Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lindsay Lohan

This kind of press is not good. Yes, when I was 20 (back in the Stone Age) I did some stupid things. However, I didn't drink and drive, leave the scene of an accident and then drink/party so much that I pass out in public during the same weekend.

Seriously, it seems everyone and their mother is going to rehab (except for Amy Winehouse, no, no, no) but I feel like it's done for more P.R. reasons. Are these celebs really getting the help they need? Lindsay was going to hold a 21st birthday bash next month. What is up with the club owner, her mom and other friends who thought it would be a good idea have a vodka brand host her party? WTF? She just went to rehab in January.

And since when did one go to rehab for using inappropiate language? I would think for Isaiah, anger management, might have been a better move.

Lohan is a very talented actress. Now she is more famous for being infamous. It's hard to make the transition from childhood to adulthood in this business. It doesn't help when almost everyone around you makes their living off of you. I think Lohan would have benefited from going to college, like Natalie Portman, Claire Danes, Jodie Foster etc. just to get away from Hollywood and meet normal people.


gibber said...

I think the problem with Lohan is that both of her parents are crazy. Her mom is the WORST enabler - saying her daughter doesn't have a problem and partying with her like she's a damned teenager. And her dad, the ex-felon, is nuts and isn't he a drug addict too? Jodie, Natalie...all these people had at least ONE stable influence in their lives. Lohan has NONE. NO ONE. Where are her grandparents, I wonder.

Parent Trap and Mean Girls - two excellent movies. And I feel like it all went downhill from there. She started partying after that movie and lost herself (and her talent...i tried to watch just my luck...what a shitty movie).

Unless she really gets her shit together, this girl will either end up dead, killing someone else or a major flame out. Who will hire her?

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I can't think of one intelligent thing to say regarding Lohan. But, I will say that when I saw a headline that said that Washington was doing PSAs, I had a major eye roll. Please! Give me a break!

Mustafa Şenalp said...

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Anonymous said...

T.K. in Ohio here: I was reading Ms. Loan's story earlier about her attorney saying 'the world has been too cruel to Lindsay', & very much agree with gibber. So now it's the "word's" fault for being cruel? What did the world have to do with ole girl passed out in a back seat? The whole boatload of these young "starlets" with money & no guidance when it's crystal clear that they're out of control. The 'rehabs' need to make everyone that checks in sit their asses down & complete steps toward serious recovery instead of waiting until these people sober up, then leave out headed for the next train wreck - sometimes within hours of checking in!!

This chick is going to end up being another Neely O'Hara (from the all time great Valley of the Dolls) - a 'washed-up/has been.'

rose said...

Natalie Portman, definitely one classy lady. I've been following her movies since The Professional.

I think back to my teens and twenties and I know I would not want certain things documented. Ever. I'm torn with the criticism these young people endure, but at the same time if you break the law you have to be accountable.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Gibber - Her "momanger" needs to grow the fuck up. Hitting clubs with your underage kid is crazy. When a producer of Georgia Rules blasted Lindsay for showing up late to set all the time, Dina (the mom) said he was picking on her kid.

I don't know what happened to Just My Luck. It was such a funny script. The studio had to do a page one re-write when Lindsay was cast (at a salaray of 7 mil!) because the character was written for an mid/late 20s woman, not a 19 year old.

Career wise her last few movies haven't done well. You can't be a pain in the ass and have bad box office. She will start to lose out on good/high profile projects.

Shelley - Hello. You know he's probably sitting there thinking "I can't believe I have to do this damn PSA." Does he real feel remorse or is he just worried about keeping his job?

Mustafa - Thanks for stopping by.

T.K. in Ohio - LOL. Ole girl was out cold. Her friend was trying to wake her because of the all the paparazzi. Rehab is not summer camp or a place you run to for good P.R.

Rose - The paparazzi is out of control. However, many of these young stars court the press to become famous then complain when they get the fame they so desired.