Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Wait, you are leaving before the Sex and the City Movie?!"

One of my good friends and I were having lunch yesterday. She is also a film executive. We were talking about the huge opening for "27 Dresses" and maybe now studios will stop saying no one wants to see romantic comedies. Teen boys are not the only people who go to the movies.

I told her I gave notice the other day. When I said something about leaving March 31st, she yelled out the above quote. I started laughing. She said "I thought we would go to the movie and then drinks after." She reminded me that I gave her a hard time when she told me she watched the re-runs even though she owns the DVDs. Another exec said she did the same thing because it a nice surprise when you see which episode is on. ha.

This friend was the one who said Miranda was clearly the "sister" of the group. She was just like us, single and bitter. This friend now has a boyfriend and she's not bitter. However, a few years ago when we were in different jobs, there were many days we would call each other on our cell phones on the way to lunch meetings or screenings screaming and complaining about our crazy ass bosses.

Unless the script is horrible I think the movie is going to be a MONSTER hit. I will have to wait and see it in Italy.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Actually, it might be really interesting to see it in Italy and get the Italian angle on the lifestyle, fashions, etc. portrayed in the movie.

Delina said...

If you're seeing it in Italy I really hope you get to see it in the original language - at least for the first time.

Anonymous said...

l agree with Delina it just wouldnt be the same if it was dubbed. Even if Italian is one of the most gorgeous languages.
l just can't wait to see this movie.

Lisa said...

Once again, sounds glamorous.

I just hope you can get your utilities turned on...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - I know the show is popular there. You are right it will be interesting to it see in another country.

delina - If they do release a "verzione originale" I will see it. I think they might. I believe "Hitch" was released in both English and Italian.

confessions - seriously I hope it does extremely well. I want to see more movies with females leads in other genres besides horror and the occasional period piece.

lisa - haha. I hope so too.

Cherrye said...

I have been gone a bit, and I am glad to see you have a date for your move! Congrats on that. I'm thinking there may be a Calabrian-gals trip heading up to Rome after you are there!

I, too can not WAIT to see Sex in the City IN ENGLISH! It just wouldn't be the same in Italian.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Cherrye - Grazie, welcome back.

That would be great if you and Michelle came up to Rome.

As American who work in film, it will be weird for me to see actor who's voices I know so well dubbed in Italian. I much rather read subtitles. Some nuances are lost in translation when you dub, esp. in comedy.