Friday, May 11, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Yippee Ki Ay M.F.!! I swear it's the early 80's. Bruce Willis is on the cover of VANITY FAIR, the billboards for Die Hard are everywhere, and INDIANA JONES starts shooting this summer.

I have no idea is Die Hard 4 is any good but that title kicks ass. It's so over the top and gung-ho, I love it.

I saw several billboards DH4 on the way to my last Jr. League Provisional Advisors meeeting in Santa Monica. We met at the Bodega Bar (Broadwy and Lincoln). Cool little spot, nice vibe. I enjoyed my assignment and was flattered I was nominated for the position but I am so glad it's over. I don't know what I was smoking trying to take on that much work given my schedule.

I told one of the leaders I wanted to just be a committee member next year.

We had a meeting with the director and producer of our project yesterday afternoon. It was my first time meeting the producer. I was in NYC for Tribeca when he met with our team. It went really well. I was so stressed out about it earlier in the week. My bosses said I was the point person for our company and will be the producer going on location. It's going to get very hectic in about a month but looking forward to it.


Delina said...

Forza you! It sounds like a great project for you. Enjoy it all.

Anonymous said...

T.K. in Ohio said: See? How and when do you have room to be down? (LOL!) Sounds like you got a sweet life going on! Congrats. on all your accomplishments!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

grazie Delina and T.K. in Ohio!

gibber said...

Yipee ki ya mother f*cker! :)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I'm so excited for you on this're going to be great! But I don't envy you, having to control egos on a movie set... but you have the right combination of skills to make everything go smoothly and I'm sure that everyone will be turning to you for advice and to know what's happening next. Enjoy and good luck!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

grazie Shelley! I'm very excited.