Monday, November 13, 2006

What did I say?

Ray Charles could see that Ms. Ray with Batali by her side was going to win. If she said "I'm not a chef" one more time I was going to scream.

It's Sunday so I'm going to keep my snarky comments to myself. LOL


gibber said...

First off, did you see Giada's reaction to losing? She wasn't too happy. Second, Mario should NOT have been allowed to give the judges drinks before the they judging begain. Did you SEE the look on Bobby Flay's face when Alton Brown asked him about it? he was PISSED. I would be too. I love Mario, but that's not right.

Third, Mario created some great dishes...I thought the stuff Rachel made was not that good. And if Rachel said ONE MORE TIME that "she's not a chef, she just cooks" I was going to throw a brick at my TV - i do have a lose brick ready for just that occassion.

ARGH! so annoyed. And they didn't even have the really good judges - Weingarten, Bakum, Ted from Queer Eye (Mo Racca is a regular, and I've seen the other two, but they're tier 2).

Ok, back to work and getting ready to meet Bourdain on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I was rooting for Giada but when Flay put duck (yuk!) on the tamale, I knew it was over.

J.Doe said...

It's Monday now, so you can let all your snarky comments out. :)
Did't see the show,but would have loved to be a judge all the same.