Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ciao from Roma!

I realized two very important things today:

I really "heart" Roma and my Italian sucks. I swear it's worse than last year. Not taking classes for six months clearly has set me back. I went to Trenitalia at the train station to buy tickets for Napoli. I thought this should be easy enough to say in Italian. The ticket lady busted out laughing. Not in a mean way but more like, "You get an A for effort. Now we are going to switch to English."

I have spent so much time worry about the grammar my vocab is lame. I can conjugate the hell of out of a verb but I'm having trouble stringing together a sentence in italian that makes sense.

Let's see, I have been in the city for less than 24 hours and already have received some very enthusiastic "Ciao Bellas" from a couple male members of the geriatric set. Thanks Gramps. Seriously, a compliment is a compliment.

Woke up to a very nice and sunny day. I like the apartment and neigborhood I'm staying in. I wish it had internet but there is a internet place close by. The apartent only a few blocks away from where I stayed last year. I went to the supermarket (this time I said "si" when the cashier asked me if I wanted a bag. Last year I had no idea what she was saying). I got lost walking to Piazza Navona. Unfortunately Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain is being renovated. While I stood in the Piazza, I thought, "I am just so freaking happy be back."

I walked back to Trastevere, spent some time in Santa Cecilia and "found" a small church not far away that I had not noticed before. It was pretty old and had the tiniest tower. Finally I had lunch at Le Mani in Pasta. Oh. My. God. I have been think about this stupid pasta dish for months (gnocchiette w/fava beans, cherry tomatoes and truffles) and it was as good as I remember. Waiter was very nice, winked alot. lol.

After getting my tickets at Termini, I wanted to go to Santa Vittoria church but it was closed for a couple of hours. I walked the street down past the Capital. It still trips me out to see officers with machine guns. I also think it's weird most of them are gorgeous. Is that a law? Are ugly men not allowed to apply for the academy? I wound not be surprise since employment ads here can state age requirements and that applicants be attractive. In the USA that would be a lawsuit so they don't put it in writing.

I continued on and hit the clusterfuck, aka The Trevi Fountain. Okay, this is supposed to be low season and the whole area was packed. I had to fight through the crowds to throw in my three coins.

I had my first gelato of the week after seeing the fountain. I was too tired to find San Crispino. I must have walked six miles today, therefore I am not concerned about the pasta and wine I had for lunch.

I finally made it back home and now I'm going to walk back over to Campo dei fiori area to meet a friend for dinner.

Tomorrow onto Napoli.


gibber said...

YEAH! so glad you're there. Your Rome blog posts are the best. Just remember...STELLA!!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Sounds like you are covering major ground in a short amount of time! Glad that it feels good to be back. Come on now, not even one of those Gramps was cute? Kidding!!! Have they started that weird hissing cat call with you yet? I think it's a relatively new tactic. Charming, of course.

ladonnadifilicudi said...

Can you guess who this is?? You've inspired me to join the blog world. :-)
Men taking a look is a start in the right direction. They'll get younger. I'm sure of it. Don't worry, you'll have your hands full with the men in Naples. Fai attenzione!!
So happy for you and so jealous! Divertiti cara amica! Ben ti sta!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Gibber - I'm glad I'm here as well. We have to talk about the Oscars when I get back.

Shelley - I may not be a spring chicken anymore but I am not ready to kick it with men in their 60s and 70s yet. No I have not heard the cat hissing thing, thank God.

Ciao Ladonna! Welcome to the blog world. LOL

ladonnadifilicudi said...
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ladonnadifilicudi said...

sorry about that..had to run out. Grazie cara per avermi dato il benvenuto al mondo di blog. Non so ancora di che cosa io faccia ma chissa`.
Remember: age is a date of mind.

Ms. FoxyRoxy said...

stubbled across your blog, enjoyed the read. Passato prossimo & imperfetto is what I hate...ugghh. I just tell myself to hang in there....ciao