Friday, November 24, 2006

It's the day after Thanksgiving

I know for many it's the beginning of the shopping frenzy but for me it means I can take out my Christmas music.

It's time for Nat King Cole's Christmas album. My sister tracked down the Mario Lanza CD for me a couple years ago. That one was a favorite of our Dad's and he played that one, Nat's and a few others every single Christmas. I have a few contemporary ones from my Sony days; Mariah, Luther and Manhattan Transfer (okay that one is random but it's good) but it's the ones I grew up with that mean the most to me. Many years ago our dad bought the Motown Christmas album because he knew how much I loved the Jackson 5.

Sound of Music is not technically holiday music but I think the movie used to air around the holidays. Speaking of the Sound Of Music, Gwen Stefani's new single (with a sample from The Lonely Goatherd)is just wrong. She needs to stop sampling Broadway classics.

To hear a rendition of a SOM single that will not make your ears bleed, I recommend John Coltrane's, "My Favorite Things". Even if you don't like jazz, it's pretty special.

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gibber said...

Time for me to whip out the South Park Christmas Album. hahahaha :)