Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some days I really dislike this business

The movie is still going forward but there is a major hiccup with our deal with the studio. I am still going on location, it's now a question of how long. Of course I don't mind making cuts to help the bring the budget down, everyone should do their part. However, the way the decision was handled was bullshit.

Feature film producing is very male dominated and most of them are very Type A. The longer I stay in this business the more I understand why many successful producers are crazy and have anger management issues.

There are a couple female producers of note but their numbers are declining. For my generation it's pretty bad. Lydna Obst wrote a great article about it for New York Magazine. Her generation cracked the cement ceiling. She came up during the era of larger-than-life women, like the late Dawn Steel and Julia Phillips.

For Black women there are exactly two female producers making Hollywood movies (one is def. more indie but she does have a studio deal). Both of them have been in the business for years and were mentored by women like Dawn Steel and former Disney Production head, Nina Jacobson.

I was speaking with one of my bosses yesterday. She has been in the biz over 25 years, both her parents were in it and she said things are getting worse. Getting movies made has never been easy but this is bananas. Today is going to be very interesting. Good thing I don't do drugs. I would need to be coked up half the day to deal with this town.


Jen said...

I hope all goes well - we need more women artists.

Kathy said...

I really enjoy reading about the ups and downs of the movie industry. You share things I never would have known otherwise.

And it explains why so many Hollywood types do drugs!

Delina said...

Forza nyc/caribbean ragazza! Don't let them get you down.

gibber said...

chin up sis.

are people still doing coke? really, i thought that passed in the 90's...

seriously, i'm keeping my fingers crossed. these people!

J.Doe said...

What kind of budget cuts are they talking about? For all the staff to sleep in tents? Instead of bathrooms with running water, portapotties? Or just a shortening of time spent on location?

sissi said...

Thank you for sharing about your hollywood business. It seems very tough, I guess you need to have a good upbringing and foundation in order stay sane and drug-free.

When they shot Speed 2 in SxM (in 96/97) I worked as one of the assistant of the location manager , I really liked it and it was kind of fun and very interesting, I got to see how a movie was made (sometimes I was allowed to go on set), get to see the different element and level of production, quite fascinating... I really like the production crew. Anyway it was in SxM and for a short time so nothing to compare with the studios in LA. But my boss was constantly yelling or throwing his phone around, lots of mood swing and a bit of a pahological liar. I am sure he was great in this job but why the anger ? He had a sweet job and payroll!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - thanks...I agree.

kathy - I think writing stuff down helps me say no to drugs. LOL

delina - grazie!!

gibber - thanks pumpkin. Nope, coke is back.

j, doe - lol. we made cuts in every area. locations, salaries, perks, etc.

sissi - I saw Speed 2 despite the reviews because part of it was shot in St. Martin.

Mood swings are understandable. Lashing out at innocent people is not okay.