Sunday, October 21, 2007

The write stuff.

Today is my last day in Toronto. I am flying out tomorrow morning back to Los Angeles. It is sunny and mild today. I think I will go out for a walk this afternoon.

Yesterday I started the final rewrite of my novel. I have not touched it in almost two months. I must have been crazy to think I could write during production. I was waiting for my freelance editor to send me her line edits but she just had a baby. Hopefully I will get the ms next week. In the meantime I can continue to write.

I created a playlist on my iTunes with 120 songs for this rewrite. Most of list is compiled of songs I heard when I was in Italy or when I was working on earlier drafts.

I am excited to be writing again. I reread Walter Mosley's book on writing and got inspired.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

In bocca al lupo! Non vedo l'ora di avere una copia del tuo libro nelle mie mani!!!

sognatrice said...

Yeah what Shelley said ;)

Plus, woohoo!!!!!!!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Well, I got enough to know something about having a copy of your book in Shelley's hands, but if all the comments start being in Italian, I'll be lost!

I must say, that every day that I have some good time to write I am a happier person. A better person. I hope your rewriting time gives you some solace for leaving Toronto and FH Man and all of those good times.

Liz said...

Welcome back to LA! Hot as you know where and smoky with all the fires...

Hope you had a safe trip -- and I must read that W. Mosley book!

gibber said...

safe travels back!

Tina said...

Fabulous - I can't wait to read the book either :-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

shelley - grazie millie!

sognatrice - anche te!

jen - ha, I would be lost as well if all the comments were in Italian. You are right, it feels good to start writing again.

liz - the view of the smoke from the plane was crazy. The Mosley book is a very quick read but full of good solid advice.

gibber - thanks sis.

tina - I hope you get to read it too because that would mean a publisher has bought my manuscript. :)