Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival

I have arrived in NYC. I'm writing from the Film Festival's Industry Lounge. How nice of them to provide computers and snacks.

The new terminal at JFK is amazing. My red-eye flight? Not so much.

I couldn't check-in until three. I showered and chilled at one of my closest friend's loft. We went to lunch after picking up her daughter from pre-school. Okay where did all these kids come from? My friend was saying how most of her friends are not moving to the suburbs after having children. There are kids, nannies and strollers everywhere. LOL

I miss her. We worked together at Sony Music and despite the crazy hours, had a blast. There were many fun and funny moments, great concerts, hilarious and passionate co-workers. I can't believe it's been eight years since my move to the west coast.

It is so strange to be back in city where people walk. We cut through Union Square Park and the steps were packed with people eating lunch, reading or just hanging out. My old neighborhood has changed so much. There is a Trader Joes and a Jamba Juice.

I have already walked at least three miles today. Looking forward to dinner in the Village tonight. I saw a very cute man on the elevator of my hotel and he was so nice to pick up something I dropped. See, chivarly is not dead.

Tomorrow it's meetings all day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New York, New York is a hell of a town

Very excited about my trip!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My parents are liquidating my wedding fund

Songs of the day:
Bob Marly and the Wailers - "Forever Loving Jah"
Laura Pausini - "Resta In Ascolto"

I had a long tallk with my mom recently. She is very worried about me. She said my sister has her husband and my brother has his wife and children. I am all alone. My closest family members live 3,000 miles away on the east coast and most of my family lives overseas.

She also said, of course when she and my father die (morbid!) they would provide for us so she isn't worried about my finances. I told her that everything is going to be fine. I'm okay with the fact that the chances of me getting married are slim. At least i'm in good company, 70% of black women in America are single.

This is hard for my mom to comprehend. My parents have been married for a long time. In their culture people get married in their 20s, maybe early 30s and stay married. The divorce rate is very low. Every time I go to St. Martin, the only single women at family functions are the widows and myself. Good times.

Even if I were to get married tomorrow, I wouldn't expect my parents to pay for my wedding at my age. I received a check shortly after my "there won't be a wedding anything soon" conversation with my mom. I used the money that would have paid for flowers to buy a MacBook and an iPod. Out of the photographer's budget, I still need to get a new printer and I might treat myself to some shoes.

Both my parents are very, very concerned I don't own a home (like my siblings), so they are putting some of the wedding fund toward the "our daughter needs to buy an apartment soon fund". One bedroom apartments in my area, avg. $600,000 so that is not going to happen.

Given how much my mom likes to worry, I thought she would freak out about me moving to another country. She told my brother they would help me once I'm ready to move to Rome. I am shocked. I knew my dad was cool with my plans, but mom? She did say she just wants me to be happy.....and married.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Can it be..another good weekend?

Songs of the day:
Stevie Wonder - "As"
Bob Marley - "Work"

I told my sister yesterday getting out of the house is improving my mood.

I voted on Saturday morning. The polling place at the French consulate was packed. Who knew there were so many French people in L.A.? Everyone was very nice eventhough I asked for help in English and replied "Si" instead of "Oui". I stopped by Borders and read a bunch of magazines then met a friend for brunch on Sat. She is just fantastic and super positive. We went window shopping on Melrose Place. Marni has some stunning bags. Marc Jacobs seems to only cut clothes for women shaped like his muse Sophia Coppola. Across the street is the Carolina Herrera store. I love her clothes, very classy. Jewerely designers Me and Ro recently opened a shop and DVF is around the corner. The street is only two blocks long and Monique L'huiller (sp?) is opening up soon.

Sat. night met another friend for dinner. It was so good to see her and catch up. We saw each other again at a brunch yesterday. A former agent turner producer had a "girls" brunch at her house in Brentwood. I had a great time. I got to catch up with some friends, touch base with a few colleagues (all the attendees except for one or two of the host's friends are execs in the film business) and enjoy some good food.

I have high hopes for next weekend as well. Why? Because I will be in New York City. I am going to the Tribeca Film Festival for work for a few days. It will be a hectic time running around for meetings, screenings and what not. However I am still looking forward to being back 'in the city".

