Monday, April 23, 2007

Can it be..another good weekend?

Songs of the day:
Stevie Wonder - "As"
Bob Marley - "Work"

I told my sister yesterday getting out of the house is improving my mood.

I voted on Saturday morning. The polling place at the French consulate was packed. Who knew there were so many French people in L.A.? Everyone was very nice eventhough I asked for help in English and replied "Si" instead of "Oui". I stopped by Borders and read a bunch of magazines then met a friend for brunch on Sat. She is just fantastic and super positive. We went window shopping on Melrose Place. Marni has some stunning bags. Marc Jacobs seems to only cut clothes for women shaped like his muse Sophia Coppola. Across the street is the Carolina Herrera store. I love her clothes, very classy. Jewerely designers Me and Ro recently opened a shop and DVF is around the corner. The street is only two blocks long and Monique L'huiller (sp?) is opening up soon.

Sat. night met another friend for dinner. It was so good to see her and catch up. We saw each other again at a brunch yesterday. A former agent turner producer had a "girls" brunch at her house in Brentwood. I had a great time. I got to catch up with some friends, touch base with a few colleagues (all the attendees except for one or two of the host's friends are execs in the film business) and enjoy some good food.

I have high hopes for next weekend as well. Why? Because I will be in New York City. I am going to the Tribeca Film Festival for work for a few days. It will be a hectic time running around for meetings, screenings and what not. However I am still looking forward to being back 'in the city".


Delina said...

Great that you had a good weekend. Mine was nice. Thank God Monday is over and done with! :)

rose said...

I was just there last weekend for the first time, with the rain. ;) Finally, I got to see that there is in fact a market for those wellington boots.

Can't wait for your festival commentary and recommendations.