Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I just returned a few hours ago so I will post later about my fantastic trip to SXM and Anguilla. I already miss the view of the mountains from my bedroom and bathroom windows.

First, I hope everyone had a great holiday and best wishes for 2007. I like lists and always make resolutions. I usually stick to 75% of them. Last year voluteering and reading more non-work related books were high on the list. I will try to continue with those resolutions this year. In no particular order here are the new ones I wrote the other day for 2007:

1. After being in paradise for two weeks, I realized I really must talk to my landord about some changes. If she refuses to do them, I will move budget allowing.

2. Lose weight. I'm not going to go on a "diet" but will try to eat better. The goal is to drop one size,

3. Finish novel.

4. Save more money, at least 10% of my little salary.

5. Taking writing classes

6. Understand Intermediate Italian level two esp. freaking Passato Remoto and Congiuntivo.

7. Go on at least one proper date. Not sure how I will accomplish this goal but I figured it wouldn't hurt to say it out loud. I am so ovah this "strike". My mom asked my brother in law during the holiday about fixing me up with one of his friends. Between my hairstyle and my single status she is very concerned about me. LOL.

8. Get a mammogram and a check up at the dentist. I don't have dental insurance but it's better to pay now for maintenance then wait until something hurts.

9. Be more patient, less judgemental and critical of others and myself.

10. Try to look at the postive side of things instead of dwelling (obessesing really) on the negative. I made major progess on that front in 2006. Having a job I enjoy and spending less time with super negative friends has help but I could improve.

11. Consider moving up my "stop living in L.A. full time" goal. Instead of three years maybe I could do it in two. We'll see. I have already cleared one major hurdle by getting my E.U. citizenship.

12. Yes it's a cliche (ala stop and smell the roses) but I really need to have more balance in my life and live a little.

Okay I have 80 new emails to read. In later posts I will do a SXM wrap up. Other than some drama with a very melodramtic aunt I had a great time. I spent some quality time with my family, met blogger Jess, relaxed at some of my favorite beaches for hours and saw some hot gerdamnes (not sure about the spelling. They are the police on the French side, very attractive).


Jess said...

One of the good parts about going on vacation is the clearer view you have of your daily life when you return - thanks for posting your list, it sort of refreshes my own thoughts about resolutions I made when I returned from Italy in October. It's so easy to become mired in daily details!

It was great to meet you in St. Maarten - all the best for 2007!

I am not Star Jones said...

what is dating like in LA? In NY I've heard so many stories about immature men, unavailable men, lying men and schemers.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Jess it was great to meet you as well. I miss those drinks at guana bay.

I am not star jones: I really can't say since I haven't been on a date since New Edition broke up. Seriously, I thought it was easier to date in NY. I just don't know that many single men here. the few who are single, are single for a reason.