Friday, May 25, 2007

Grazie Dolce & Gabbana

For the ad featuring players from the National Italian soccer team. During last year's World Cup these ads were everywhere. I am not a fan of waxed chests but I will make an exception for this case.

This campaign made me chuckle. I could not imagine Derek Jeter or A Rod posing in underwear made by Ralph Lauren.

Perhaps D & G were inspired by the subject of yesterday's post.


chris & erin said...

nice! they should have hired Raoul Bova to join the photo shoot!

gibber said...

jesus h christ!

Anonymous said...

Mercy, mercy me......woud that one guy in the front happen to be "The David" from yesterday's post??? I could just swear I can see the "vein" in his hand..... (LOL!) Have a good holiday & weekend everyone! ~ T.K. in Ohio

Eryn said...

hahaha LOVE the pic of the Italian men's soccer team. I sent the same pic to my friend who is in love with the guy in the very front!

she says thank you!

J.Doe said...

Slimy men don't appeal to me. I think they all need to get under a shower (with lots of soap) fast.

rose said...

Best eye candy ever. When I saw these adds I could not think of US athletes that pose this way, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough. jejej
Loved this photo!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - LOL. Yes, Mr. Bova is quite handsome.

gibber - that sums it up nicely.

T.K. in Ohio - haha. Fabio (the team capt.) is one of my favorites but homeslice in the front does have an extra something. You have a great weekend as well!

eryn - thanks for stopping by and tell your friend she is very welcome. :)

j. doe - hmmm, I wish I could be there to help them clean up. :)

rose - I think there were some Hanes ads with Michael Jordan but he had a T-Shirt on. Clearly not the same situation. :)

I don't understand why it's okay for the Victoria Secret ads to be everywhere (with women half naked) but the guys are covered up. I really think the entire Victoria secrets marketing is geared to men. Oh well, I don't wear their stuff anyway, so I just ignore all the catalogs I get in the mail.

Rose in Cali said...

I don't know whether to laugh or salivate. Here's more:

Hope gli americani enjoy their Memorial Day weekend!

moscerina said...

hey, i wrote a whole commentary on this last year-- loved the ads. erica

moscerina said...

hey, i wrote a whole commentary on this last year-- loved the ads. erica

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Call me crazy, or maybe it's just the ad major graduate coming out in me, but something tells me the target audience for these ads is not women. (No offense to any of the women who commented here to the contrary...)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

rose in cali - grazie mille. I know what to do. :)

moscerina - I do remember that. I thought your P.O.V. of this important situation was quite eloquent.

shelley - interesting point, no offense taken. :)

I don't think the ad campaign was just for gay men. Mabye non-American men don't mind seeing ads like that on buses? I do know those ads would not play here in the States. Allora, even if I'm not the target audience all the men in the ads are straight, so it was effective for me. I now know D&G makes underwewar for men. I will purchase them for my future BF if my strike ever ends. ha.