Saturday, December 23, 2006

greetings from SXM

This is a French keyboard and the keys are different, so please excuse any typos.

St. Martin is beautiful and hot. It's 86 degrees today. The new airport is great, but I do miss the old school one a little bit. I spent all day at the beach yesterday. Le Gallion was so tranquille.

Of course my mom had to make a comment about my hair. She asked me if I didn't have a chance to get it didn't look good. I love my mom. I flew for hours and that was her second comment. My sister laughed about later. I mean what can I do, our mom is conservative and I refuse to wear my hair like Condi Rice. ha!


Jane said...

I hope you had a great Christmas. Enjoy the warm sand and sun.

sognatrice said...

I personally hope you refuse to do a lot of things like Condi ;) Also hope you're having a great time!

FYI, the last three letters of the little code below are "qua." See, I'm *so* here with you ;)

J.Doe said...

It's 86 degrees there? Lucky you! It's cold and snowing where I am.