Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"You know we don't use tokens anymore, right?"

This is what one of my friends said to me when I referred to a Metrocard as a token. I haven't been on a NYC subway in so long, I went directly to the booth to purchase a Metrocard. The lady on duty looked at me like I was stupid and pointed to a machine. I kept trying to put my money in the slot and nothing happened. I asked a man how did the machine work. He sighed and pressed the right buttons.

Sunday a.m. went one of my favorites, The Coffee Shop (Union Square) for breakfast. My sister and two friends were there. Hilarious. We got into a huge debate about the Alec Baldwin backlash. My sister and I walked over to Barnes and Nobel then up Broadway.

I continue all the way to Bryant Park. I really like that park. During the summer HBO sponsors movies in the park. Very fun. I met another friend at The Grill (Bryant Park) and her new boyfriend. He is fantastic and my friend, (another one who abandoned me in L.A. to move back to New York) is doing really well. Food was yummy and I bet in nice weather it's a great place to sit outside.

I went back downtown, this time getting on the subway no problem. There was a man walking back and forth singing really badly asking for change. Thank god I only had a few stops. I met up with a friend then went to another screening that shall remain nameless. I had read the script and passed on it. Did not like the movie. My friend and I skipped the after party and went to dinner at Pepolino (sp?, West Broadway, just south of Canal). We didn't have a specific restaurant in mind but it looked good. This one thing I like about cities where people walk. You don't have to have a specific destination in mind and can discover new things.

I had to get up early for my flight so we made it an early night. My hotel was only a few blocks from Little Italy. I went to Ferrara, the oldest pasticceria in America (founded 1892). The place was packed. The takeout line was long, as people ordered cannoli and biscotti. I noticed they also had that pasty I saw all over Naples, sfogliatella.

Speaking of Italian, I heard more of it in 4 days being downtown then I do in a year out here. Some were tourists but most I guess live/work in the area. There are many high end Italian design and funiture stores in Soho/Tribeca.

It's interesting New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude. While they might be blunt and I find the majority friendly and more importanly not fake. Everyone is not dressed the same. Walking around I loved hearing the different accents. West Indian, African, Staten Island, Brooklynese, Chinese etc. I missed the sense of humor. For a writer, walking around and hearing how people talk is priceless.

It was a short trip but a great one.


gibber said...

Weren't they using cards when you were in the city? That's funny. I think they should stop using plastic cards tho. Not very enviro friendly of them!

Coffee Shop was wonderful. U couldn't believe I got the turkey burger at 10am. Whatevs!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Gibber - yes they were using cards, but I miss the tokens. Don't worry you walked off the burger.

rose said...

A walkable city is the best. I think that's why I love Rome (and parts of Mexico) so much. Random greetings from complete strangers also give a sense of community which is nice. Doesn't happen in SF and I know it doesn't happen in LA. ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

rose - I agree!

Monkling said...

I do hope you checked out the bathroom in Bryant Park. It has to be the best NYC public bathroom. They even had a vase with flowers in there. (If not, I guess you'll need to take another trip out east.)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

monkling - a nice public bathroom, in a major city? flowers/vase? Good info to have.