Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh my god...poor Paris

Excuse me for not commenting earlier on the biggest news story of our times. The war, the Sudan, the election, global warming all this pales in comparison to the story dominating the local (and some national news), Ms. Hilton going to jail.

She clearly has a new lawyer advising her. Before she was saying the judge who sentenced her to 45 days in jail was unfair. Her mother went off on the judge. Mama Hilton sees her daughter as a poor victim, not someone who broke the law. This did not play well with the public because we all know if any of us were arrested TWICE for driving with a suspended license ( the license was suspended for a D.U.I. in the first place) we would in major trouble. Saying you didn't know you couldn't drive with a suspended license, is not a good excuse.

The L.A. county jail is no joke. Not sure if she will serve the full term, since the place is so over-crowded. If Paris had taken the suspension seriously she wouldn't have this problem. Instead she assumed the law didn't apply to her because she hot and rich. I still for the life of me can't figure out why this person is so popular and esp. why young girls see her and her equally clueless friend, Nicole as role models.

One of my producer friends says P. is actually very smart and this is all an act. I don't believe it. First of all, I don't think people should be famous for being famous. Second, that sex tape was vile. Yes, I saw during a pitch meeting (only in Hollywood would that not be considered inappropiate). I was sitting there, the only woman in the room and the exec put it in. I thought it would be a grainy unexplicit thing. The tape was full on hard core porn. It was also boring and not sexy. If that was my child I would have at least cut her allowance and insisted she go volunteer somewhere. Instead P. had no shame and made money off the tape.

Ms. Hilton has been busted twice for using racial slurs in public. Who knows what she says in private. I know Nicole thinks she's white (on one official doc, she is listed as black, on another white) but she's not. I guess she thinks Paris is not talking about her or the black parents (Lionel Richie formely of the funk group The Commodores) who raised her.

Paris is supposed to report to jail next month. No hair extensions, no make-up, no cell phones etc. but you know, Entertainment Tonight, US magazine etc. is going to report on this like it's the presidential election. When she gets out she will be even more famous. Great.

One of my friends said they wished the Taliban would take her ass out. LOL!!


Kali said...

This whole thing is completely ridiculous. Now, I love reading about the antics of celebrities, I usually find them entertaining and humorous. However, I cringe whenever her name is mentioned...I think she is an absolute waste of human DNA. My husband tells me that's harsh, but I won't change my mind unless she ever does anything remotely worthwhile.

That being said, I have followed the headlines about her upcoming jail sentence (yes...I know...lol) and I love that she is panicking about this!!!

Okay, I'll go back to work now, and put evil Kali away for a while... :-)

gibber said...

I swear, this is redic. She will come out of this better than Martha Stewart. Unless something happens to her to change her life. But it won't, and she'll continue to be the vapid waste of space that is Paris Hilton.

Is it wrong for me to hope that she gets an ass wuppin in jail?

Delina said...

She said she hadn't realised her license had been taken suspended. Is she really that dumb?

If she goes to prison she'll be selling her story as soon as she gets out no doubt.

Can't believe they showed you that video at work!

J.Doe said...

I read that Paris Hilton is distraught over the thought of going to jail. She should have thought about that before she drove even once on a suspended license or didn't sign up for that class the first judge ordered. I have no pity for her.It amazes me that so many people do.

rose said...

I think it's fair. You're right, if it was some other random joe there would be consequences.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kali - lol, "waste of human DNA"? That is cold baby.

gibber - do you really think someone is going to wup her ass? I assume the guards might keep an eye on her.

delina - yes, I believe she it. how do you not know your license has been suspended.

I was pitching a movie to another production company. In the room was myself, two producers and the writer. Even the men were surprised how graphic it was (and that she kept staring at the camera).

j. doe - I agree.

rose - totally. the avg. Joe would have major fines and many other problems.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

OMG, this was a funny post. Vile. You don't get to use that word too often. Good one.

And, I have often heard this whole thing about her being smart and she claims she's "playing a role." I don't know about all that. She is a marketing genius though, that's for damn sure!

I think if she goes to jail they'll do a reality show about it, and she'll decorate her cell with those pink crystal rhinestones like she had on her cell phone.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hey... new to your page.
Had to comment on this... SO ridiculous...
Just finished a semester of journalism and one of the bonus questions on the final was,'If Paris Hilton goes to jail should she be made to serve on a chain gang on the California highways?'

Everyone in the whole class had the same opinion... I think mine was oh heck yah, and where exactly do I vote for that?


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Shelley - I bet there will be some kind of show/special about her jail time.

Poor Paris will not be to decorate her cell.

Scarlett - thanks for stopping by. She would use the chain gang for a photo-op. It would be hard for the police to keep the paparazzi away. lol