel and he’d spend more time with the family. She died two weeks after he took the commuter train into the city for the last time. Those bushes were his life the twelve months before his heart attack and he wasn't going to let Peter disparage them. Couldn’t Peter see? Bob used to be like him.

Bob pushed a glass off the counter and it shattered sending shards racing across the tile floor and startling Peter nearly out of his skin.

“I guess Mrs. Waters doesn’t like my idea,” Peter said trying to pretend he wasn’t freaked out.
“Mrs. Waters is not a ghost in this house.” Susan smiled and gave her husband a kiss.
“Ask the landscaper to help you nurse the rose bushes back to health. I’m going upstairs to change. Save me some of that wine.”

Susan picked up a broom and swept up the glass.
“Thanks Mr. Waters.”
“You’re welcome,” Bob said. He knew Susan couldn’t hear him. He ran out to tell the roses the great news.

I drew Soccer Mom in Denial's idea.
A. A ghost visiting his former house. A living couple is gently aruging over how to decorate the house.
B. The ghost lived in the house most of his life, raised his family there and lived alone in it after his beloved wife Rose died. He tended rose bushes in her memory. One partner of the couple wants to make changes now the other isn't in a hurry. The rose bushes haven't been tended to in a while.
C. The ghost overhears someone say "those nasty rose bushes" have to be removed.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World Nutella Day 2008!

It is that time of year again. February 5th is a very important day. It's Super Tuesday (don't forget to vote) and the second anniversary of World Nutella Day.

Check out Ms. Adventures' blog and Bleeding Espresso's blog for more info about this glorious event.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Write what you want or worry about marketing?

I was speaking with an editor at one of the big publishing houses today about the business. It seems book publishing is becoming more and more like the movie business. Mid-range authors are out. You are either established or brand new. Your book must be easy to market (I'm talking about commercial fiction but even literary fiction has changed).

When I was talking to the editor she did say it is going to be tough to sell my book. It's multiracial but the protangonist is black. So is it a black book? Is it Chick Lit? Is it Travel Lit ala EAT, PRAY, LOVE (I have heard from more than one book agent/editor that everyone and their mother is trying to sell manuscripts that are the next EPL). That is just great.

I was a little down but what is done is done. I like the characters in my book. It never occured to me to make them all one race. That is not the world I live in. What about all the women who watch GREY'S ANATOMY? Will they not read a book set in Rome with a group of expats from different backgrounds? Would a guy who likes to travel or Italy not read a book set there because a woman wrote it?

I was on the treadmill thinking about my next project. It would make more sense to write it as a script. I have no idea if I can do it. It's in a different genre for me. I want the script to be well written. These are the things I worry about. Maybe I should try the opposite (ala George Constanza). Pick a topic I think the studios would want (like some really stupid comedy for Dane Cook) "write" the script in two weeks, use a guy's name, send out after the strike. I kid. I have no idea how to write for Dane Cook which is why my ass will probably be broke forever. ha.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bill's comment about South Carolina, a new low.

Dear our former President,

I am fucking sick of you. I worked on your presidential campaign in '92. I still have close friends from those days I worked in "Delegateland" which was next door to "Hillaryland". I enjoyed getting to spend time in Little Rock and seeing that part of the country. Working at the convention, standing on the floor of the transformed Madison Square Garden to hear you accept the nomination was a highlight of my life. I knew you had flaws but believed you would be a better president than re-electing President Bush Sr. We were ready to "roll the dice" on a young governor from a small state. I looked around the Garden and the diverse crowd. It was exciting to watch democracy at work.

Today after your wife got routed by Obama, instead of showing some class, saying congrats and moving on you said, "Well Jesse Jackson won in '84". Well Obama also spilt the white male vote with your wife and won the young white vote. Also as you must know, Jesse wasn't running agains "the first black president" (more on that later) so by that logic Obama shouldn't have done as well as he did. Obama is a legitmate candidate for president. Jesse was not. Obama is a sitting United States Senator who won Iowa and did very well in New Hampshire, two states with very low minority popuations. Your diss is ridiculous.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out differences with your opponent. You have taken this to another level and made it personal. I thought your wife was running, why the hell are you so out front as the attack dog? Even non Obama supporters in the party are saying to chill out. The votes you are dismissing today you might want to support your wife in the general.

