Monday, April 09, 2007

The Sopranos, a great end to a weekend.

Spoiler alert:

My stomach was in knots the whole time they were playing Monopoly. I knew something bad was going to go down. I figured Janice and Tony would get into it again. I did not expect, Bobby to slug the boss!! WTF? Especially after Tony had promoted him?

What the hell is wrong with Chris-Ta-Fer?

Janice is turning into pyscho bull busting mom, just like Livia Soprano.

Phil Leotardo (aka the Shah of Iran looking m.f.) is not playing.

Cannot wait until next Sunday.

Saturday night, my friend Paula had another fantastic dinner party. It was a last minute thing (for L.A.) that she planned on Monday. It was great to get together with the girls and catch up. One friend brought her baby (so cute) and we celebrated the engagement of another. This group of women is just so together, funny and positive. I always enjoy seeing them.

The weather has been awful with a very thick marine layer. It didn't feel like Easter weekend at all. This year I went back to All Saints' Episcopalian in Beverly Hills. Last year I went to another church, which just left me cold. I know how crowded churches can be during the big holidays, so I arrived early for the 9:00 a.m. service...clearly not early enough. I saw a friend and her boyfriend and squeezed into their pew. I had no idea she was going to be there.

I have never seen the church that crowded. The upstair's balcony was filled and people were standing in the back. The flowers were stunning and All Saints' is one of the most beautiful churches out here. Reverend Carol Anderson was very funny and gave a great sermon. For me the music is what gets me. The last hymm, which they sing every Easter is really moving. To hear all those voices in song was just incredible. During the last verse the horns came in and at the end of the hymn, everyone claps and whistles. Just because the church is Episcopalian and in Beverly Hills doesn't mean it's stiff. :)

George Clooney's cousin is a minister at All Saints' and I had to chuckle when I overheard someone talking abou their latest TV show.

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