Sunday, September 23, 2007

Drama from L.A. rears its ugly head. FH man.

Friday after we wrapped for the day I was feeling great. The week of shooting was going well, I received the first payment of my production bonus, the weather was glorious, my clothes are getting looser and FH man asked me out. I received a called from my immediate boss stressed out about a call she received from our agent regarding a project. I was walking toward Eaton Centre on Yonge Street having a freak out. She had to take a call so by the time I walked into the Geox store I was not in a good mood.

I have been looking for comfy but nice shoes. Working 14 hour days and standing for a big chunk of the time is not kind to your feet. I saw other brands at another shoe store but realized that what little money I might save was not worth the lesser quality. I bit the bullet and bought a pair of flats. When I walked into the store the CD that was playing was Eros Ramazzotti's "Calma Apparente", which bought a smile to my face. The saleslady said they only play Italian music. The Italian based company is expanding in the U.S. The shoes I bought are so comfortable and yet stylish.

I left the store, more calls from L.A. I tossed and turned all night then wrote an email to our agents at 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning. Worked out, walked to set and my boss asked me what wrong. I asked him the same thing. He says things are great, don't worry etc. So basically I was spun out into a frenzy for no reason. ugh! I realize this happens all the time in my business. I can do without it.

When I had received the first call, I had just dropped off FH man. He was getting something taken care of with his car and I gave him a ride home. He asked me if I wanted to go to the Beastie Boy's after party with him if he went, (Friday was a long day and the party wouldn't start until 12:30. I had to be on set at 7:30 the next day). He called me later that evening and said he wasn't going to go but maybe he could get us tickets for the concert Saturday night. I actually had plans (shocking). He didn't work yesterday but I will see him on Monday.

Thursday night we walked home together again. This time we stood outside talking for over an hour. He had some great film production horror stories about stars behaving badly.

Last night I went to meet one of my co-workers, Karen, for drinks on College Street in Little Italy. She lives near there and seems to know everyone. Her family is from Nevis and she introduced me to a friend of her's who is also from Nevis. This guy was too damn funny. He works in film and is a musician. He was walking past our table and was only going to sit down for a minute. An hour later after discussing everything under the sun, he went to work.

Later in the evening he said to me "you are only 5'2 but so sexy, why are you single?" haha. He co-owns a bar/club and we went there after having a few classes of wine on the patio of Sotto Voce. I met a bunch of their friends, a very diverse crowd of Canandians, Bosnians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians and British folks. Karen's friend loves Rome and told me not to go back to Los Angeles, it's no place for a West Indian. ha. I told him and Karen I'm an American born in New York City. They both sucked their teeth and said "Please. You can take the girl out of the Caribbean but not the Caribbean out of the girl". I reminded them that was not born there (I did/do spend a lot of time there) and they dismissed that statement, saying I needed to stop speaking "stupidness" my parents are West Indian and so am I. They were born in London and grew up in Toronto but they are very much in touch with their Nevis roots.

Karen and I left and went to another place up the street. It was the size of someone's living room and packed. Great music, we said hi to that owner then I had to go home. We split a cab and Karen went on to a end of summer party. She is older than me and I don't know how she can stay up.


Anonymous said...

tracey k/ohio: what an interesting weekend, aside from your job giving you a small meltdown! But all that diversity & new people you're encountering up there sounds so stimulating! I loved that "only 5'2", yet so sexy-why single?" thing!! See there? What, are the guys in L.A. blind?? (LOL!) or just stuck on the usual cookie-cut outs that make up most of L.A.? FH definately sees it & sounds very interested. Again, stay cool, girl! :-D

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I am really enjoying these installments, it's like episodes of a good TV show. I can't wait for the first real kiss. ;-) No, keep some things for yourself!!

I've never tried Geox shoes but some friends of mine have them. I always thought it was funny how their advertising here shows shoes with steam coming out of the soles and the tagline is something like "The shoes that breathe." They definitely have cornered a niche market. I've heard they are super comfortable.

sognatrice said...

Fun, fun, fun! Yeah, except for the annoying and stressful part, but let's not focus on that.

Can't wait to see how Monday goes....

Anonymous said...

tracey k/ohio: oh - i forgot! does this mean FH will have to ever so gently grab your ankle to check out the Geox shoes? :-D

If so, while he's reaching for it, bite his ear..... (LOL!) Just joking!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracey k - I'm trying to stay calm, cool and collected. I had another long ass, draining phone call from L.A. and said I had to get into my elevator just so I could get off the damn phone. Re: FH man, I'm not a touchy feely person so I might have to work on that a little and try to return the affection.

shelley - You are too funny. If there is a real kiss I might have to put out a press release about such a rare occurance.

sognatrice - see the first sentence of today's post.

tracey k - maybe he will. I do know he liked the yellow top I wore today. Who knew a simple J. Crew top could cause so much commotion. haha