Monday, April 02, 2007

Another boring ass weekend, Joss Stone

Gym, worked on book, read scripts, went to bed. My phone did not ring once the entire weekend. One of my friends is overseas on location. Another basically spends every waking moment with her boyfriend, the rest were working.

I did watch IMAGINE ME & YOU by Ol Parker (I think he is Thandie Newton's husband) which was sweet. I thought it would be the typical boy marries girl, girl falls in love with the female florist at her wedding, romantic comedy. Matthew Goode, Lena Headley and Piper Perabo were excellent. Piper is American but has been living in the UK for a while.

I received the new Joss Stone cd. I heard/saw the first track at the gym and thought it was okay but I really liked the rest of the CD. I wasn't suprised, Raphael Saadiq formerly of Tony, Toni, Tone! produced the CD. I was a big fan of the group.

Track number 8 "Arms Of My Baby" I have played to death. It is hardcore old school funk/soul. Great organ, drums and horns. Joss is only 20 or 21 but sounds like a world-weary 50-something black American woman. Speaking of funk, on Thursday we were in my boss' car and he was blasting Rick James "YOU AND I" and some Cameo song I didn't know. I know Rick had some issues but damn he was talented.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I need some clarification. When you wrote, "Piper is American but has been living in the UK for a while." did you mean Piper Perabo, the actress, lives in the UK?

Or are you talking about Rachel, her character in Imagine Me and You?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Anon - I remember reading somewhere Piper was/is living in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's BIG news to me! Is there any way you could locate that info? I'd appreciate it, and a lot of my friends would too! In fact, I sent your blog link to them to check out.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - sorry I can't remember where I read it. I read a lot. I think it was around the time she was doing press for the movie and mentioned she was either living in the UK or had spent a lot of time there. I'm sure if you google her or maybe check out her page on, you might find some info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks---that gives me a little more info to go on. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Arlene, I too was (am still) a big fan of tony toni tone (order?) =D

Anonymous said...

Hi there. LOL! @ the Joss Stone comment! You described her to the "T", however, I'm still trying to get this CD to grow on me. I thought her previous CD (Mind, Body & Soul) was off the hook! However, am a big R. Saddiq fan - Tony, Tone, Toni was ultimate talent from "It Feels Good" to "It Never Rains In S.California" - did you know Lisa Bonet from Cosby Show directed that video? And loved him w/Lucy Pearl (group he started w/one chick from En Vogue), however they didn't last long! Have a great day - keep up the great blogging! T.K. in Ohio.

gibber said...

If the rhythm feels good to ya baby let me hear ya say uh uh baby!

Man, LOVE ME SOME Tony, Toni, Tone. And I wore the hell out of Lucy Pearl and R. Saddiq's first solo album. Good stuff.

Can't believe he and joss are dating tho. He's way older than her.

Tony, Toni, Tone has done it again.

There are some songs that make me cry they are so beautiful. There is not ONE song out today that makes me do that. Sam Cooke's song you mentioned is one of them. No Doubt's Don't Speak is another.

Don't laugh at that. It was my last year in college and I was going through some stuff. That song perfectly fit with my life at the time! :)

And, again, don't laugh, the Carpenters. You can call them corny or whatever, but Karen Carpenter had a voice that can haunt you. "rainy days and mondays always get me down." Word Karen, WORD. I feel you on that.

by the way, I watched i love new york this morning. oh. my. god.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - you're welcome.

Stephanie - wait is this my former co-worker? haha. I agree.

T.K in Ohio - thanks for stopping by and the nice compliment. Give the new Joss will grow on you.

Gibber - I will have to play some TTT this weekend. LOL

I loved the Lucy Pearl single from the movie Love and Basketball.

Wow Joss does like older men, well she is an old soul. I couldn't see her dating some 20 year old guy.

I don't own any Carpenters CD but I agree with you Karen Carpenter had a great voice. I was trying to think of any current songs that move me to tears. Nope. Maxwell's version of "This Woman's Work" is pretty special but that from a few years ago.

I am still processing I Love New York.

Tracie B. said...

was that cameo song "cand-aaay"? it's been playing in my head and it makes me feel like 5th grade all over again.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracie - no it wasn't. I love that song.