Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's fall...Venice, new shows, new movies, new clothes, very exciting

FH man is looking especially handsome and rugged today. We are shooting on a boat and it's cold.

This is my favorite season. I am so happy I get spend part of it in a city where there is actually a climate change.

Fall always meant new beginnings to me, more so than spring. I think it's because of the school calendar. I loved back to school shopping despite conversations with my mom like this:

8th grade

Me: "Mom can I get a pair of Guess jeans?"

Mom: "No. They are too expensive."

Me: "No they're not. All the girls have them."

Mom: Sucks her teeth loudly and looks very annoyed. "Why do I care what the other girls are wearing? You are going to school to get an education, not for a fashion show. Don't bother me with this foolishness again."

Me: Not crazy enough to argue with a salty West Indian woman. I let it drop and dream of the day I can buy my own clothes.

I was one of those geeky kids who salivated over the Mead notesbooks and binders. Something about the clean, blank pages made me excited...as if the new school year would bring great things to write down. In high school, fall meant football games on Saturdays and band competitions on Sundays. I got to spend the entire weekend out of the house after a long summer.

In the film world fall is the season of the smart and/or adult movies as we gear up for the awards season. I cannot wait to see P.T. Anderson's THERE WILL BE BLOOD, with Daniel Day Lewis. I think Anderson is a very interesting director and Mr. Lewis is one of the fiercest actors on the freaking planet. He hardly acts anymore but when he does, even when the movie is flawed (GANGS OF NEW YORK) you cannot stop watching him. He really commits, to the point where it must be a little scary to star opposite him. I wonder what Cameron Diaz (who was completely miscast) thought about working with him.

Being in production, I haven't had a chance to see all the new TV shows for fall. I did catch DIRTY, SEXY, MONEY and thought it was hilarious. The mean, snarky Episcoplian priest cracked me up. The show is like DYNASTY but with better clothes. Great cast and writing.

I caught another ABC show, PRIVATE PRACTICE. What the hell is this? Why are grown people acting like children? It's too silly.

Speaking of grown people, according to the mags, fall clothes are going to be more sophisticated. Finally! I wished I lived in a cooler climate so I could wear tights, gloves, the wool pencil skirts etc. I am so over the baby doll dresses (which look horrible on most body types) and the weird child-like clothes that have been popular the last few seasons. With my body type I like clothes that have more structure.

One new thing I am very excited about is my "post production/I am done (I will be by then) with my book" trip. I am using my left over per deim money to go to Venice for Thanksgiving. The weather will be a crapshoot but there will be fewer tourists and hotels are cheaper that time of year (however the low dollar is still killing me and it keeps dropping!) I have to stop looking at the exchange rates online and just enjoy the trip. I hear Venice can be pricey but I'm sure I will find good places to eat that will not break the bank. I am going for a week, instead of for only a 3 or 4 days (that would be a very long flight from L.A. for such a short period of time). I am looking forward to taking it easy and not running around trying to see everything on a checklist. That is the one big advantage of traveling by yourself to big cities, you are own your own schedule.


Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Are you kidding??? I guess that means we're meeting!! :) :) :) No, seriously. Are we meeting? :)

I think you'll want to plan some day trips (Milan is doable!!), too!

Emailing you.

J.Doe said...

Venice is great, but I found it cheaper to stay in Mestre (a short train ride away)
Have fun.

Jess said...

Venice! Thats so exciting, I love it there. I also loved the place where we stayed, a hotel in Cannareggio called Ca'Dogaressa

I miss fall clothing too - sometimes I browse through sweaters and coats online, trying to convince myself I need to be prepared for any last minute trips to colder climates. Ah well.

I love that you mention the sucking-the-teeth thing. I never knew that could be so expressive til I heard it in SXM.

Texas Espresso said...

awww Venice. It is my favorite city. If you want some restaurant suggestions let me know. Or if you want some nice trips into the nearby hills =) My husband lives in the Veneto and went to school in Venice. Off season is always the best.

Im so jealous! hehe

Liz said...

I can't wait for the baby doll look to be dropped either. I'm so sick of it. You're making me miss nice wool pants and wonderful Irish sweaters. Are leaves turning / falling off yet? It must be beautiful.

I haven't watched any new TV shows at all. I'm only back to my Heroes addiction. And as far as that goes, I don't know if I'm feelin' it this season.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Venice for T-giving?!?!? YAY! Let's see if we can get Sara to plan a big Thanksgiving dinner and I'll come up too.
You like how we Italy bloggers just invite ourselves all over your vacation? Hee hee! But I can't pass up a chance to hang out with you again, we had too much fun chatting last time.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sara - no I am not kidding.

j. doe - I already have my place in Venice but I do plan to check out some of the surrounding areas.

jess - I can't suck my teeth that well. There are so many different ways to do it. ha

texas - grazie! I think once the movie wraps, I will really start planning (but not too much)

liz - Yes the leaves are starting to change. I am going to try and drive up north on my day off.

shelley - It's okay, it would be great to see you too! I'm emailing you. Sara might be cooking.

cupcake said...

Your mother and my mother? Could be twins.

What does FH think of the trip to bella italia?

gibber said...

Yeah, maybe FH wants to go to Italy with you!

And I've perfected the sucking of the teeth thing. How could I not? I think mom did it to me more than you :)

Colombus day is a bad day to go shopping. But brave the malls I will. I want some new fall clothing!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

cupcake - FH man thinks it's great I'm going.

gibber - Let's not get crazy :) He's going somewhere else after our movie wraps.

Jen said...

Oh, I'm envious about Venice. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Jen - grazie, I can't wait.