Your use of codes words is not slick. We know you are a southern democrat and you know about playing racial politics. This is beyond cynical especially coming from a democrat in 2008. Focus on the issues please. This country has so many problems and we want to hear how you will solve them not what you think of "the nice man from Illinois". I can see why you pursued this strategy. If Obama defends himself, he is just another angry black man, if he doesn't, his record gets distorted. Keep it up Clinton...keep bringing out your old guard black supporters who are completely out of touch with my generation. I see many pastors in South Carolina endorsed your wife (so they could get that GOTV money) but look at how their congregations voted my friend. You and your dysfunctional, hateful, tag team represent the ugly politics of yesterday.

I thought the following from Bob Herbert's column in the New York Times sums it up.

"Still, it’s legitimate to ask, given the destructive developments of the last few weeks, whether the Clintons are capable of being anything but divisive. The electorate seems more polarized now than it was just a few weeks ago, and the Clintons have seemed positively gleeful in that atmosphere.

It makes one wonder whether they have any understanding or regard for the corrosive long-term effects — on their party and the nation — of pitting people bitterly and unnecessarily against one another.

What kind of people are the Clintons? What role will Bill Clinton play in a new Clinton White House? Can they look beyond winning to a wounded nation’s need for healing and unifying?

These are questions that need to be answered. Stay tuned."

I have voted in every general election since the day I became eligible to vote at 18. I worked in politics. I taking voting very seriously. I don't just vote along party lines. I am not going to support someone just because they are the same race or gender as me. I look at the candidates' records and their plans, then make my choice. Not that long ago people who looked like couldn't vote so staying home as a protest is not an option for me.

We'll see what happens during the rest of the primary. I think Hillary will still win given her base of Latino voters, older white women and blue collar women. That said, I am putting you on notice. I am not the only person I know completely disgusted with you. You must think all black folks and young people are stupid. As of today I am not going to vote for Hillary if she is the nominee. I don't like how this campaign was run at all and I refuse to reward her with my vote. I don't believe a word that comes out of her month. I have no idea what her core convictions are other than winning.

I won't be living in America in November but I will be voting.

Regarding "the first black president" thing. Stop it. Just because you eat fried foods, come from a broken home and sleep around does not make you black. I can't even explain to you how offensive this is. Bill you are not black. Talk to some black men around your age and let them break it down to you what it was like for them to be a black man in America.


A democrat

Friday, January 25, 2008

Flashback Friday - Duran Duran "Rio"

Last week we did "Every Little Step" with Bobby Brown. This week's Friday Flashback is another '80s favorite...Duran Duran.

I received so much grief in college for liking this group. I believe the word "oreo" was said. Yes only in America was your racial identity so tied up into what music you like. God help you if you like Faith Hill or something, your black pass will be revoked! Add this to another reason I am glad to get the heck out of here. I think the younger generation doesn't care as much, they are exposed to all different types of music.

My friends and I still listened to this group along with all the early east coast hip-hop. I wasn't a fanatic like some of the women in my dorm. I thought they were going to lose their minds when Duran Duran played at our college. Women were arguing over who was cuter as if Simon Le Bon was going to show one day on the Quad and ask them out.

Like Michael Jackson and Madonna, Duran Duran really got how to make a good music video. Back then MTV actually played music (not reality shows 24/7) and theirs were among the most popular. Musically I do think they were unrated. The base line in "Rio" is fantastic.

Here is zee video for Rio. I bet you remember the words. ha

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Wait, you are leaving before the Sex and the City Movie?!"

One of my good friends and I were having lunch yesterday. She is also a film executive. We were talking about the huge opening for "27 Dresses" and maybe now studios will stop saying no one wants to see romantic comedies. Teen boys are not the only people who go to the movies.

