Monday, August 13, 2007

Runyon Canyon in the City of Angels, foggy and smoggy

This is the closest canyon to my apartment. On a clear day you can see the Hollywood sign, downtown and the Pacific Ocean. I go there to hike often. Along with many celebrities, you see views like this:

Here is the infamous LETHAL WEAPON house.

No sign of the Hollywood sign.

One friend is going to Florence for three weeks, another is going to Milan and Rome and the third has a birthday coming up. I also have a b-day coming up in a couple of weeks but I'm not celebrating. Several friends are insisting I do something but I've asked them to respect my wishes dammit. :) I'm feeling very off about this birthday, not depressed or anything. I think I'm just overwhelmed by how busy it is and trying to finish the book.

We met at the West bar to say "arrivederci" and it turned into a birthday celebration. I have a new pair of pretty earrings and three new books to read, including a coffee table book called THE FOOD LOVER'S GUIDE TO ROME. The bar is on the top floor of what used to be the Holiday Inn near the Getty Center. It was so smoggy you can't see downtown. I find it scary that the smog here is actually better than it used to be.

This view should be of downtown. You can see some of Century City.


Kathy said...

I think I've been to that bar! How long has it been since it was Holiday Inn?

And hey, it's your birthday, you can choose to spend it how you want to! (or not want to, as the case may be!)

We're getting some smoke up here; the news said it was from fires in Southern California.

rose said...

You must celebrate your b-day! You just have to...for weeks on end, if possible. ;)

Are you the roller-blading type - down the Santa Monica stretch that goes to Redondo? I miss that.

Giulia said...

Cool, the Lethal Weapon house! :)
Unexpected birthday celebrations are always fun.

Delina said...

I hope to see a photo of the Hollywood sign when the smog passes (hoping it does).

And yeah, you have to celebrate your birthday!

gibber said...

Nice pictures...not the smog, but you know, the fact that you can take them now!

As for your bday, you do what you wanna do! it's your day, dammit! But also understand that your friends may do something anyway because they love you. So, when they do, don't be too mad :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kathy - I think the renovated bar is pretty new.

rose - I have a pair of roller blades but haven't used them in years. In the past I would celebrate all month but just can't do it this year.

giulia - It is an interesting looking house. I wish could have gotten a better picture of it.

delina - We'll see if I can get a picture this weekend. I might buy a cupcake at Sprinkles. That will be my celebration. LOL

gibber - I don't know why I waited so long to get a digital camera. I don't think my friends are going to do anything. Most are going to be out of town and I leave for Canada the following week.

Jen said...

That smog is truly scary. Happy early b'day!

Anonymous said...

l say book yourself into a day spa for your birthday. l did it and it was the best well spent birthday, l felt like a pampered princess..and by the end of it l looked about 5 years younger.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

jen - grazie.

confessions - I might get a mani/pedi the Thursday before to start off the weekend right.

wordtryst said...

Cool pictures. The lethal weapon house, dontcha know!

If you don't want to do anything on the birthday, then don't force it. You can always celebrate when you feel like it. And if this is a landmark birthday - y'know, the ones that end in zero - you can do like a friend of mine and have a birth-year, where he celebrates every month by doing or buying something special for himself.

My bro is in Orlando on vacation and I sort of hinted that I wanted to get a digicam, then was embarrassed when he offered to get me one. Hope he disregarded my protestations and got me one anyway.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - no I had a zero ending birthday a couple years ago.

I hope you get the camera for yours.