Friday, October 26, 2007

Mi dispiace, non ho capito (I'm sorry, I didn't understand)

This is a sentence I said often today. I met with G an actor friend who lives in Rome. He is from Milan via Sicily and is out here for meetings.

G is the first person I met in Rome. We went to lunch at 'Gusto Osteria. He asked how I knew his friend and I said I didn't. We met through a friend of his who is a friend of one of my friends (the one who moved back to NYC and has the Swedish fiancee). We had a three hour lunch that day and then I must have spent another hour talking on the street with him and half of Rome. Every block we bumped into someone he knew. My last day in Rome we went to see a Peggy Guggenheim exhibit and walked all over the Monti area. He is a great guy.

Today he was speaking Italian so quickly, I had no idea what he was saying. He told me I could call him when anything in my apartment-to-be in Rome breaks. G has been so encouraging about the move. He is going to ask friends about apartments since word of mouth is the best way to find a deal. I would like to stay in the 800-1000 Euro a month range because with the low dollar I will be actually paying much more. ugh!!! He said 800 would be tough, even 1000 is pushing it. I said I would love a place with a little terrace. He busted out laughing. Hey it doesn't hurt to ask.

I told my parents today. My mom was super quiet. My dad said he had to process the info and would call me back. They knew I wanted to move but were surprised by the earlier date. I still have to see what the post-production schedule is on the movie before I can nail down a date. I'm thinking March or April, which will be here before I know it.

Speaking of Italia, I ordered some books on Venice from Amazon. I just realized I will be there in four weeks!


Texas Espresso said...

I'm finding it very hard to fine my Italian "ear". i can understand my husband but other speakers... mamma mia! too fast, pitch differences, accents, dialect. ugh I feel your pain.

its cool you know people there. its really hrd to tell parents about the nove. my mom still cries when we talk about it. lol

Anonymous said...

l found italians to be so welcoming and hospitable. l think that your family are just going to miss you. That will come around. lm also thinking April too! I have a friend sharing in Rome, the rents 500euro. Its great you know people there.
Follow your bliss:)

Giulia said...

I remember when I told my family that we had decided to move... it took them a while to process the news. I'm sure they still wonder why on earth we decided to move here. What's important is that you don't let their opinions hinder your decision to move. You kind of have to harden your heart.
I hope you find an apartment at a reasonable rent price. I can't believe he laughed at you about you wanting a terrace. I guess it's that hard to get one in Rome, huh? Or, if you want a terrace, you'll have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

gibber said...

Mom and Dad will come around. It's kinda funny...I explained to mom that it's actually easier for you to visit from Rome than from LA, but I don't think they get that. It's not the distance I suppose, but that you're moving to a city in a country they don't know, don't speak the language, etc. They'll come around. If I recall, they were concerned when you moved to LA also. It's what parents do! they worry. I'll work on em.

Kataroma said...

We've got a terrace in Rome! And our rent is a mere Euro 1100 but we had to bargain our landlord down a bit to get to that number.

We're not in the most fashionable neighbourhood in Rome (Piazza Vittorio)- but I love it.

There aren't a lot of apartments with terraces in Rome - you have to look around a bit. Don't just go with your friend either - try wanted in Rome and porta portese - and don't be afraid to bargain.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

texas - I have to remember once I move it will be easier. I spoke it on set every day in Toronto with one of my co-workers and that helped alot.

confessions - you too? Are you going back to the Amalfi coast?

giulia - my famly lives so far away from me now, I assume they would think it was no big deal. I'm sure my mom is worried about me moving to a foreign country, where I don't have any family and as a single woman. Yes, apts w/terraces can be quite pricey.

gibber - I think Dad is fine with it but Mom? That is another story.

kataroma - Thanks for the tips. I like Piazza Vittorio but heard the prices are skyrocketing there as well. I just signed up on a Rome Yahoo group and people are listing apartments on it all the time.

chris & erin said...

haha...I say that sentence everyday here :)

So, you'll be here to visit in a month? Are you coming to Florence?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

chris & erin - no I won't make it to Florence this time. Only Venice and Milan.

Anonymous said...

NYC, you are right, prices in the Piazza Vittorio area are going WAy up... if you ask me it's not worth it to live there especially because I don't feel very comfortable there as a single woman (at night obviously). You might want to check out Testaccio. a friend of mine just got a place (one bedroom) for 1,050- no terrace BUT she does have a terrazza condominiale! My only advice is pick your neighborhood carefully because as i'm sure you know (you're a city girl after all!), neighborhoods change drastically from day to night. and as single women, feeling uncomfortable walking around in your 'hood at night is not a good thing. so spend a little extra to be in a good place (=
buona fortuna!

Kataroma said...

anon- how dare you dis my nabe? :) Seriously, though, I go out by myself late at night (on foot and public transport) all the time and I feel extremely safe. I've had problems in other Rome neighbourhoods where there were fewer people around and no foreigners so I got hassled. Here in PV there are always tons of people around and I don't stand out as a foreigner so I'm not a target.

I know PV has a bad reputation but I think a lot of that is racism. I also LOVE the markets.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to dis your 'hood kata (= I lived in PV for quite a while and got fed up with it. There are lots of people out & about at night in PV, BUT they are all men. Mind you, i'm not a candy-ass or anything, I've lived in cities since I was born but PV has a vibe that I don't feel comfortable with. I blend with the locals, so that's no issue for me, plus I have no beef with different ethnic groups. I just felt that walking around there, coming home at night made me UNcomfortable- so I moved on up to Monti. Great area, insanely expensive )=
PV market is good though, I'll give you that!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon and kataroma - good to see you both agree the markets are great. Thanks for all the feedback. As long as I am not too far from the center ( I won't have a car and I don't want to commute. I can stay in L.A. for that !) I am open to different areas.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love yet? I think you'd enjoy it, if you haven't - especially the Eat section, which takes place in Rome.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - yes I read the book and enjoyed it.