Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lezione italiano, car drama

I finally have my car back after paying over $300. I forgot to mention in an earlier post the stronzo (shithead) who hit my old car last year is not paying my insurance company. Therefore I will not be reimbursed my $500 deductable. I am so glad I called my insurance company the minute the accident happened and did not let the mom of the driver convince me to resolve the problem ourselves. I highly doubt she would have sent me a check for 4K to pay to repair my old car.

I went to my make-up class last night. It wasn't too bad. We worked on comparisons (meglio, meno di etc.) This class is one chapter behind us. I don't like losing a chunk of my weekend, but it's better for me to take classes on a Saturday. Trying to get to Westwood after work is a major pain. I am so wiped out from work I really can't concentrate in class. After class (two of my friends are in the class) we went to the "W" for dinner. It was good to catch up. One friend is dating a man in Florence. Amore.

I called Forest to say congrats on his nomination. I figured I would call his cell and just leave a message since he is so busy. Of course he picked up. I really hope he wins. He was amazing in LAST KING OF SCOTLAND.


Angela Spera said...

I know that it's hard to learn Italian. It's harder to learn English. To learn a foreign language you must leave in the foreign country. USA is my foreign country. I came from Italy eons of years ago. I m able to write , talk, think in English. What about feeling? This is the gap between the two cultures.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Angela - You are right, it's hard to learn a foreign language when you are not living a country where it is spoken. I studied French for years and can't speak it.