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ENDURING LOVE by Roger Michell

One word. Creepy! Daniel Craig, plays a man who witnesses a horrific accident. Rhys Ifans was also there and thinks they have a connection. Based on the novel by Ian McEwan we see Craig's character become unhinged by Ifan's stalking. Samantha Morton is his girlfriend and Bill Nighy is a close friend.

Very good movie but distrubing. Craig (with his sexy self) is fantastic. I was worried his character would literally snap, he was wound up so tight. Ifan made me very nervous.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A library card - a good thing

After living in Los Angeles for eight years I finally got a library card. At Paula's dinner party, my friend Nichelle told me there was a branch a few blocks away from my apartment. There are so many books I want to read. Some books I want to own but others I can check out at the library.

I have spent many happy moments in libraries. I found my Verona Public Library card, issused in 1977. Back then parents had no fears regarding letting kids walk all over town (Verona is tiny, 2 miles by 2 miles) by themselves. I would go and spend hours reading books, reading magazines, VOGUE, SEVENTEEN, ARCHITECTUAL DIGEST and NEW YORK MAGAZINE were my favorites. I don't think they had RIGHT ON OR ESSENCE. I would have to go to the Montclair library for those. ha.

The library was in the town center, near the H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, the Municipal Building, the police station (we had maybe 4 or 5 officers and everyone knew their names) and the fire station. The librarians were very nice. A perfect day was the library, then stopping by Anna Capri for a slice, or the Lakeside deli for a hoagie (called a sub in some non-Jersey places) and a little Drakes apple pie. I am annoyed I cannot get Drakes out here. I am not feeling the Hostess pies at all.

When we lived in New York City, my dad would take us to the local library branch. My mom, a nurse, worked every other weekend and he wanted to get us out of the apartment (unless the Mets were playing). On the Saturdays she worked, we would hit the library, then the park. I would go through books so quickly, it drove my dad nuts. I couldn't wait to go every two weeks, so sometimes all of us would go.

Two years ago I started to read for leisure again. The flow of screenplays and books to read for work never ends. However, I missed picking up a book just to enjoy it and not looking at it as a "piece of business." I could read scripts/books for work 24/7 and still not catch up so I try to read at least one or two books a month that are not work related. I believe being a well-rounded film exec actually make me better at my job, esp. when working with writers. Of course it helps that I work for a talent (actor/producer) driven company. If I worked elsewhere I might not be able to read, sleep or doing anything that wasn't connected to the biz.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The French Elections

I had to take a break from the news last night. Instead of only focusing on all the negative things going on in the world today I needed to remember something positive.

For example, the right to vote. There are places in the world where this is not a right. In this country I wouldn't have been able to vote 100 years ago and it would have been very difficult to vote only 50 years ago. I have no patience for people who don't vote then complain about the government. In order for a democracy to work we have to participate.

France holds their national election on Saturday. This will be the first time I can vote as a French citizen. I have Googled info on the three main candidates. I received emails from them and a big packet of campaign literature from all the candidates. Too bad it's all in French (kidding!). I have had nothing but positive interactions at the French Consulate despite my inability to speak French. I'm not sure what I was doing during my 8 years of studying zee language (jr. high/ high school and one year of sad).

I haven't received any sample ballots so I hope when I go to vote I won't seem like a idiot.

off topic: Can I spell check on blogger?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui's rights vs. public safety

Hindsight is 20/20. If someone writes distrubing material and appears to be troubled but doesn't break the law, what can authorities do? Should they start kicking every kid off campus who is a loner? There are many kids who like graphic material and stick to themselves who don't buy a gun and massacre innocent people.

Mr. Seung-hui alledgely stalked a female classmate and set a small fire in his dorm. He was on anti-depressants and had deep seated issues against women and rich students (although many of the people he killed belonged to neither group). One professor, the noted poet Nikki Giovanni, was so alarmed by his anti-social behavoir, she spoke to her department head. Her creative writing class dropped from 70 students to 7 during the fall of 2005 because of Seung-Hui.

One professor, a surivor of the Holocaust, died will trying to save his students. As we learn more about the people who died, it makes me sad, angry and just frustrated. Why do things like this happen here? Overall violent crime has dropped in our major cities but you rarely see these types of shootings (unless its terror-related) in other countries. Columbine, The Amish school, WTF?

On the Hollywood-Else site one poster said our winner takes all culture combined with loose (or non-existant) family/friend bonds doesn't help. I don't know about that but there must be depressed people all over the world and anyone if they really want to can find a gun legally or illegally, so why doesn't this happen more often in other countries? I fear things will only get worse.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virgina Tech shooting

Details are slowly coming forward. The shooter was a student.

