Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jamie Olivier's Great Italian Escape

I love this series. Last night he stayed with some monks. They had a herb garden that was over 1500 years old! Unfortunately it had seen some better days. As his gift, Jamie replanted it.

Food aside, the whole Monk experience was interesting. One of the monks had lived there since WWII another for over 50 years, since he was 10. I wonder how he ended up at the monestary. Did someone drop him off at 10? There used to be 80 monks now there are only 7. The grounds were stunning.

Jamie then went to Le Marche to stay with a hunting family. I had a hard time watching him kill a cute little lamb. Later he was entered into a pasta contest, the only man up against the Nonnas (the grandmothers) of the village. So they had to hunt a boar for his ragu sauce. The wife of one of the hunters was ready with her own gun. Those boars are no joke. Back at the house the kids would just look at the boar hanging upside (I assume to drain the blood) like it was no biggie. Talk about being close to your food source.

Jamie is trying to figure out how everyone he meets rich to poor, old to young knows so much about food. He is going to visit an elementary school next week in Puglia and then on to the Amalfi coast for his 30th birthday.

If you love food, Italia or both, check out the Travel Channel on Wednesday nights.

Today is going to be crazy busy. So looking forward to the weekend.


Kali said...

I missed it! It looks like I've missed out on two episodes completely (Sicily & Marettimo), but according to the schedule from the Travel Channel website, they are showing each of the other episodes several times.

I think next Wednesday night I will watch Monastery, Le Marche, Puglia, and Amalfi Coast (yay!) That can be my little treat to myself for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I am also really enjoying this series - Italy! Can't get enough. This one was one of my favorites, especially watching Jamie and the 2 young monks drink prosecco on the roadside and try to entice the passersby with lentils and sausages.

Its strange to see that a monastery is so reduced in size - it seems that it must be a way of life which is slowly going extinct.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Kali- you will love it. My boss was telling me there is another interesting new show on the Travel Channel with Joan Cusack. I caught the tail end of her in Greece.

Jess - I actually choked up when Jamie was hanging out with the monks. I was so happy they loved the risotto.

Kali said...

I set up to record the Joan Cusack one also - she's one of my all time favorite actresses!

Susan in Italy said...

Hey Ragazza, You've mentioned this before, it sounds like a great show. Sadly in Italy without Sky TV I can't see it yet. Would you say it's very Bourdain-style adventurous?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

More Bourdain-lite, it's a little less edgy. Bourdain is exposed to more "unique" type of foods.