Friday, August 31, 2007

Owen Wilson

Finally things have slowed down in Hollywood as people leave town for the Labor Day weekend. I have a ton of things to do today and tomorrow before I leave for Toronto.

Topic A yesterday was Mr. Wilson. It takes a lot to shock people in this town. When the rumors first started circulating, I thought it was a sick joke. Owen Wilson? Really? Why? Working in the business you hear stories about stars and see certain things that never become public knowledge (although thanks to TMZ and Perezhilton those days are numbered). I never heard anything about Owen.

Owen is probably better known for his acting, I think of him as a really talented writer. I can't believe how hateful some people are being on the web, saying someone with fame, money and hot girlfriends is an idiot for trying to kill themselves.

Uhm, hello we don't know him. We have no idea what is going on with him. I hope he gets help dealing with whatever it was that drove him to do this. He is lucky he has a close relationship with his brothers and is not out here all alone with only yes people sucking him dry.


Anonymous said...

tracey k in OH: Again, I am in agreement w/you - nothing burns me more than folks that're so quick to judge - especially when they have no clue of what's going on. Having fame, money & hot women does not a happy heart make, you know? From the way it looks, fame will drive you nuts if you don't have a handle on it! (LOL!) Hopefully all of those who're having a down time in their lives right now will be alright (L.Lohan,Spears,etc.,etc.,etc.) without all the hate the haters throw their way!

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Yes, some people can be superficial and quickly forget that "fame, money and hot girlfriends" does NOT equal happiness!

Only he knows what his heart needed...

Ah, best of luck on your trip this week-end!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracey k - I will admit I have been not very sympathetic to Miss Spears. If I found out she had a mental illness of course I would feel bad for her. From what I hear she is just not bright and will not listen to anyone.

roam 2 rome - Thank you. I still have to pack

I don't know why we equate money with happiness so much in this country.

Delina said...

I was shocked to hear about Owen Wilson too. I think he's a great actor and I hope he gets over this soon.

Texas Espresso said...

I was so sad to hear about it =( I always liked him and well, being from Dallas - the Owen boys are "ours". He seems to have a close family so I hope he gets the help he needs.

Jen said...

It's good he has supports. And yes, compassion is always important when someone's going through a horrendous time.

rose said...

Have a safe trip. Keep us all posted on the Toronto happenings please.

As you head for a cosmopolitan city, I'm headed for my old stomping grounds...Los Angeles. I can only take it in short trips now, maybe it's your blogs influence. Nevermind the 25+ years I lived there. ;)

sognatrice said...

I was shocked too, and after watching Wedding Crashers today (2 single a nozze here), I'm really quite sad.

I was never a huge Owen Wilson fan, but I do hope he can pull through this. Seems like such a nice, kind of normal guy; magari that fame, money, and hot girlfriends were enough for happiness...unfortunately we see again and again how many famous people still have similar problems to what the rest of have, inside at least. And maybe for them it's even harder to seek out help/try to deal with them, because who can you trust?

BIG kudos to the local authorities for refusing to release the 911 call, though. Sometimes people do the right thing, thank goodness.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

delina - I hope so too.

texas espresso & jen - one of my co-workers was saying he should move back to Dallas and get out of the media frenzy for a minute.

rose - have fun in Los Angeles!

sognatrice - big kudos indeed. I bet someone is trying to get a copy of it though. People need to back off and leave him and his family alone.