Thursday, December 14, 2006

Volver by Pedro Almodovar, the Princess Diana report

What a good film. Penelope Cruz was fantastic. If you have only seen her Hollywood films please rent her Spanish and Italian films (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, OPEN YOUR EYES, DON'T MOVE). She is very talented and the pretty girl roles she is offered stateside don't do her justice.

Her performance will def. be nominated for an Oscar along with Helen Mirren for THE QUEEN. Hopefully Meryl Streep will also receive one for DWP. She was great, but sometimes comedies are not nominated.

I know Mr. Fayed lost his son, but he needs to stop. The princess was not pregnant and was not going to marry Dodi. Diana was not assasinated because the family didn't want her to marry a Muslim. Today on the news Mr. Fayed said he will never change his mind. Did he forget the hotel they stayed in belongs to him and the driver worked for him? She was very close to her boys and never mentioned marriage. The relationship was not that serious.I feel for her sons who cleary want closure.


sognatrice said...

I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart (love 'em, love 'em, love 'em), and even I don't buy Mr. Fayed's claims (the lack of any evidence really sways me). For the sake of Di's memory and the sanity of those left she left behind, I agree, he needs to just let it go. And I wish I could get movies here more easily :(

J.Doe said...

I'm also very tired of hearing conspiracy theories about Diana's death. It was an accident. Tragic, but an accident.

redtown said...

The one character not developed in the film was Diana herself.  While she remains the  icon of superficial popular culture, it was a very different Diana -- behind the facades of glamour and pseudo-compassion -- whom the Royal family knew personally.

Both Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder caused by their mother's abandoning them as young children.  A google search reveals that Diana is considered a case study in BPD by mental health professionals.

For Charles Spencer, BPD meant insatiable sexual promiscuity (his wife was divorcing him at the time of Diana's death). For Diana, BPD meant intense insecurity and insatiable need for attention and affection which even the best husband could never fulfill. 

From a BPD perspective, it's clear that the Royal family did not cause her "problems". Rather, she brought her multiple issues into the marriage, and the Royal family was hapless to deal with them.

Her illness, untreated, sowed the seeds of her fast and unstable lifestyle, and sadly, her tragic fate.