Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A letter to my iPod

Dear Red iPod,

It's great that some of the money used to purchase you goes to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS. Plus, the color is so pretty.

I don't know what took so long for us to meet. Oh yes, I just remembered, my broke ass had no money. You have changed my life for the better. How can something so small as a Nano, bring me such joy?

I used to get bored on the treadmill. I could barely stay on for 20 minutes. There is only so much E! television one can watch at the gym. Now, thanks to you I can listen to my custom made "Spring '07 workout" playlist. At the end of a great 50 minutes workout, I was sad it was over. Working out longer will improve my physical and mental health. I didn't realize when I walked into Santa Monica Mac store, it would add years to my life.

I am able to get rid of the CDs I held on to for only 1 or 2 tracks. I sold those. Wow, Red iPod you have brought material riches into my life as well.

My sister warned me not to go on iTunes too often. She is right. I went to buy one song, and 25 songs later I was still buying. I wish I could quit you Red iPod but I can't.


your biggest fan


chris & erin said...

hehe...this format made me laugh!

gibber said...


sognatrice said...

I'd never thought much about an iPod until today when a woman just would *not* shut up on the bus. Oh how I wished I could turn up anything to drown her out....

I'm glad you've found love (Happy Love Thursday!) :)

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Tried to comment earlier...hahahahah. Funny.

What's on your Spring '07 workout playlist??? Do share.

And ps: backup your mp3s often!! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

chris & erin - BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was on cable (I saw it when it was in theaters) and I kept thinking of the line "I wish I could quit you"!!! I then realized that is how I felt about my new Red iPod.

gibber - nice language :)

sognatrice - I forgot it's Love Thursday. How appropiate. lol

Ms. Adventures - thanks for the tip. I'll post the work out list tomorrow.

gibber said...

yes, please post your list. i was listening to jlo "let's get loud" and thought that would be a good addition to my list. that song makes me want to shake my booty.

Confessions of Cleopantha said...

iPods what would we do without them?? One of the world's littlest wonders.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Very true Cleopantha, they are more user friendly than those big Walkmans we used to carry around.