Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Black Book: Rome by Erica Firpo & Christel Brenting

Blogger Erica Firpo (her Moscerina link is on the right) and Christel Brenting have put together a great little guide to dining and entertainment.

This is not a guidebook with maps and photos but an excellent supplement to an Eyewitness, Fodors or Rick Steves. The book is group by main piazzas and neighborhoods. There are places listed only locals know about. There are also bonus sections listing places like Aveda, internet cafes, nail salons etc.

The book was published in 2005, not sure how often they plan to update it. Overall this thin guide is a fantastic buy. You can find it on

Speaking of entertaining, I went to a great dinner party Saturday night. Just five of us having excellent food (P. is quite the cook and hostess), wine and conversation. It was such a cool group of smart, funny women (my fellow diners left their menfolk at home). I love to cook and would have people over if I liked my apt. I am too crazed right now to deal with it anymore but once I'm done with the book I have to get back to making some improvements. I talked to my sister about moving. My rent is stablished and my goal to move out of L.A. she agreed it doesn't make sense to pay almost double the rent instead of keeping my expenses low. I can suck it up for a couple more years.


moscerina said...

Hi! Thanks for getting the book. We updated it in 2006 and sell it also at can you send me an email with your address and i will send you a new one? xox erica

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks Erica. I'm not sure I have your email address. I will look.

Erika said...

Ciao, mi chiamo Erika, volevo sapere se sei la stessa Erica Firpo che ha scritto su "The American". Ho letto un articolo sul viaggio con gli animali da compagnia e avrei delle importanti domande da fare...ho un gatto che vorrei portare con me in Italia. Il mio indirizzo email รจ Ti ringrazio in anticipo per la cortese attenzione.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erika - Controlla la sua blog per il mio risposta.