I told her I gave notice the other day. When I said something about leaving March 31st, she yelled out the above quote. I started laughing. She said "I thought we would go to the movie and then drinks after." She reminded me that I gave her a hard time when she told me she watched the re-runs even though she owns the DVDs. Another exec said she did the same thing because it a nice surprise when you see which episode is on. ha.

This friend was the one who said Miranda was clearly the "sister" of the group. She was just like us, single and bitter. This friend now has a boyfriend and she's not bitter. However, a few years ago when we were in different jobs, there were many days we would call each other on our cell phones on the way to lunch meetings or screenings screaming and complaining about our crazy ass bosses.

Unless the script is horrible I think the movie is going to be a MONSTER hit. I will have to wait and see it in Italy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I just quit my job, good-bye Los Angeles.

It is the point of no return. I told my immediate bosses at lunch I'm moving to Rome at the end of March. There were some tears. They thought I was going to say I found a new job, sold my book or that I was moving back to New York City.

They couldn't be more supportive and happy for me. Then in the middle of our lunch we started getting calls that Heath Ledger was found dead at 28. WTF?!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


While TV ads go on and on about how this is a weekend for shopping (look at all these sales!), I wanted to take a moment to remember why we have this three day weekend in the first place.

This was Dr. King's last speech. He was assassinated the next day. He was only 39, leaving behind a wife and four young children.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Flashback Friday - Bobby Brown "Every Little Step"

TGIF. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Remember when Whitney said her husband was the King of R&B? Ha, no but I do love this song, the whole album was great

This video was released in 1988 during the height of the Gumby style era. That haircut was HUGE in the late '80. Grace Jones had one too.

Check out the spandex shorts worn with suspenders.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"No Country for Old Men" directed by Joel and Ethan Coen

The Coen brothers have done it again.

This is brilliant filmmaking. I know some have complained about the ending but it didn't bother me.

The movie is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. Incredible cast...solid acting all around. The look of the movie, just gorgeous. I felt I was standing under the open skies of West Texas circa 1980. It is violent. I had to close my eyes several times. Javier Bardem was so scary, including his Prince Valiant haircut. My boss and I were talking about the writing today. Not a word was wasted.

I think it's interesting the title of this movie and the final season of the Sopranos both referenced Yeats poems. I would watch this movie again. It's a lot deeper than a cat and mouse game.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I thought his jumping on Oprah's couch was bizarre.

I'm not able to link to it but has the Tom Terrific video up (scroll down on the site). I'm not sure how effective that indoctrination video is. If I had any interest in joining Scientology that video would make me run in the other direction.

Homeslice is koo-koo for Coco Puffs. What the hell is up with the weird laughing?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

meme - Seven Random Facts

katerinafiore tagged me to write seven random facts about myself. Here we go.

I had to take a speech class for a semester during elementary school because I said "ting" instead of "thing".

I cannot drink Pepsi.

In second grade my teacher Mrs. Munoz put tape on my mouth for talking in class. She did warn me and told me to stop chatting in class, which I did. Unfortunately, the boy behind me showed me a picture book that had puppies in it. All I said was "they are so cute" and bam...tape went on my mouth. When my mom picked me up from school she was not happy. My dad came home from work and made me stand in a corner as punishment. I've been a cat person ever since.

I have a crush on Andrew Ibifiniwari Dan-Jumbo (aka Andy, from all those home improvement shows on TLC).

I had my first brush with scotch at age 5. According to my mom, my dad's friend was over and they had after dinner drinks. My dad put his drink down on the coffee table and I drank some of it. He had no idea. My mom worked from 3-11 (she was a nurse) and the next morning she wondered why I was acting weird. They put two and two together. She was not happy. This happened over 30 years ago but last year she said to her husband, "I can't believe you let my child get drunk."

I also have a crush on ABC foreign correspondent Jim Sciutto.

