Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nuit Blanche in Toronto w/FH man

Toronto had it's 2nd Annual Nuit Blanche (white night) last night. This all night affair was started in Paris and is also very big in Rome (Notte Bianca). I don't think any American cities do this specific event. In Toronto the focus is on contemporary art with galleries and many bars/restaurants open all night. Several streets were closed to car traffic and there were installations in the parks.

After we wrapped for the day yesterday, FH man asked me if I wanted to check out some art and maybe get some dinner. We went to Olive and Lemon for dinner (more on that later) and then walked for miles. The streets were packed. FH man said the crowds were much bigger this year as more people become aware of the event. We saw some good, bad and just bizarre works of art. We bumped into a bunch of his friends and two actors from our movie.

I had a great time but I don't think it was a full on date, date. He did say after he walked me home (which was out of his way) we should go to this sushi place next. The kiss was a kinda weird cheek/lips hybrid. Haha Maybe he is just super flirty for the sake of being flirty, which is fun and fine with me.

One thing I thought was interesting was when we were walking through the massive crowds, sometimes he would end up in front of me and kept walking. I could have been trampled to death and he wouldn't have noticed. We went semi-dutch on dinner, with him paying more but then he had more food.

Perhaps I have been completely spoiled by my male Italian friends. You can't even cross the street with them without them holding your arm and paying for dinner? Please, I have to beg them to let me pay sometimes.

Speaking of Italian, Olive & Lemon is owned by chef Giancarlo Carnevale who is Sicilian. The food and service were amazing. FH man does know the chef so maybe that had something to do with the service. The bruschetta was so simple, bread grilled with olive oil, garlic rubbed on it and some sea salt but so good. There was a fennel, olive topping on the side....outstanding.

I had grilled squid w/lemon and olive oil for my starter and the scallop risotto for my main course. I passed on dessert. I could not eat another bite. The risotto was so light and flavorful. FH introduced me to Giancarlo. He said that next time in Rome I need to look up a journalist friend of his who is fantastic. He warned me that she is "very Roman"...meaning blunt. FH man knows her as well and thinks the world of her. She used to live in Toronto.

Today on my only day off, I am meeting a producer in from L.A. for brunch and later a former agent who quit Hollywood and moved back home to Toronto. The latter is a friend of a friend. I have a zillions things to do including packing because we are shooting way out this week and most of the crew is staying overnight. I am going to for the first two nights then see how I feel about the long drive. We are staying in blah hotels (everything is sold out because of all the other movies shooting here now) and I'd rather stay in my own bed. I don't mind a long drive when I'm going against the flow of traffic.

Yesterday we were shooting in Miississauga and were right by the lake. Very pretty area.


Confessions of Cleopantha said...

That sounds like a date to me. As for the spoilt by italian men l know what you mean. Personally, l just think it is the gentlemanly thing to do. Then again l think some men just don't know where they stand after all the "independent woman" thing.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

The night sounds fun... but I agree with the gentleman thing; that walking in front of you thing annoyed me right away.
It's just simple courtesy to walk
-with- someone, not half a mile ahead of them, date or not. Even your friends would never do that, let alone a guy who should be trying to impress you.
Have fun, but take your time, it's the only thing that can strip away all the layers that people put on, so that you can see what's really underneath everything.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Texas Espresso said...

Is it ok to ask what you are shooting? I dont know how secret those things are =) Anyway, it sounds like a really nice night and delicious meal. I really need to visit Canada. And I had no idea so many movies/shows were filmed there.

I like a gentleman too - but my Italian husband is so bad about walking in front of me. most of the time it doesnt bother me but sometimes - GRRR. It's weird because I was used to American men being more gentlemanly with me so I just chalked it up to his being Italian. Now I know hes just a bit rude~ lol

sognatrice said...

Hmm...I like Cleopantha's idea of men not being sure where they stand regarding the independent woman concept--but you're right, Italian men don't really seem to have that issue (for better or worse!).

I saw a clip of Paris Hilton on Letterman the other night and she mentioned she's in Toronto. She's not with *your* movie is she? The interview was hilarious, at least from my perspective. From Paris's I'm guessing not so much:

Paris on Letterman

J.Doe said...

I wouldn't worry so much about him walking ahead of you. My Italian husband does that and he is the most sweetest person you could ever meet. Of course I'm not exactly objective with that, but a man can be very nice even if he walks ahead of you.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

confessions - hmm, we'll see what happens this week.

wanderlust - When I am walking and talking with someone, and if I get ahead of them, I usual wait for them to catch up.

texas - We are shooting mostly in Toronto. We will be in some other parts of Ontario county for a couple of days of the shoot. There are something like seven major feature films and 27 indie films shooting right now in Toronto alone! We are so lucky we were able to get the great crew that we have.

sognatrice - I don't think West Indian men got that memo either (haha). No, Paris is not in our movie...we have actors. Thanks for send the clip. I am a big Letterman fan.

j. doe- That is true. I am keeping a very open mind.

gibber said...

Hey. My husband walks in front of me too. It's an annoying trait of his that pisses me off, but no matter how many times i bring it up, he will still walk ahead of me. grrrr

FYI, poster Tony Starks was who I thought it was :)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Sounds like a really lovely dinner... mmmm. Glad you had a good time.

Personally I don't like the walking in front of you thing. An ex of mine used to do that and it just irked me. We all have our pet peeves, this is one of mine. But that's something I don't like in the beginning. My hubby and I have been together nearly 7 years now and he hates crowds, so when we get stuck he walks ahead of me all the time... I guess it was just a peeve when I was dating men, and he didn't do that when we first met. It's ok now, because I know he gets annoyed walking behind slow people in crowds. Maybe FH is the same way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "walking in front" thing, it's all about how he made you feel. Was he protectively going ahead of you to "clear a path" so you wouldn't get jostled, or was he off on his own tangent, leaving you to keep up if you could? Go with your gut feeling.

As for the paying thing.... since it was his suggestion from the outset to have dinner, I think he should have been more willing to pay for your meal. It would have been different if you'd both been hanging out, and realized you both were hungry, then he could have said something like, "Let's check out something not too pricey, as I only have $80 on me", and leave you to say, "It's okay. I've got money, so we can split the tab, and go to Olive and Lemon instead" or "No sweat, I can look after dinner for the both of us".

Anyway, I think I'm spoiled like you by the men I know. Maybe it's an age, as well as a cultural thing. Younger men on this side of the world expect women to be much more independent, and probably don't even give chivalry a second thought.

cupcake said...

I cannot STAND the walking in front mess. It's rude. My husband does it every now and then, but, me being me, I always say something in that delightfully charming harpy voice of mine.

It sounds like you kinda sorta had fun with the boy, though. What are his thoughts on Mama Italia?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - re: Tony Stark..I am shocked.

shelley - that is a good point. Also, he is 10 inches taller than me so my little legs can't quite keep up eventhough I walk pretty darn fast.

anon - What is this thing you call chivalry? ha.

cupcake - lol.
Yes I did have fun with the boy. He is a big Italia fan and has been there for work and vacation.

Jen said...

Well, I managed to miss a lot by being sick and not reading ;-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - hope you are feeling better.