Friday, October 12, 2007

Women's Murder Club, FH man is quite fit, Jude and Drew

Tonight is the premiere of Women's Murder Club on ABC at 9:00 p.m. (check your local listings). The show has good buzz and is based on a series of James Patterson books. However, the only reason I'm writing about it is because Nichelle Tramble is one of the writers. She is a very talented novelist and this is her first TV writing job. I will be working but wanted to spread the word. Go Nichelle!!

Yesterday was a very interesting day. These split days are killing me! I still wake up early but our call time was at 12:30 p.m. and we shoot unilt 1:00 in the morning. We were on a stage at a studio for half the day. All the stages were busy. The HULK was next door, REPO MAMBO was on the other side, GREY GARDENS was shooting as well.

FH man gave me a big hug when I arrived on set. He is 6'2 so in the past the hugs were more like a shoulder to shoulder thing as he would bend down (I'm 5'2). Yesterday was a full on hug and he was wearing a T-shirt. As my British friends would say "he is quite fit", meaning hot, fine however you want to call it. He is not too cut, just athletic, like a soccer player or swimmer. He is in his mid 30s and works out. I am very happy about that.

Anyway, I don't know what I was thinking when I said the following later that afternoon:

me: "I'm warning you now I am going to need a couple hugs from you today." I can't remember the entire conversation word for word, but this is pretty close.

FH man: "Why, is something wrong? What's going on?" He puts a comforting hand on my shoulder and starts to pull me into a hug.

me: "Nothing is wrong. It's just that I noticed when you hugged me earlier your body felt great!" He keeps hugging me and starts laughing. He also turns bright red.

FH: You are making me blush.

Later I thought hmm maybe that was not appropiate but FH man said I made his year.

Last night we were shooting on a rooftop. It was FREEZING and started to rain. FH came over and gave me another hug to try and warm me up. At one point I had to go inside. I couldn't feel my toes. Meanwhile our Gaffer (a native Canadian) was wearing shorts. Tonight is supposed to be even colder and we are shooting today from 4:30 p.m. to 6 in the morning. I do not like night shoots. To make things worse, FH man won't be there (maybe it's for the best. I get very punchy without sleep. I start singing, acting out scences with co-workers, anything to stay up.) FH man and I are supposed to meet for lunch today. We'll see.

I stopped by the REPO set to see if Forest was back in his trailer. One of our ADs is now working on that movie. When I was talking to him Jude Law walked out. He had a crazy hair-do for the movie, it's set in the future. I am more of a tall, dark and handsome kind of woman but damn, pictures do him no justice, he is stunning. I was with a co-worker and we said "Jude is very attractive." The AD said "Copy that, do you want me to tell him?" To which I replied "Yes, go tell Jude Law we said he is fine." ha

I haven't seen Forest since he won the Oscar for LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. He was amazing in that movie. He kept telling me I looked happy, great etc. He is one of the few people I know in L.A. who has seen me up here and he couldn't believe the difference in my attitude. Last time he saw me, I was, perhaps, kind of bitter about how our company had shut down. Now I realize had I not lost my job two weeks before Christmas, and had all that drama going on in my life I would not have starting writing again and I def. would not have had the same experiences in Rome.

After our conversation, I went to watch my boss' photo shoot for a potential poster for our movie. He knows Forest and I wanted to see the shoot and tell him Forest was next door. While walking over I saw Drew Barrymore (She looked very glam in her costume. I missed Jessica Lange). HBO is shooting GREY GARDENS based on the famous documentary which was turned in a stage play. If you get a chance to see the doc, please do. It is so bizarre! One of the women is Jackie Onassis' aunt. It's about a mother and daughter (Big Edie, Litte Edie) living in this huge mansion in the Hamptons that is falling apart. Many art directors, fashion designers and other creative people reference this doc.

I tried to sleep in today. I still woke up early. Just got back from the gym. I have no idea how I am going to stay up tonight. I am too old for all nighters. haha


Anonymous said...

tracey k./ohio: looking forward to watching 'murder club' tonite! I have been a fan of Ms. Tramble since reading her blog, then her 2 books. I almost fainted when I saw her books in our library! One day your books will be there, too! :-D Gurl, sounds like you are all hot, close & steamy up there with FH! Good for you cause there's NOTHING like good, plentiful hugs. It all sounds so cute & flirtatious! Continue to enjoy all that's going on - it all sounds so glam.

chris & erin said...

you can add my comment of "ditto" to that message to Jude ;)

gibber said...

Look at you, getting all BOLD! Nice. Look, you have a few weeks left. You need to just let it all out. Time to take the girls for a ride!

Texas Espresso said...

I'm with you normally - tall, dark and manly man handsome (ahem.. clive owen-ish) but I have to admit - Jude Law is so freaking hot! I can't imagine him looking better in person but I wouldn't mind finding out. hehe

Look at you all bold and flirty with FH. hehe the fact that he blushed - awww, I like a guy that blushes. means hes not too cocky. hehe
you go girly!

Confessions of Cleopantha said...

Jude is so cute. Sounds like the cucina is warming up and of course a savvy women like yourself wouldnt want to be anywhere else, right?
That is pretty sweet that he blushed l also think it does say something about him.

Lastly, isn't it lovely when people remind you of how far you have come.

J.Doe said...

Sounds very exciting (and not just your bold moves with FH)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Ugh, I missed "Murder Club!" I'll have to try to catch it next week.

I'm gathering from your next entry that the hugs may be progressing?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracey k - glad to hear you are a fan of Ms. Tramble. There is an article about her writer's group in this month O magazine.

I agree hugs are great.

chris & erin - consider it done.

gibber - you are too funny.

texas espresso - I swear it should be against the law (haha no pun intended) for a man to be that stunning.

confessions - I agree, it was nice for him to mention the changes.

j. doe - it has been a very interesting weekend. :)

jen - haha, not really but that is okay.

wordtryst said...

Now I'm curious about your hairstyle. Do you sport dreadlocks or something? I know the parents usually have a problem with that one...

I think it's lovely that FH turned red at your compliment.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - I have a natural. right now I'm wearing my hair in twists.

re: FH, I thought it was sweet.