When we lived in New York, the girl across the hall used to babysit me sometimes. Her name was Brenda and she was in high school. I thought she was the coolest person in the world. She had a huge afro (like Beyonce's in Austin Powers) and was very pretty. She used to let me play her records and I would spend hours looking through her magazines. I'm sure she would have rather hung out with her boyfriend instead of an eight year and a four year old (my brother) but she made us feel like she actually enjoyed spending time with us.

There it is, seven random facts.

The bloggers I would have tagged have done this one already. If spirit moves you to do one, let us know.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Giorgia - Stonata

I have been playing this CD since I received it as a Christmas gift from "La Contessa di Filicudi". At some point I will try to translate all the lyrics.

Giorgia is one of my favorite singers. Her voice is beautiful.

Stonata means out of tune or sorts. Even if you don't understand a word of Italian, this is a great album.

"Parlo Con Te" is the first single off the album.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Giada stepped on my foot.

Yes, one of the highlights of going to last night's premiere was seeing Ms. De Laurentiis. My boss and I were going over to say hi to a CAA agent we know. The gentleman he was talking to, turned around and said hello. That gentleman was Todd, Giada's husband. (gibber I know you are thrilled).

While I was talking to the agent, (my boss started speaking to a producer who walked past us), a woman passing by, lightly stepped on my foot and said "Excuse me". We were all blocking the aisle so it was a tight fit.

I had to restrain myself from stopping Giada and telling her I thought she was ROBBED during her Iron Chef battle with Rachel "no talent" Ray. If Rachel had not been teamed up with Batali she would have gone down.

Giada, who is about to have a baby, looked great.

I thought Katie, Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton also looked amazing. I walked in behind Diane and I had no idea she was that tall or slim. Her legs go on for days. Tom Terrific looks old standing next to Katie.

I don't get that whole scene at all. Katie seems so different from the sweet, somewhat shy person I met a few years ago.

The after-party was oustanding. The venue was huge. The food was from Mozza, there was a gelato cart, a candy bar (I lost my mind...gummy bears and swedish fish!) and a very good DJ. Of course only a few brave souls were dancing. Parties are for networking not dancing. ha car passed its smog test. Mad Money premiere.

Finally! I almost cried when I heard the news. I look at this experience as good practice for Rome with all the running around, red tape and long lines.

Speaking of crying, it appear HRC's tears def. helped her in New Hampshire. South Carolina is going to be intense.

Tonight is the MAD MONEY premiere. We are going because the same studio financed our film. Going to Westwood is always drama with the traffic. We have to take a shuttle bus to the after-party. I am very curious to see how this red carpet is going to be given the Mrs. Cruise of it all.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The creator of BROTHERS & SISTERS breaks it down.

I swear I'm not bashing L.A. but I had to link to this.

Jon Baitz is a native Angeleno who was recently ousted from a show he created, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. This is his post on the Huffington Blog. My boss was reading it and she told me to check it out. She said it was depressing. It would have depressed me as well if I were not leaving.

It's a long post but the following jumped out at me:

"But perhaps most disheartening to me, a man who adores women, is the daily LA visual horror show of how they are discarded there, no matter how desperately they try to cling to youth. LA hates and fears aging, and especially despises the revolting notion of women aging. And in LA, more than anywhere I know, women of a certain age, who should know better, are complicit in their own degradation, going to desperate lengths to dodge what should be taken for granted. No actress would dare present herself as proudly and as honestly as Simone Signoret, would they? No. Women should hate LA, and I will never understand why they endure it all. Why? If I were a woman, I would burn LA to the ground, and spread salt on the earth where the men all gathered. (I may do that anyway.)"

"There is the matter of how to live in LA, before the decision of leaving it. LA is the world capital of loneliness. In the age of isolation, this is a very special achievement. I could not crack it. I could only survive it. Many of the single (or not) gay men I know in LA rely on the internet for courtship/release. I have nothing against this at all. I have met incredibly interesting people through the net. I have availed myself of its charms. But used habitually it can easily turn romance into renting, with boys queued up like your movies (Indie french) on Netflix. (Such a bad metaphor on so many levels but true; and I don't like rentals, I prefer permanence, and permanence is forbidden now.)

