Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being spontaneous

As you know I am trying to have a better attitude about living in the City of Angels. One thing that has helped is avoiding people who complain about it non-stop. Seriously, if it's that bad they need to move or make an effort to make some changes in their lives.

The other thing is, I am being more spontaneous. I was on the phone yesterday with a friend and we decided to get together for brunch this Sunday, not next year. She is an actress but we met through Italian class so when we do get together with our other classmates, a lawyer and a teacher, we do not talk about the biz.

This business is brutal on friendships. I haven't seen one of my good friends in 2 months, she is so busy as a studio exec. Another friend moved back to NYC and we see each other more often than when she lived within walking distance.

Last night I held my provisional neighborhood meeting at Bandera in Brentwood. I went to say good-bye to some of the ladies and bumped into a colleague and an agent I know eating at the bar. I was going to come home and eat some rabbit foodish salad and read scripts, but instead accepted their invite to join them. I had one of the best burger and fries ever and a nice glass of Cabernet. So scandalous for a Tuesday night. Kidding.

It has been less than 24 hours and already I am sick of hear about the Federline divorce. Who cares? The Dems just won control of the house, Arnold won in a landslide and yet they still found time during the news to talk about this couple divorcing, like it's suprising information. Britney is going to put out an CD next year. I wonder who is going to buy it? Hasn't her audience moved on?


Paula Puryear said...

Right on! And laughing hysterically about the divorce. I hadn't even heard (not that it should have been pressing news or anything). I did hear, however, that the Democrats took back the House. That was nice. Here's to spontaneity! Last time I tried it I ended up in Hawaii on less than 24 hours notice. That is so not like me (and I'm still payng the bill), but it was so so sweet.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Paula - I will have to hear about this Hawaii trip this weekend.

signed, Ms. Spontaneous.