I just don't understand any of this.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Barneys, The Secret and some quality (and tacky) TV viewing

Songs of the day:
"Rapture" - Blondie
"I Know You, I Live You" - Chaka Khan

Yesterday I saw my friend Sfashionista for the first time since she gave birth to her adorable baby boy. As always, she looked amazing and we had a great time. Instead of rolling to brunch like a slob, I wore a pretty Tory Burch tunic dress a friend gave to me. I received many compliments. I will no longer wear track pants to brunch. The two guys next to us had on shorts and baseball caps. I get it if you are at a casual place but we were eating at Barneys. At a dinner party last weekend, a friend wanted to know when did it become okay for grown ass men to dress like sloppy 14 year-old boys? Is this a So. Cal thing? I don't remember men in NYC, DC, Houston or Austin and def. not in Rome dressing so young.

After brunch we did some window shopping. I wish I had some money. I saw my former neighbor Jason. He is a shoe salesman on the first floor. On that salary (and I assume commission), he was able to buy a condo (which are very expensive around here), owned a Jeep and a 5 series BMW. I don't miss him playing his music extremely loud or trying to keep track of all his girlfriends but he was a really nice neighbor.

I saw a fantastic pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (well, several really) and I am glad to report I did not whip out my Barneys charge card. I have so many expenses coming up and there was no way I could justify spending $570 on a pair of shoes. None of that "cost per wear analysis" was going to work. I did charge a Diptyque candle as a gift to myself for all the drafts I have completed on my novel. The scent Baises is my favorite. I do not have a bunch of scented candles in my apartment and it has been years since I bought a Diptyque. I didn't feel guilty about that purchase.

A friend gave me a copy of THE SECRET. I started to read it yesterday. It's all about the principal of postive thinking. I will finish it this week.

I watched "60 Minutes". Lesly Stahl interviewed the three lacrosse players from the Duke rape case. Sfashionista (a Duke alum) and I had a long conversation about the controversy. What if the boys had come from poor families and couldn't afford top legal advice? If I were the parents I would sue the prosecutor, and the 88 Duke professors who convicted the guys in the press might want to apologize. Every crime accusation must be taken seriously. However, once things don't add up, you drop the charges. No one brings a case to trial unless they feel they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt a crime has been committed.

This case made no sense. There were no DNA matches, one of the alleged rapists was at a restaurant at the time of the attack and had an ATM receipt/was recorded on the bank camera, the other stripper said nothing happened. How can you do a line up without any decoys? The D.A. had a tough election coming up and thought this unstable women's story would help him win. It did but now he might be disbarred and could face criminal charges of his own. Regarding the accusser, I feel sorry for her three kids, there is something truly wrong with her. Where is her family?

I happen to catch the show "Killing Pablo Escobar" on the History Channel. Fascinating. The writer Mark Bowden was interviewed along with government officials, Delta Force ops, Escobar's former allies etc. If the movie ever gets off the ground I wonder who will be cast as Escobar. The movie will make "Scarface" seem like Romper Room.

Sopranos had me cracking up. Best line of the night,
"Who is Leonardi Da Vinci?" asked Phil Leotardo
"The guy who wrote the Da Vinci code." said by one of his nephews. Then Phil's wife, a devont Catholic, went off a mini-rant about the book.

I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to Christopher.

Now for the trashy part. I LOVE NEW YORK. WTF? If someone trashed my mom on national TV I would be salty as well but Tango acted like he didn't know what he was getting into. I want to know what hair care products Real uses. It's so healthy. 12 Pack? I don't even know what to say.

CHARM SCHOOL - I am glad they told the girls that their past behavior was not cute and people were laughing at them not with them. I did say "oh damn" when Mo'Nique thought Saaphria's (sp??) name was her nickname and said it was just wrong. Oops.

I hope the girls will learn something from the experience but man do they have some serious issues.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ayo - JOYFUL, Amy Winehouse

Songs of the day:
Ayo - "Down on my Knees"
Amy Winehouse - "Rehab"

Okay I know I am a little late on the Ayo front. I first heard about her from my friend Jane who was in Florence last summer and from Sara in Milan. I pulled up her video on YouTube and had to get the CD.

