Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food, Flirting and Fun

I am bone tired. Saturday's shooting went well but it was FREEZING. I mean 50 F, a strong wind and we were shooting outside. I don't have enough warm clothes. Of course all the native Torontonians were clowning me saying I was a wimp. After living in Los Angeles for 9 years, I cannot stand cold weather. I went home after we wrapped and crashed.

Today one of my co-workers asked me if I lost weight since I've been here. I think I have, my clothes are fitting better. I have also had some great meals.

BONJOUR BRIOCHE - This east side cafe has pastries to die for. I told the production office not to bring them around anymore!

GIOVANNA's - This little place in Little Italy was packed for lunch when we went there at the last minute. We were shooting nearby at the U of T campus and my boss told me to hop in the car and we went to look for something to eat other than the pizza that was brought to set. My spaghetti with clams was delicious. We met Giovanna herself and she insisted we have some wine on the house.

TERRONI - I went to flagship one on Queen's street for lunch yesterday. There was a line out the door. I sat at the bar and had an amazing pizza. The owners of the restaurant are from Calabria (I assume the name is tongue in check) and they sell goods from the region. I had heard service could be poor because it was so busy but I sat at the bar and my waiter couldn't be nicer. I had a pizza, served Naples style- not cut, with mushrooms and a spicy calabrese salami. Perfetto. I walked a zillion miles yesterday so I had no guilt about my pizza and wine.

FH was not on set Saturday....tears. haha. He was on set today. He asked me what I thought of the magazine. I complimented him on the photos he took. He is a very talented photographer so we talked about that for a while. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about when he went into details about developing film, shutter speeds, etc.

Later in the day I was sitting by myself after a meeting and he came over and started talking. I told him I had to buy a winter coat and some warm socks. After he was done rolling his eyes. "Aren't you from New York?" he said, he gave me some ideas/store names for what I'm looking for. At one point he held my ankle to look at my shoe when I said my Pumas were not good for cold weather.

One of our departments heads who noticed all the chit-chat from the last few days, said the same thing my boss' assistant said on Saturday, enjoy the flirting but he is not going to ask out a producer on the movie. It's inappropiate and it could be awkward if things don't work out. She said maybe you can go out the last week of shooting before you leave.

This could explain why he keeps suggesting restaurants/bars/fun places to check out but never says "we should go."

Oh well, still having fun despite the early mornings and long hours.


rose said...

So do you abide by work/romance rules or live on the edge? ;)

I love reading about Toronto by the way...

Giulia said...

And that is why you sneak around! ;)

"I had no idea what the hell he was talking about when he went into details about developing film, shutter speeds, etc."

That struck me as so funny. Just nod and smile when he goes into camera talk mode. :)

cupcake said...

Let me get this straight: you're going to let a little thing like on-set propriety stand in the way of some rousing tonsil hockey between you and FH???

That just doesn't seen right.

I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

tracey K in ohio: I just love how you break down all the great places in Toronto - it's like a story! It all sounds so exciting; thank you for keeping us so updated. And even if FH doesn't ask you out because of on set "protocol", him touching your ankle to look @ your shoes speaks VOLUMES! (LOL!) He may not ask you out but there's something about you he finds intriguing. Sigh...I feel a Danielle Steele novel coming on... (LOL!) Stay cool, girl!

gibber said...

GIRL. look, rules are meant to be broken. You can creep around, but just keep it on the DL.

If you insist on being a goody two shoes :) then i think you can have dinner with him, all innocent like. there is no rule about two people having dinner together. And then, once you get close to wrapping the locale, you know what to do!

tony starks said...

I say you only live once..so go for it!!!!!just keep it on the down low..and keep the expectations realistic (ie let have some fun while we are here and let's not get too serious right now.) after the filming well that's another story..

happy hunting

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

rose - haha. I'm only here for another month, we'll see.

giulia - I did just that. Nodded and said things like "really, interesting."

cupcake - lol. thanks for visiting my blog.

tracey k - I thought about that ankle thing this morning and started laughing. I noticed all the locals on set are very warm and touchy feely.

gibber - dinner or drinks might work. You know from working on campaigns there is no such thing as DL when it comes to these things.

tony starks - happy hunting? haha, thanks for stopping by and for the advice.

Jen said...

Does he ever get out to LA?

Yeah, the dinner thing sounds good. He can explain shutter speeds to you ;-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - not really. and yes I would not mind if at dinner he discussed shutter speeds

Kataroma said...

"Terroni"??!! Wow - I'm glad they're at least from the south. That is such a loaded word here (kind of like the n word in America.)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kataroma - I remember from class hearing that word was considered a negative thing to call someone from the South. Toronto has the largest Italian population of any city outstide of Italy and the majority are from Calabria. Maybe the owners are being ironic? Rumor has it they are opening a restaurant in Los Angeles.

sognatrice said...

I'd bet the Terroni usage is ironic--kind of adopting it as their own as a source of pride. I could see that, especially living in Calabria now :)

But let's get to the good stuff--how long is this shoot going to last before we can get to the last week (and the REALLY GOOD stuff)????

Seriously though, I'm so happy for you. This kind of flirtation, looking forward to seeing someone, catching little moments, nodding along with whatever the hell they're saying...so fun!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - lol. I don't know what will happen. Maybe nothing but I am enjoying the moment.

wordtryst said...

Reading about your Toronto adventures is great fun.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - thanks...sadly the adventures will come to an end in a couple of weeks.