Monday, May 07, 2007

My first meme tag

Cherrye tagged me. Here we go:

Four jobs I've had
1. Congressional aide
2. Campaign staffer
3. Assistant in the event dept. at the Carrier Dome (work study, baby)
4. Waitress at Cosmos, Marshall Street, Syracuse NY

Four movies I can watch over and over (okay I really can't narrow it down to 4 but I'll try)
1. The Godfather 1 & 2
2. Out of Sight
3. La Finestra di Fronte (Facing Windows)
4. All About Eve

Four places I have lived
1.New York City
2. Verona, N.J.
3. Austin, TX
4. Washington, DC

Four television shows I love to watch
1. What Not to Wear (british and american vesions)
2. Law and Order (the Chris Noth years)
3. Everyday Italian
4. BBC World News

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Itlay
2.Paris, France
3. London, England
4. Anguilla, B.W.I ( I don't count going to St. Martin as a vacation) :)

Four of my favorite dishes (only four?!)
1. my mom's west indian dishes (fried plantians, beans and rice, red snapper, johnnycakes etc)
2. Gncocchi at La Buca
3. Linguine con Vongole (linguine and clams)
4. A really good steak

Four websites I visit daily
1. Hollywood elsewhere
2. New York Times
3. Trip
4. Google

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Rome, Italy, eating a gelato sitting in Piazza Navona
2. Chilling with my family on the beach, Le Galion, French St. Martin while drinking an ice cold margarita and eating the awesome chicken sandwich. The bread alone is work the $1300 airfare.
3. Hiking in Positano
4. The garden at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), NYC with my friends.

I am going to tag Delina, Shelley and Sara (let me know if you are down for the meme). I know Tracie B has been tagged already.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao bella! Thanks for the tag!! I have to confess though... I have gotten out of the meme game. It was like a contagious virus ... once I'd do one, I'd end up with tags for a bunch of others!

But I enjoyed yours!

In honor of where you currently live, I will do the 4 movies though:

1. Swingers
2. The Sandlot
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
4. Johnny Stecchino

Just a few off the top of my head. I've never seen Out of Sight or All About Eve... will have to check those out!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Shelley - lol, I totally understand. This was my first so I'm not sick of them yet.

I saw your number 4 last year and thought it was very funny eventhough normally I am not a big Roberto fan.

Cherrye said...

Yea! You did the meme. You had fun answers. I'm thinking the reason you love a good steak is cause you've lived in I right?

If I remember correctly, you worked on the Ann Richards campaign? How long were you in Austin? My dad did a bit on one of her campaigns, although the years are all running together now. (Signs of aging, right?)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Yes, Cherrye I worked on her re-election campaign. I lived in Austin for a year and went to Houston frequently. I still get emails from the AWR group.

Cherrye said...

Small world, I guess! I hope you liked Texas!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Cherrye - I did but it was a tough campaign. Election night was not fun!