Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Buon Nutella Day!!!

Yes everyone, a joyous day has arrived. My sister is the one who first introduced me to this fantastic treat. She spent the summer between her junior and senior year in high school at a school in Dijon, France and basically ate it everyday. She also spent alot of time drinking wine and kissing boys but I digress.

I heard the version sold in the U.S. is different (they try to make it more peanut butter-like), so I will be buying a jar to bring back to L.A.

Congrats to
  • shelley

  • sara

  • for organizing this new holiday. Tomorrow they will be posting a round up so check their sites for delicious recipes from all over the world.

    gibber said...

    Why must you put all my stuff on blast like that? For the record, I did more than drink and kiss boys. I went to the discoteque too.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

    LOL. Sorry, I should have listed zee disco.