The online world is followed by the high temple of the gym: In Los Angeles, the gym occupies a special place. It is the town square. There is no real centralized street-life in LA, unless you wander the Botoxed, pumped, hyper-sexualized, bargain-basement gay ghetto that is West Hollywood. And why would you, if you're over thirty?

The online thing is not just an LA thing by any means. However, in New York, the life of the street, the flirtation and ebb and flow of strangers getting off of the bus, makes for a perpetual energy machine. New York is just sexier, smarter, and better dressed, less vulgar, more diverse, filled with accident, and unexpected encounters, as a rule. There is the Neue Gallery across from the Met, down the street from the Guggenheim, which is up from the Whitney, just a twenty minute walk to MOMA, across Central Park, etc, etc, forever and ever. You will see, smile at, spy on, talk to, stare at, be enchanted by any number of utterly different kinds of people within twenty minutes of leaving your apartment in NYC. A barrage rather than the white noise of the undulating palms and brackish skies of the dream coast.

In a company town like LA (which with it's segregation often reminds me of Johannesburg in the 1970's), agents date lawyers, managers date set designers, etc -- you get the drift. The homogeneity of the movie making classes means that most everyone dates within the tribe. Writers date producers, and everyone dates actors. They are everywhere. They are the butlers of charm who flirt expertly, gorgeously, giddily at the restaurants and catering companies where they work while awaiting the next great thing. Instead of the vibrant grid of Gotham, you have little cantons in LA. The hills above Sunset are known as the Swish Alps and there is something precise about the peculiar sadness/silence of the decorator-beige homes occupied by mid-to-high level show biz homosexuals who reside there, trying to dodge the parties and paparazzi at the Paris Hilton House. Even the pools seem joylessly limpid in those houses. Going up into those manicured, depopulated hills filled me with dread. Disheartening too was the endless talk of the business, this while America eats itself alive."

The Golden Globes, Hillary's tears, and other random thoughts

The Golden Globes are canceled. People are pissed because most stars refused to cross the WGA picket line. Let's see how many advertisers want to pay top dollar for a "news conference."

I love David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. Leno? No. He is a member of the WGA, what part of "pencils down", does he not understand?!

Hillary is crying up in New Hamphire. Will this hurt her the way it did Muskie? Or is it different for female candidates? Did her advisors say "People think you are too cold. You better shed some tears up in this mug now."

Why is there a FLAVOR OF LOVE 3?

Why does my stomach look like I'm in my 2nd trimester?

What happened to good romantic comedies? I could really use one, since there is nothing funny or romantic about my life.

Viggo Mortenson, is handling his business. 50 years old and doing naked fight scenes. I am not mad at him.

Why isn't Anthony Mackie getting more roles? He is very talented and fine. I guess all the rappers are getting his roles. I really don't need to see Half-a-Dollar on the big screen.

Why does Jessica Alba keep getting movie roles?

Are more women missing these days or is there just more news about it? The police just arrested someone in connection with the missing hiker in Georgia.

What is wrong with Britney? Maybe Dr. Phil can help her.

I just spent $500 on my car yet I'm not upset. Very zen about the whole thing. Hopefully this is the last major repair I have to do before I sell it. Fingers crossed it will pass smog inspection tomorrow.

Mitt Romney might beat up John McCain at the next debate. Those two don't seem to like each other.

I'm still sick. This is annoying.

Is it wrong to have a glass of wine when one is sick? I have to use white wine when I make dinner tonight. I think it's okay.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I am trying not to set my car on fire. The ANTM marathon.

One of my friends said this is yet another sign that my move is a good thing. I am so looking forward to not having a car.

I still haven't passed my smog test. My car was in the shop all day yesterday and today. I have to take it back on Monday. They are trying to activate certain sensors. I will be out at least $500 because of this test. I picked up my car today because I must run some errands tomorrow. I get in the car and my alignment is complete off. I almost crashed into parked cars. I don't know what happened at the body shop during the last 24 hours. I am annoyed.

