Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another break-in, Kitson West Hollywood, and a L.A. landmark.

Two more reasons why I'm happy about moving.

In the two months I was gone three of my neighbors moved. There are under fifteen units here. One them told me he was robbed. The weird thing is there was no forced entry. He travels alot for work. While he was gone someone took his laptop which was on his bed and $4,000 in cash which was in a box in his closet. Okay, I'm not sure why anyone would have that much cash sitting in their apartment. He said that one of the maintenance workers had been in his apartment recently to do some repairs. He hasn't seen him since.

The kicker is my neighbor is going to move into another building our horrible landlady owns. That makes no kind of sense. She is "letting" him break the lease since he hasn't been here a year. Wow that is so generous of her. This is a very safe area and we never had any problem until this (____) bought our building. Last year another tenant had his laptop stolen when the her guys were here fixing something in his apartment. She said the two girls living next door had something to do with it. Yes, I'm sure the Tri-delt girls stole their neighbor's laptop. Once they moved out she refused to give them their securtiy deposit. She also did the same thing to another one of my former neighbors. This chick is a piece of work. I have to call her to find out wha my rent increase is going to be because she never gives us a 30 day notice. Then she will call you and say you underpaid. Technically without the 30 days notice we don't have to pay the increase but life is too short to deal with her.

My gym membership is still on hold so I have to work out by walking around. I know other Bloggers like to show things like The Pantheon, The Chrysler Building, The Golden Gate Bridge and things like that. I have other things to show. Travel and Leisure's current issue has their latest City Survey where readers rate their favorites cities. Los Angeles received high marks for luxury boutique shopping but low marks for accessibility/public transportation, friendliness and intelligence (ha!! even I think that is mean).

As I was walking down Melrose I saw something that shook me to the core.

This part of Melrose gets pretty congested. Great, now that this store is opening, we will have even more paparazzi craziness. Kitson on Robertson is the spot where Lindsey, Paris etc. go to shop. I used work around the corner and always thought it was a fantastic place to get nice gifts. I'm not sure how or why it turned into such a Us magazine staple. I think it's funny the Bohdi Tree Bookstore, a crunchy, new agey store is right across the street.

Kiki de Montparnasse is a lingerie brand started by Toronto native Jennifer Zuccarini. The art major opened her first store in NYC and now is opening one in L.A. Her stuff is gorgeous. This was the sign in the window. I don't really get it. Joking.

Paul Smith's store really stands out.

Where it all started. There is a cute cafe in Fred Segal. If you are in L.A. and feel the need to see celebs, you can come here and see them not eat.


Kathy said...

More proof that you need to move! Stay safe until then.

I'd love to go to Kitson someday. The items I see in magazines look nice and really don't seem all that expensive.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

If your fiction writing is like your blog, I hope you can get it published soon! I love your slant on things.

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

I loved my little giro in LA :) I don't see too much of CA lately.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Kathy - they do have some things are are not too pricey like candles/books but also things like a 200 T-Shirt for a toddler. ha.

Jen - thank you for the compliment. I am in the process of my final edit, which is a little scary.

Sara - Glad you liked the trip. ha.

gibber said...

Seriously...God is trying to tell you to MOVE.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

You're a good tour guide... I've never been to Melrose before. The only reason I knew it existed is because isn't that where the Arsenio Hall show used to tape? Ha! I'm dating myself... but I remember the announcer saying something like it was "LIVE!!! From Melrooossssse Avenue...!!" Kitson is a place I've only read about in the gossip mags but they never show pics of the actual store. Next time you have to take pictures inside so I can see what it's like (they'll think you're papparazzi).

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - yes, it's a sign. I can't believe there was another break-in.

shelley - Do you remember the show Melrose Place? Ha.

I will try to take a photo at the Kitson store next time I'm on Roberston but I'm pretty they don't allow them (unless you are really paparazzi).

Giulia said...

"If you are in L.A. and feel the need to see celebs, you can come here and see them not eat."

Does that mean we get to eat what they didn't eat?! LOL

Liz said...

Whenever people who read US Weekly find out I live in LA, they always want to know, "Do you go to Kitson or Fred Segal all the time?" It's too funny.

I don't go to those too much but the Bodhi Tree has been on my list of favorite places since I came here nine years ago. I love that store and Urth next door.

Definitely be careful. Your landlady sounds shady.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giulia - that is funny. I don't think so.

liz - she is very shady. I am not a fan.