Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is how I feel today

I wish I could unplug the phone at my office and not answer my cellphone.


gibber said...

YOU AND ME BOTH. And you saw my email about next week. Jesus Christ on a biscuit. Didn't people get the memo? IT"S AUGUST! BACK OFF!

Jess said...

Man, I feel that way all the time (yeah, I have a problem).

Oh and, "Jesus Christ on a biscuit" ? So so so good.

rose said...

You could accidentally put it on DND. That's happend to my phone once or twice.

Delina said...

Oh dear. It'll soon be over. Tomorrow will be better surely.

Giulia said...

Hi Oscar ;), if you lived here in Italy you could easily get away with not answering your phone...seeing as that's what 99.9% of the country does during the month of August! !@#$

Jesus Christ on a biscuit? I don't get it. I'm slow, sorry. lol

Here's to hoping you day is much better today. :)

J.Doe said...

I feel like that too. Usually I feel like that from Monday - Friday though. On weekends I get better.
Hope things get better for you soon.

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Awww, hang in there! most of us can relate!

Yea! "Jesus Christ on a biscuit"? Hehe, that's a new one!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - LOL. August? Vacation? What is that?

jess - Ha...even with the great view you have?

rose - hmmm, that might help a little. Doesn't solve the constant meetings situation however.

delina - looking forward to Thanksgiving week (late November). I am taking the whole week off from work.

giulia - I don't get that saying either. My sister heard it at work. Why a biscuit? LOL

j. doe - thanks.

roam 2 rome - usually I'm not grouchy and I do like my job but these last few weeks have put me over the edge. haha

Kathy said...

LOL @ Rose - my phone has somehow accidentally ended up on DND a couple times before too! Luckily my boss hates answering her phone too, so she doesn't mind.

Keep looking forward to Thanksgiving week...that should help a little bit!

gibber said...

seriously, i had to do something i never do. close my door. i shut the door yesterday, put my phone on dnd, and put on the bassanova. that's right. bassanova helped me get thru the day!

wordtryst said...

When I feel like that (often) I reassure myself that the upswing is about to begin... And it does.

Experienced that work-work-work syndrome in the US. It's pretty awful the way it consumes everything and everyone.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kathy - I am counting down the weeks!

gibber - music always helps. Ramble on. :)

wordtryst - it is so not healthy which is why I'm working on making a life change.