She is Nigerian/Romanian and has a very striking voice. I love the first track "Down on my Knees". The pleading in her voice is sad but beautiful. Her CD reminds of chilling on the beach in St. Martin or in an outdoor cafe in Rome. She hasn't broken in the United States at all.

Amy Winehouse out of the U.K. is starting to blow up in the U.S. Tiny woman, big voice. The CD is excellent. I like that she is not some cookie cutter pop singer. She has an interesting sound and look. I wonder why soul music (an american art form) seems to be more appreciated overseas these days.

I am finally going to buy a Mactop. My old desk top at home is on it's last legs. It used to be my computer at my old job and who the heck knows how old it is. It keeps shutting down and I can't run certain systems on it. A friend's boyfriend works for Mac so I will get a little discount. Thank god for the 'rents or I wouldn't be able to buy anything. Of course I was tempted to buy some shoes but common sense told me that was a bad idea.

I was under budget on my Rome trip so I'm going to get an iPod. The digital camera will have to wait until my birthday or christmas (unless I get a production bonus) because I do need to buy some spring clothes. I can't walk around L.A. looking crazy.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis

Songs of the day:
"Baby I'm a Star" - Prince
"Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) - Squeeze

I really didn't need to buy a new cookbook, especially one that is focused on pasta. I blame Sen. Bill Bradley. I went to a book signing for his latest book, THE NEW AMERICAN STORY (it has received some glowing reviews), and on the way to the cash register I saw Giada's latest. It was great to see the Senator. I am still sad his presidential campaign didn't work out.

There are many fantastic recipes in the book and I love the layout. I cannot wait to try them out. I know some men and lesbians will be thrilled by the Giada photos.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random thoughts

Imus is a "stronzo".

Perfect Stranger's trailor - is this movie from 1985? I'm confused.

Howard K. Stern - Not sure why he refused to take the DNA test for so long. Stevie Wonder could see he was not that baby's daddy.

Angel and Demons - Rumor have Tom Hanks getting the highest salary ever and Giselle (the model from Brazil) being his co-star. In the book she is an Italian supersmart woman. Why didn't they cast Giovanna Mezzogiorno or another Italian actress? Giselle is very pretty but this is uhm, crazy.

I'm sick of being on strike. One of my resolutions was to have at least one date in '07. It's April and so far....not a damn thing. I'm salty.

I need to buy an iPod and a digital camera.

I miss my family, a lot.

This strike, oh wait, I already blogged about that.

I can't stop eating.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

KISS AND TANGO by Marina Palmer

Songs for today:
Dexter Gordon "Our Love Is Here To Stay"
Eros Ramazzotti "Sta Passando Novembre"

I know some in the expat community in Buenos Aires have ripped this book to shreds.

It wasn't as bad or as good as I had heard.

Marina was an ad exec fed up with her job and her life who moved to B.A. to become a professional Tango Dancer. She was 30 and had never danced professionally.

The book is written in diary form. Marina was able to live in BA without working for three year because her parents supported her. She talked about how sexy tango was, all her lovers (and their shortcomings) and a little about the culture of the city. It's not deep just a quick read. Very Cosmos. She was there when the country went through a terrible recession and political turmoil. Meanwhile she was still going on and on about finding the right man.

The book was just bought for Sandra Bulluck's company for her to producer and possibly star.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Sopranos, a great end to a weekend.

Spoiler alert:

My stomach was in knots the whole time they were playing Monopoly. I knew something bad was going to go down. I figured Janice and Tony would get into it again. I did not expect, Bobby to slug the boss!! WTF? Especially after Tony had promoted him?

What the hell is wrong with Chris-Ta-Fer?

Janice is turning into pyscho bull busting mom, just like Livia Soprano.

Phil Leotardo (aka the Shah of Iran looking m.f.) is not playing.

Cannot wait until next Sunday.

Saturday night, my friend Paula had another fantastic dinner party. It was a last minute thing (for L.A.) that she planned on Monday. It was great to get together with the girls and catch up. One friend brought her baby (so cute) and we celebrated the engagement of another. This group of women is just so together, funny and positive. I always enjoy seeing them.

The weather has been awful with a very thick marine layer. It didn't feel like Easter weekend at all. This year I went back to All Saints' Episcopalian in Beverly Hills. Last year I went to another church, which just left me cold. I know how crowded churches can be during the big holidays, so I arrived early for the 9:00 a.m. service...clearly not early enough. I saw a friend and her boyfriend and squeezed into their pew. I had no idea she was going to be there.

