Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random thoughts

Imus is a "stronzo".

Perfect Stranger's trailor - is this movie from 1985? I'm confused.

Howard K. Stern - Not sure why he refused to take the DNA test for so long. Stevie Wonder could see he was not that baby's daddy.

Angel and Demons - Rumor have Tom Hanks getting the highest salary ever and Giselle (the model from Brazil) being his co-star. In the book she is an Italian supersmart woman. Why didn't they cast Giovanna Mezzogiorno or another Italian actress? Giselle is very pretty but this is uhm, crazy.

I'm sick of being on strike. One of my resolutions was to have at least one date in '07. It's April and so far....not a damn thing. I'm salty.

I need to buy an iPod and a digital camera.

I miss my family, a lot.

This strike, oh wait, I already blogged about that.

I can't stop eating.


gibber said...

i miss you too!

Rose in Cali said...

You are hysterical! I agree with your comment re: Giovanna Mezzogiorno. I wonder why she hasn't yet crossed over.

Do you think there's a strike in CA in general? Nothing is happening up here in SF, either!

Anonymous said...

t.k. in ohio again - i chuckle to myself when you call it a "strike." About 150 years ago, my sister & i relocated to L.A. from here in the midwest. I was never more depressed "man-wise" then when i lived out there! it got to where I finally never wanted to go "out" anymore unless meeting for drinks w/a group because the men treated us as if we were invisible!! It was so disheartening. So I hear ya, I understand, & I can relate! Hang in there!

J.Doe said...

I can't stop eating either. I hope your strike ends soon.

nikinpos said...

I'm with you on the Gisele thing too. It really annoys me that 'they' chose Renee Zeewigger (or whatever the hell shes called) to play Bridget Jones AND Miss Potter. There are plenty of British actersses that could have done a much better job.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - :(

rose in cali - re: Giovanna I don't know. She was cast in opposite Aflred Molina recent in an english speaking movie so maybe she is on her way. Unfortunately it is becoming tougher for foreign films to get released here.

I have a very good friend in SF and her strike conditions are as bad as man so perhaps it's a statewide issue. ha.

t.k. in Ohio - Thank you. See I am not crazy. I'm not saying I need validation from men but it is bizarre to live somewhere and feel completely invisible.

j-doe - I love food but I have taken it to the next level. I can't blame my eating on the strike.

Nicki - ha! I am not British like yourself but I will admit I thought she was great in the first Bridget Jones (I think Kate Winslet was not available or passed). When I first heard she was cast (I was a big fan of the book) I thought WTF? So I went to see it with major attitude. I forgot she was a skinny chick from Texas after the first 5 minutes.

I don't have any issue with actors (which Gisele is not!) who can do solid foreign accents. My god if it weren't for the British and the Australians who play Americans 90% of the movie we made/make that need a strong male lead wouldn't happen. Angels & Demons is a major worldwide best selling. There is no need for a star or stunt casting for the female lead. Giovanna Mezzigiorno, Margarita Buy, Laura Morante, if they speak English, what's the problem with casting on of them?

Paula Puryear said...

That's so funny about the Perfect Stranger trailer. The whole movie seems very 80's (or early 90's, latest). It makes me think of that one where Robert Redford paid $1M for Demi Moore. Different concept, I know, but they look interchangeable . Wonder how that one got the greenlight (and will people actually go? I bet they do, which is crazy.)