Thursday, April 12, 2007

Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis

Songs of the day:
"Baby I'm a Star" - Prince
"Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) - Squeeze

I really didn't need to buy a new cookbook, especially one that is focused on pasta. I blame Sen. Bill Bradley. I went to a book signing for his latest book, THE NEW AMERICAN STORY (it has received some glowing reviews), and on the way to the cash register I saw Giada's latest. It was great to see the Senator. I am still sad his presidential campaign didn't work out.

There are many fantastic recipes in the book and I love the layout. I cannot wait to try them out. I know some men and lesbians will be thrilled by the Giada photos.


Anonymous said...

She DOES have good--and simple--recipies, but why do they find it necessary to dress her in low-cut tops? It's like, welcome to Giada's Everyday Italian Boobs and Pasta!

gibber said...

LOL. anon, it's true. i know she's petit and all, but her boob baring shirts are a little much. but, she is italian. my italian peeps with nice bodies show their boobs too. maybe it's a cultural thing :)

all this boob talk reminds me of the dave chappelle skit about great new york boobs. hehehehe

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm short like Giada and also have large breasts. Wearing turtlenecks actually makes my chest look bigger (which I am not trying to do).

I don't think her tops are that low cut. I see alot worse living in L.A. where woman with implants the size of large cantelopes wear more revealing tops.

I was in italy last year during the spring and I saw quite a bit of cleavage. Maybe I should wear lower-cut tops. It might help end the strike.

gibber said...

YOU SHOULD WEAR LOWER CUT BLOUSES. you have great new york boobs!