I have never seen the church that crowded. The upstair's balcony was filled and people were standing in the back. The flowers were stunning and All Saints' is one of the most beautiful churches out here. Reverend Carol Anderson was very funny and gave a great sermon. For me the music is what gets me. The last hymm, which they sing every Easter is really moving. To hear all those voices in song was just incredible. During the last verse the horns came in and at the end of the hymn, everyone claps and whistles. Just because the church is Episcopalian and in Beverly Hills doesn't mean it's stiff. :)

George Clooney's cousin is a minister at All Saints' and I had to chuckle when I overheard someone talking abou their latest TV show.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I miss my family but looking forward to seeing my other favorite family tonight, 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two years ago today, I fell in love

This post might be a little long. :)

It was love at first sight. I didn't expect it but since my first trip to Rome, nothing has been the same.

I arrived in Rome a mess. No job (the company I worked for shut down suddenly right before Christmas), depressed, angry, confused about how my life ended up in such a state and no idea where I was headed. I worked in such a competitive business, there was no chance that I would find a job any time sooon. I found myself staring down the barrel of a big birthday with no husband or children, no mortgage, no savings and the icing on the cake... my parents sold the house we grew up in and moved back to the Caribbean.

That Christmas was interesting. People would ask me, are you going home? I wasn't sure where home was any more. I would no longer be spending the holidays in Verona, New Jersey, where we had spent the last 30 ones. At that point I had lived in Los Angeles for 6 years and it def. wasn't home. I had never lived in St. Martin but had visited there since I was a baby, but I felt at that time I couldn't say it was my home.

At the last minute, after hearing from an agent that the last producer I met with thought I was over-qualified for a VP job, I booked a trip to Rome. I would be in the city two weeks later. I was planning on taking a longer trip later in the year but put a pin in it due to, you know, not having a job. March of 2005 I really felt like I was on the verge of being in serious trouble. I had always been a glass is half full type of person and suddendly I felt like the damn glass was empty.

I started to think moving to Los Angeles to work in film was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life and the damage was beyond repair. I took such a big pay cut when I first started it set me back years (and I am still paying the price i.e. no retirement funds to speak of). The day I called my travel agent, I had a meeting with an exec at one of the studios. I stopped by to see a friend on the lot and she told me she was worried about my future in the industry because I had limited myself by not working with mainstream (i.e. white) talent. It wasn't like I set out not to work for "mainstream" companies. One of the first places I interviewed when I moved to Los Angeles, was to be Jerry Bruckheimer's first assistant (he has four). They liked my political experience (Bill Bradley, Ann Richards, etc.)but needed someone with film experience. I thought the filmmaker and the actor I had worked for were talented and was proud to work for them. My friend said it was going to be harder for me to find a job because I "only" worked for Spike Lee and Forest Whitaker. She went on and on about how I needed studio experience etc. I walked across the lot in tears. I was an "older" (anything above 29) black woman working in Hollywood. I was screwed.

The Pope died right before my trip. People including some who had never been to Rome told me to cancel my trip. They said Rome was a crazy city even without millions coming in to say good-bye to the popular Pope. I had booked everything already so I went anyway. I had two names to look up, both friends of friends.

I wasn't thinking "oh my God I can't wait to get to Italy". I had traveled to other countries so I was just relieved to get a break from L.A. for a minute. I didn't know anyone in Rome and I was traveling solo. I could take my time and do what I wanted. To the best of my knowlegde there is no one in my family of Italian descent. I didn't speak the language (I had taken a course at Berlitz and knew how to say hello, good-bye, and my name). I had never step foot in Italy, yet by the end of the week I knew I was home. I felt it to the core of my being.

I wondered if it was the timing, maybe because of everything that was going (or not going on) in my life. May 2006 I went back and rented an apartment in Trastevere (I had my blog by then so I did write about that trip) for almost three weeks. Timing had nothing to do with it.

On that first trip I realized I was focusing on the wrong things and my values had been completely corrupted. I was getting too caught up in shallow Hollywood bullshit. I am not a film snob (hello, I think Pootie Tang is hilarious) but with marketing departments deciding which movies get made, art gets thrown out the window. Movies dumbed down to appeal to everyone and made by committee usually suck. In Rome I remembered why I wanted to work in film in the first place and it had nothing to do with making money, leasing a beemer or having a house in the Hills. It was about telling stories and being creative and maybe every so often you worked on something that might move people. In Rome surrouded by all the art, history and culture, something was telling me there was more to life than reading about who was shopping at Kitson in Us magazine.

