Thursday, May 24, 2007

Michelangelo's David

Yet another chilly non-spring like day in Southern California. In keeping with the Italy theme that seems to be happening this week, I want to post about another one of my favorite things.

I went to Florence last year. The city was so crowded it was ridiculous. One Italian historian refers to Florence as the most English speaking city in Italy. While the crowds were suffocating, the art was incredible, as was the Gucci flagship store.

We all have seen many photos of The David. Seeing him in person takes your breath away. I walked into the Accademia, turned the corner and there he was. There are a few uncompleted sculptures leading up to David. When you finally get to the end of the hall, you just stare. The form, the detail, when you look at David's hand you see the veins. How the hell did Michelangelo do this? He believed David was already in the block of marble, similar to how (most) humans have a soul. It was his job to let him out. Michelangelo was only 29 when he created this masterpiece, one of the most recognizable works of art in the world.

It's interesting that the city of Florence commissioned the work in 1501. Michelangelo finished in two years. It makes me lived arts funding in this country has been slashed to the bone. It's one of the first things to be cut from school budgets and not taken seriously. What are we doing?


Anonymous said...

"The David" is amazing - great that you got to see it in person. I believe that statue had the first, original "six-pack." I also agree with you re: art being cut; art & music are the first 2 things they attack when "cutting back." Why cut out creativity?

rose said...

The sculpture is amazing but two things stood out for me
1) the veins in the hand
2) the neck

I was bummed I could not take my own pictures.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - Yes, David is quite fit as my British friends would say.

Rose - I wish I could have taken a photo as well. When I was there people were sneaking photos which annoyed the guards. I could stare at the David for hours.