Tuesday, April 10, 2007

KISS AND TANGO by Marina Palmer

Songs for today:
Dexter Gordon "Our Love Is Here To Stay"
Eros Ramazzotti "Sta Passando Novembre"

I know some in the expat community in Buenos Aires have ripped this book to shreds.

It wasn't as bad or as good as I had heard.

Marina was an ad exec fed up with her job and her life who moved to B.A. to become a professional Tango Dancer. She was 30 and had never danced professionally.

The book is written in diary form. Marina was able to live in BA without working for three year because her parents supported her. She talked about how sexy tango was, all her lovers (and their shortcomings) and a little about the culture of the city. It's not deep just a quick read. Very Cosmos. She was there when the country went through a terrible recession and political turmoil. Meanwhile she was still going on and on about finding the right man.

The book was just bought for Sandra Bulluck's company for her to producer and possibly star.

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