Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toronto, a few of my favorite 'Tings

We are shooting way out and the commute is not fun. After we wrapped yesterday I went to Loblaws (sp) to get some groceries.

I found a very nice surprise TING soda! There is one store in L.A. that sells tiny bottles of Ting for $2.00. I found it here in the soda aisle near the Coke, Pespi etc for $.99. Ting is a delicious grapefruit soda from Jamaica. I'm happy I saw the 'ting no.

FH continues to bring his flirt on. We have to cool it a little with the set conversations because now some of my co-workers are making comments like "Oh your lipgloss is very pretty, did FH notice?"

Terroni's. They are opening a restaurant across from the Grove in Los Angeles. I went back to the same place and ordered the same darn pizza. Their biscotti is delicious. I am going to try my best not to eat there this weekend.

Jamaican patties. One of the ADs had some delivered to the set last week. Still thinking about that nice flaky pastry and the filling.

The view from the gym in my building. I watch the sun rise, casting a cool light on the skyscrapers downtown and can see Lake Ontario.

Less celebrity news. There is Us mag and the others up here along with E! but the local news doesn't really talk about that stuff unless it had something to do with the Film Festival.

Nice neighbors. Everyone I have met in my building is so nice.

Quiet. I realized last night, I never hear my neighbors. When I lived in NYC, you couldn't hear a thing. The walls were thick. In my apt. in L.A. I hear everything. People having sex, the stupid teacup dog next door that barks all the time, the obnoxious man in the building across from me who does nothing all day but smoke on his balcony (which is why I never sit on my patio anymore, no privacy and the smoke is annoying), the valet guys yelling "vamamos!" and car alarms going off. Not relaxing at all.

Our cast and crew. One of our actresses wrapped the other day and said this was one of the most wonderful sets she has been on. Several of our crew members will be starting the Jude Law/Forest Whitaker movie the week after we wrap in Toronto. Working in physical production is so different from the development world back in L.A. The crew works in the movie business but they have lives. It's so weird. ha

Next week is already October 1st. I can't believe it.


Seville said...

Hey n/cr, glad to hear you've been enjoying your stay in Toronto. Make sure to come back at least once for Caribana on the first weekend in August each year... North America's largest Caribbean street party! (lots of ice cold Ting and steamy, delicious patties sold by the street vendors :-))

Sounds like you'll be heading to Italy next year. Wishing you good luck, and a continuing positive outlook if you encounter any temporary setbacks. As most people here have already said, you can't predict what will happen when you get to Rome, but you can predict that you will be regretful if you don't go. Enjoy every moment of your dream, and make sure to keep dreaming new ones, too.

Anonymous said...

tracey k/ohio: all your discoveries sound so wonderful - it sounds like even though you're working hard, you are still finding time to relax & explore. Re: FH - don't you hate when folks climb all up over & in your bizness? (LOL! - like I'm not,huh?) Trying to be cool on the surface, yet giddy inside, then somebody just calls you out!!! However, I hope all of your future sets are as pleasant as this one has been. PS: I checked out the "gazillion" responses re: the Italy post; you'll do whats right for you. Speaking of Italy, are you into Chris Botti? That man can do no wrong in my eyes; he has a new CD called "Italia" (feat. Andrea Bocelli) that is one of the most beautiful CD's I've ever heard. Now everytime I see something "Italia", I think of you! Continue to have a great day! :-D

Texas Espresso said...

I can't believe its almost Oct either! I'm freaking out! where has the year gone? Toronto sounds really nice - Ive never been to Canada for some reason. How long will you be there?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

seville - I am bummed I missed Caribana. thanks for the encouragment.

tracey k - I don't know Chris Botti...I will have to investigate.

texas - I will be in Canada until the end of next month.

sognatrice said...

It's so great to hear that you're enjoying this time in your life so much.

One of the local soda producers back in PA used to make a grapefruit soda that I loved--of course I'm sure it didn't compare to the Jamaican version, but still...yum, and woohoo!

Oh, and the lip gloss comment is classic.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - Things are great. I might try to make it to Niagara Falls while I'm here.

J.Doe said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying Toronto.
Keep up with the shiny lip glosses!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

j. doe - haha, I plan to.

Jen said...

Canada is just a wonderful place. They know how to do cities. Oh! I miss Ting. I'll have to get some the next time I'm in Toronto.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - When I get back I am going to search all over L.A. to see if I can find a cheaper place to get some 'Ting.