I am also sick. Yesterday my throat felt like I had just swallowed a cup of tacks.

My apartment looks crazy. I have gone through boxes of files. I don't know why I didn't throw out some of these things before I moved to Los Angeles. It has been fun to read some old letters. In the era of emails, hand written letters are rare. I found some letters my sister wrote to me when I went to college. She was eight when I left. For some reason every letter starts with "Hey Dork". I also found one from her written during her first year in college. She talked about some guy she met at a frat party that was very nice. That guy is now her husband.

I still have a file cabinet to go through. Ugh. I did get rid of 70% of the back issues of my favorite magazines.

While I was shredding and throwing out files I happened to catch some of the AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL marathon on VH1.

I have never been into this show. However, I do appreciate Ms. J in all his fabulousness. Tyra is a trip. Everything is about her even when she is giving advice to the contestants.

I asked my sister who is Nigel Barker?! Hello gorgeous. She said his mom is from India and his dad is British. Nigel has it going on. I love his style. I wish more men here wore nice suits. Wait a minute, why do I care? I'm outta here. :)

I am not sure what the hell Ms. J is wearing in this clip. ha.

Friday, January 04, 2008

3rd Place for Hillary in Iowa?! Major upset.

Oh you know she is SALTY! What the heck happened? Wasn't it only a few months ago everyone was saying (esp. her camp) that she WILL be the nominee. She based her whole campaign on "electability" and "experience". Okay she has been a Senator for only one term longer than Obama and has the highest negatives of any of the nominees. I think Chris Rock sums up her whole experience with this, from the NYTs review: While discussing Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, he mocked the notion that she had presidential experience, explaining that marriage doesn’t confer professional expertise. By way of example, he mentioned his own marriage.

“I’ve been with my wife for 10 years now,” he said. “If she got onstage right now, y’all wouldn’t laugh at all.”

This is a big set back for Senator Clinton. Of course she can still be the nominee. Dukakis came in third in Iowa. The difference is the turnout. It was huge, with many new voters. Younger people, first time voters and Independents really pushed Senator Obama to the top. The caucuses are interesting. It's a time commitment. You have to go to these meetings that can last an hour to voice your vote. That so many people came out sends a clear message, voters want a change. Senator Clinton also lost the women's vote. Ouch.

Edwards and Obama better watch out. It's going to get very ugly. Team Clinton will get down and dirty. I read the race is tight in New Hampshire as well but South Caroline is going to be a battle royale. I'm sure the "poverty pimps" are pissed about Obama's win. They will try to dismiss him as "suspect" because you know all those white people in Iowa voted for him.

If I was Senator Clinton I would be very worried about my poll numbers among women and new/young voters. That should be her base.

On the Republican side, Huckabee was outspent by 10 million dollars and still won. His base is Evangelicals and Born Agains so not sure how he is going to do in New Hampshire where they are a much smaller part of the populaion. Romney has to do well in New Hampshire or it's over. He is the fomer Gov. of the state next door.

That these two major underdogs won last night has shocked the establishment. This is going to be a very, very interesting primary.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008!

Wow that was fast. I can't believe 2007 is over. I hope everyone has a great New Year.

Every year I write down my resolutions with the goal of keeping at least 75% of them. This year there are going to be some big changes. Instead of doing a long list all I have to say is, I am going to try and live in the moment. Not to get too Oprah on folks but I really need to stop stressing out about the future.

Of course I will try to get back into shape, start/finish book number two, among other things. However, if everything goes by in a blur because I'm not paying attention what is the point?

I had a great trip back east to see my brother, sister-in-law and my two nephews (3 years, 11 months). My nephews are so freaking cute. My sister stayed an extra day so we could spend some time together. I am so glad I got to seem them before my move.

This is the first time I have come back to L.A. after the holidays excited about the New Year. 2008 is going to be great.