Post Rome I got back on track. I did get another job, again working with talent as the Senior VP of his production company. He actually does work on some big commerical movies along with independent films and anyone who says he's not "mainstream" because of the color of his skin is ignorant and needs to spend more time away from the studio lots and out in the real world. I started writing again and hope to finish my first novel in a few months. I started a blog. I have my E.U. citizenship and speak another lauguage (somewhat poorly, ha). I refuse to lie about my age anymore and think Hollywood's obession with youth is fucking stupid. Heads up people, all the plastic surgery isn't going to stop time. Guess what? All of us will die. Deal with it.

Rome changed my life for the better. I was talking my friend Giampiero the last night of my latest trip a few weeks ago. We met during my first trip to Rome. He is a friend of a friend's friend. He said he hoped I would move to Rome soon, that I had such a great energy and was so positive. I found my journal from that year. I re-read the entries before my trip. I have no idea who that miserable person was.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I LOVE NEW YORK, making the world a better place for Ninja Turtles

I laughed my ass off yesterday on the way to work. I was listening to Power 106 as Big Boy and the crew were doing their wrap up of the season finale.

They played several of Chance's rants when he went off on Tango calling him ninja turtle looking *beep*, *beep* *beep*.

Is Miss New York really going to marry Tango? What happens when he sees how she talked smacked about his momma earlier in the show?

Is VH1 going to spin off another show called "Second Chance" or "The New Yorks: A Wedding"?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Marvin Gaye

Yesterday was his birthday. Sunday was the anniversary of his death.

I was hanging out in my dorm room at Syracuse University and a floormate ran down the hall and said Marvin Gaye was dead. Shot by his own father.

We were furious and thought it was a fucked up thing to say as an April Fool's joke. Unfortunately, it was no joke.

My dad and all his friends were big Marvin fans. His music is timeless. If you listen to the words of "What's Going On" that song could have been written today.

I loved his duets with Tammi Terrell. I know there are several Marvin Gaye bio-pics floating around Hollywood. The problem is the music rights. I doubt Berry Gordy would let them go without some kind of script approval. We all know one of Marvin's most acclaimed albums almost didn't see the light of day because Berry thought it wasn't pop enough.

Also who would play Marvin? If I hear one more person out here say Usher is the new Marvin, I will scream. Usher is fine but please people lets get a grip. Marvin is in a very rare league with people like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. When he sang it could mend your heart or rip it in two. I like Usher's voice, the beats are nice but I get nothing emotionally from him or his music. I forget the songs the minute they are over.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love my share of fun, pop music depending on my mood. However, there are songs and artists that mean the world to me. I was in the car the other day on the way to the gym and Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" came on the radio. One, I love that song, two I rememeber how powerfully Spike Lee used it in MALCOLM X and three, between Iran, Iraq, North Korea, the escalating gang violence here in L.A., etc. I was hoping Sam was right and a change is going to come.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Another boring ass weekend, Joss Stone

Gym, worked on book, read scripts, went to bed. My phone did not ring once the entire weekend. One of my friends is overseas on location. Another basically spends every waking moment with her boyfriend, the rest were working.

I did watch IMAGINE ME & YOU by Ol Parker (I think he is Thandie Newton's husband) which was sweet. I thought it would be the typical boy marries girl, girl falls in love with the female florist at her wedding, romantic comedy. Matthew Goode, Lena Headley and Piper Perabo were excellent. Piper is American but has been living in the UK for a while.

I received the new Joss Stone cd. I heard/saw the first track at the gym and thought it was okay but I really liked the rest of the CD. I wasn't suprised, Raphael Saadiq formerly of Tony, Toni, Tone! produced the CD. I was a big fan of the group.

Track number 8 "Arms Of My Baby" I have played to death. It is hardcore old school funk/soul. Great organ, drums and horns. Joss is only 20 or 21 but sounds like a world-weary 50-something black American woman. Speaking of funk, on Thursday we were in my boss' car and he was blasting Rick James "YOU AND I" and some Cameo song I didn't know. I know Rick had some issues but damn he was talented.