Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I love New York, The Hills and a little Ocsar

Yes, it's Oscar morning. I haven't printed out the list yet. From what I saw on the news there are many major stunners. Glad to see the surprising Ryan Gosling, Pan's and Paul Greengrass noms. I still haven't seen Dreamgirls but for it not to receive a best pic or directing nom is a shock, since the PR campaign was spinning it to be a lock to WIN best pic (I didn't believe that. Everyone here who has seen it says it's okay not great, esp. once Hudson's character leaves).

All this love for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is very interesting. Can it pull an upset against BABEL? Oh well, I will be on a plane to Rome during the Oscars so I will have to hear the results when I stop over at Heathrow. I hope my former boss, Mr. Whitkaker, wins for best Actor.

Now from honoring the best in film, let's talk about the worst in TV. I LOVE NEW YORK is so bad it's amazing. Last night there were so many great quotes like "Pootie has lost his damn mind" or "Jesus, let's us pray for Whiteboy (yes that is one of the bachelor's name) who lost a friend today." We had temper tamtrums, a man passing out and a bacherlor named T-weed (another great name) who said he was worth a 100 million dollars (hahahah). It was all fantastic.

I have never watched LAGUAN BEACH or the HILLS before. I watched THE HILLS last night because it was on before J.Lo's dancelife show. I couldn't stay awake past 10:40, so I only saw THE HILLS. I fear for our nation. Why does everyone one the show say "like" every other word? Who are these young clueless people?

My car still isn't ready. Very annoyed. I have to catch a ride with one of our screenwriters for our studio meeting. I better have the car this afternoon so I can make it my make-up Italian class tonight.


J.Doe said...

I don't watch the Oscars and I've never seen Dream Girls either but I too was amazed that they received so many nominations but no one seemed to think they were the best pic. The parts are good, but the whole isn't???

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

J. doe. Yes, many people I spoke with said Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson's performance made the movie and without them it fell flat.

I just think it's weird the movie/the original stage play is supposed to celebrate the sounds of Motown but the songs are so-so 80s Broadway tunes. Don't get me wrong I love some musicals (West Side Story esp.) but not a really fan of this one.