Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Are you going to be depressed when you come back?

After all you were in pretty bad state after you returned from Rome and you were only gone for a week. How are you feeling after two months in Toronto? Will you be able to come back here?" said by my boss.

I replied, "I can't predict the future? Who knows how I will feel in two weeks?"

If I worked for a bigger, more impersonal company I doubt we would even have these conversations. The production company I work for is small and my two immediate bosses are women. One is from NYC married with two young girls. She feels about L.A. the way I do despite living here for years.

My other boss is a native Angeleno. Grew up in Beverly Hills and both parents were a big deal in the entertainment business. She has two older kids. Both of them couldn't be nicer and caring. We talk about eveything, which can be a bad thing sometimes. I don't want to be seen as a lame duck executive but they can read me pretty well. At some point I have to tell them I am going to move to Italy.

I don't think they will be surprised. The day I received my French Passport, they asked me when I was moving overseas. Ha.

A good friend sent me the link below. This guy is a friend of a friend and was on Big Brother (I never watched the show but I have met him a couple times with my friend.) He was listed in some mag (Us or People?) as a hot bachelor. He is part owner with Ashton Kutcher of a bunch of restaurants in L.A. I have been to two of them and never need to go to any of them again. The food is horrible yet the places are packed. I do not get going to a bad restaurant because one of the owners is a celebrity. There are too many incredible places to eat in L.A. for me to spend any money at a place like Dolce.

I watched part of this. I couldn't stomach the whole thing. This quest for fame at all cost is bizarre to me. Why would someone think is was a good idea to go to his doctor/friend on national TV to removed a wart from his penis? ugh. I can't believe women throw themselves at this unattractive idiot.


Anonymous said...

ok, i watched the blog and ewwwwww!
thank God our friend didn't date this guy many years ago; is she the one who sent the link to you??? and i can't believe he was in "people's hottest list", seriously, not even close!

as for being depressed, i think you won't have time for it. because a few weeks later you'll be packing up for Italy..........

and yes, this is corinna from the previous posted comment. xoxoxo

J.Doe said...

I was going to say the same thing as anonymous----I don't think you'll be depressed because in a few weeks you'll be going to Italy.

Tina said...


Texas Espresso said...

first of all - he is not cute. ugh gross. and secondly, I can't believe people watch this stuff.

about depression. who knows? since you've enjoyed Toronto so much, I bet there will be some kind of sadness/depression. But you have so much to do and look forward to moving to Italy, it probably won't last long =)

Sounds like it will be hard to tell your bosses though. I am never very good at that when I am happy in a place.

Good luck!

PS - do you think you will keep in contact with FH?

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even stomach watching it. Bad enough to see a wart removed from the bottom of a foot.

Also, maybe you should look into flights between Rome and Toronto, since you're there?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

corrina - yes, she did send it to me. I still can't understand why Mike thought it was a good idea to do the show? Fame at any cost? Crazy.

j. doe - good point. I am shooting for late spring unless the writers go on strike sooner.

tina - ha. I know. bizarre.

texas espresso - this man will only date "hot" women yet he himself is not "hot".

I will have a lot of logistics to work out. Finding an apartment, getting a job, shipping my things etc. all in a new language. I am ready for the challenge, at least it won't be boring.

re: FH man, I don't know. We'll see. I'm leaving soon.

jen - I did check flights and they were only a little cheaper than the flights from L.A. which surprised me.

Liz said...

Ew. That's just nasty...and irresponsible. How is he 36 and running restaurants but he's not protecting himself from diseases.

If he was a woman, folks would be saying he's the biggest ho on earth.