Saturday, April 21, 2007

ENDURING LOVE by Roger Michell

One word. Creepy! Daniel Craig, plays a man who witnesses a horrific accident. Rhys Ifans was also there and thinks they have a connection. Based on the novel by Ian McEwan we see Craig's character become unhinged by Ifan's stalking. Samantha Morton is his girlfriend and Bill Nighy is a close friend.

Very good movie but distrubing. Craig (with his sexy self) is fantastic. I was worried his character would literally snap, he was wound up so tight. Ifan made me very nervous.


Tracie B. said...

i saw casino royale so i am now officially addicted to mr crag.

did you see notes on a scandal? wow.

gibber said...

love daniel craig! LOVE HIM.

notes on a scandal was great. judi dench played the hell out of that role!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I haven't seen Notes on a Scandal yet. It's on my Netflix list.

Tracie B. said...

gibber--they were DELICIOUS