Monday, October 15, 2007

Clubbing, Niagara Falls and a few tears.

I had a great weekend.

Saturday night I met FH man and some other members of the crew at Circa. It used to be called Lucid. It's on John Street, 4 floors, with 9 bars and a capacity of 3,000. It was quite a scene. Each space has its own DJ playing different genres of music. At first we were upstairs then went down to a VIP room to hang out. The music was fantastic. I danced with a few of my co-workers and had so much fun. There was a bouncer who was a little too touchy feely but he was nice. He introduced me to one of his co-workers, a young college student. His parents were from Senegal and the Congo but he grew up in Italy and spoke 5 languages. We talked for a while and he was so sweet to not laugh at my crazy Italian/English conversation. Around 2:30 (after a few drinks) I was wiped out and walked with FH man. He said he wanted to come to the falls with me but he had to pack up his apartment. He is going to be traveling in the Middle East after the movie wraps.

The Falls are incredible. If you are in Toronto, it's well worth drive but get there early. The crowds are insane. The area around the Falls is pretty tacky. Lots of wax museums. I drove to a cute town called Niagara on the Lake for lunch. I ate at Shaw's wine bar, not cheap (my burger was $20 and all I had was a glass of water with it) but the food was good.

This morning as I drove on the Don Valley Parkway on my way to set, I remembered I'm leaving a week from today. Some tears where shed. :(

A shot of the Horseshoe Falls which are on the Canadian side. The Amerian Falls are more narrow.

Uhmm, that is a lot of water

I declined to take this boat ride. I can't swim.

Look how high the mist rises. At first I was bummed that it was so cloudy but I now I think the photos look interesting in this light.

Standing on the edge. The sound of the water is deafening.

I wondered what happed to Taylor "Tell It To My Heart' Dayne.


sognatrice said...

Middle East? Whahuh? Doesn't he know he's supposed to have something going on in LA until December or so and then have something to do in Rome (time schedule adjusted for yours of course)?!

The photos of the Falls are gorgeous, but that boat thing scares me. Although I can technically swim, I wouldn't have done it either--not sure my skills would kick in *that* raging water....

Giulia said...

Aaaaack, that boat ride...looks scary!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - You are too funny. Yes FH man will be diving somewhere in the Middle East then spending time with friends in Lebanon.

giulia - I thought about the boat ride for two minutes then passed. I know they are safe and I have never heard of one turning over. However, with my luck I would slip over a railing or something.

J.Doe said...

Great pics!! I went to Niagara Falls and went on a boat that passed by the falls. I don't know if it was the same but it was safe and offered great views too.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to come back in the winter and go visit the Falls again. The hoar frost (from the waterfall mist) on the trees is incredible!

Delina said...

Fantastic photos! I've heard that the area around the falls is a little tacky, but I guess it's hard to preserve such a spectacular area when so many tourists flock to it.

You wouldn't catch me on that boat either. I can swim but I ain't crazy. LOL.

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

My (Italian-American) fam pretty much settled in Buffalo...I remember seeing the falls, being impressed but then going...I'm standing in a parking lot looking at it. This sucks. (Whereas Grand Canyon...just you and the Canyon, baby)

I hope you have enjoyed your time in To (shorter than expected?) - I think it's a good reminder for you that every day can lead you somewhere different.

To the Middle East?

Tina said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a new favorite city. Hey - I'm glad you have been able to spend a chunk of your "stateside" time in such a great place!
But you must be sad to say goodbye :-(

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You get soaked on that boat ride... just as well you didn't go. And it seems like it's ALWAYS cloudy around the falls. I worked for years with exchange students and we always had to take them to the Falls.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Is this a vacation for FH man? It seems he could squeeze in some LA time...

gibber said...

Beeeyoootiful pictures sis. I remember stopping on the state side of the falls on the way to Toronto in high school. it was cool. all i remember from toronto was that it was clean. Sounds like I need to go back as an adult and party.

Enjoy your last few days. Try not to be sad. Think of the memories, the upcoming trip, and the new found desire to move to Italia!

Paula Puryear said...

Okay, so that I don't spend more time procrastinating, I'm going to stop trolling your past blog entries and just ask. What does FH man stand for? Btw, I love that you said he was "fit". That's one of my favorite British expressions. I like how it seems to follow the logic of the Southern expression, "he's so fine." (Or maybe it's black people all over America who say that. I don't know).

P.S. apropos a prior post, I can hear you telling him you were going to need some more hugs. Which is proof, as far as I'm concerned, that no matter what, who we are is absolutely perfect for someone who's perfect for us - if only we can find where he is. I keep waiting for George Clooney to call, but so far, no go :-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

j. doe - I bet it was the same boat.

anon - That must be gorgeous.

delina - ha.

ms. adventures - I arrived in TO later than expected but I was always scheduled to leave next week. Yes, FH man is going to the Middle East.

tina - yes I am sad. Toronto is fantastic.

jen - his trip is for both work and vacation.

gibber - maybe a trip during Caribana!

paula - what is up with George doesn't he know?! He better figure that mess out. haha FH man is the name someone on the crew called him as in F*cking Hot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how amazing are those photo's. l think you would have to be pretty game to get onto that boat!
Ps. No longer will l wonder what ever happen to Taylor Dayne.

Paula Puryear said...

Okay, so not only did you have a date, but you had a date with a F**ing Hot man. Now that's how you do it!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

confessions - ha! I cracked up when I saw that poster.

paula - I am surprised about the whole thing to tell you the truth.