Sunday, August 26, 2007

My perfect match. An early birthday morning walk.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgos.

This is probably the weirdest birthday ever. I just want to be alone and eat some cupcakes.

My sister and brother-in-law sent me some very beautiful flowers and one of my friends gave me the Burton Holmes "Travelogues" book. Holmes traveled all over the world from 1892-1952...this book is incredible.

I never really believed in Astrology when I was younger but after the 100th person said to me "You must be a Virgo" I thought there might be something to it. The good traits are organized, loyal, eye for detail, neat and conscientious. The negative onces are hyper-critical (self/others), repressed and over-analytical. Virgos tend to turn molehills into mountains and get stressed out often because they are so in their heads worrying about everything. This does not sound like me at all! haha

That said, while we can seem a little cold we are in fact full of passion (we just hide it most of the time) which is why many of us gravitate to the arts. Apparently teaching, medicine and law are also great fields for Virgos.

I found a little blurb on my ideal partner according my sign and it cracked me up, esp. the part of my soul mate being well-dressed.

Virgo in Relationships
Virgo's easygoing nature and Earth sign quality makes for a reliable and steady sort who relishes the opportunity to be helpful to their partner. The Virgin's devotedness also signals that a great deal of energy will go into making the relationship work. Those born under this sign tend to strive for the perfect relationship. The best reward for the oft-repressed Virgo is a lover who is willing to bring them into full flower, releasing a passionate and sensual soul. A relationship with a strong yet sensitive partner is one which is almost guaranteed success. The independent and never clingy Virgin may seem ultra-cool on the outside, but inside smolders a red-hot ravisher waiting to release potent charms on a deserving partner. The ideal Virgo soul mate is well-dressed, empathetic and dying to show their Virgo a good time.

Hmm, where can I find such a man?

I drove out to Santa Monica to walk on the bike/joggers path on the beach. That early in the morning the traffic on the 10 isn't bad. It's going to be a nice day today.

Each cross is for an American soldier who has died in Iraq.

Since Becks joined the L.A. Galaxy, the games have sold out. It's still going to take a long time (if ever) for soccer to become a 1st tier sport in the States. First of all, since there aren't commerical breaks every two minutes, the big stations are not interested in showing the games. They want more advertising money. The low scoring goes completely against the typical American mind-set. One of my friends said to me, "What is the point of playing to a tie?" Most people I know here think soccer is really boring. How can they say that about the beautiful game?


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...


:) aaa, Holmes' Travelogues book! a hint, hint?

Yes, you definitely seem like a Virgo! Your ideal man for the virgo in you? ITALY! He doesn't have to be Italian, but being in Italy, he might be a well dressed man "dying to show their Virgo a good time" :)

gibber said...

happy birthday sis! that pix of the sun rising is beautiful.

Delina said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fantastic day!

Jess said...

Happy birthday! Did you get to eat some cupcakes?

Rose in Cali said...

Buon compleanno! Do what you want; eat what you want! It's your one day to be Queen. :D

rose said...

Happy birthday. Cupcakes sound yummy. Did you go to one of those fancy cupcake places I've been reading about?

Anonymous said...

i have to share with you two of the best sits for horoscopes/ astrology:

happy belated birthday!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

roam 2 rome - thank you. Whatever money I have left from my per diem is going toward my next trip. re: the man, thing, I am strangely optimistic about the upcoming year.

gibber - thanks pumpkin.

delina - grazie millie!

jess - thank you. Yes I had a cupcake and stuck a candle in it. I felt very loserish at that moment. :) Glad you had a nice birthday.

rose in cali - grazie! I asked Shelley to forward my email address to you.

rose - Thank you. Sprinkles is closed on Sundays so I went to Joan's on Third and bought a lemon cupcake. It was very good.

anon. - Thanks. I will check them out.

J.Doe said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great walk in Santa Monica. It's beautiful there!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Now go indulge yourself Virgo Goddess!!

Ps. Go the yummy Virgo man... Found shopping at high-end malls, working out in the gym or the great outdoors..

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

And in terms of soccer... all people need to do is see a REAL soccer team play and all those gorgeous... um... movements, yeah, not the players, right? Anyway, it would be a shoo-in here. Or should be.

I hope it was a great day!

wordtryst said...

Happy belated birthday, nyc. Hope it turned out just the way you wanted. Lemon cupcake sounds good - I love lemon anything.

My son is Virgo, and he's one of the nicest people I know. My mom too. Great people, but don't push them too far...

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a bit late, but I have an excuse (vacation) :) - That sunrise pic is absolutely amazing! Send me a copy. Oh wait, it's YOUR birthday. :)

modelbehavior said...

Happy belated bday!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

j. doe - Thank you. I used to live closer to the beach when I first moved to L.A. and walked down there all the time.

confessions - Grazie! (and for the man finding tips). LOL

jen - Thanks. Yes I loved watching the World Cup. Great games plus all those gorgeous men from all over the world.

wordtyrst - Thank you. I don't lose my temper often but when I do, it's not a pretty sight. haha

sara - grazie! I hope you had a great vacation. Thanks for the props on the photo. Means a lot coming from such an incredilbe photograher. Maybe once the movie wraps I will take a photography class.

model behavior - thank you!!

Paolo said...

First of all happy birthday. i hope you spend a very good time.
As for soccer, every sport is boring if you don't know the rules, i tought the same thing about Baseball even if i still don't understand it completely.The pics are beautiful, they reminds me seatowns in Sicily at sunset.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Paolo - grazie.

Yes you bring up a very good point but unfortunately most of the anti-soccer people I know are not interested in learning the rules.